Sunday, May 02, 2010

LAPD estimate crowd at immigrant rights rally is about half of what was expected

That's because many more people support the law than the media would have you believe.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck estimated that about 50,000 immigration rights activists participated in Saturday's May Day rally, about half of what police estimated earlier.

Police had anticipated a larger crowd because of the controversy surrounding the recent passage of a tough immigration law in Arizona that allows police to check the legal status of people they believe are in the state illegally.

“All this was an estimate," Beck said when asked about the department's earlier projection. "These are educated guesses. We were unable to tell what the event in Arizona would do, so we estimated 100,000 people.”]


Anonymous said... Dallas and everywhere else, they estimated correctly, even a little high, but were told their estimates must be raised by LEFTIES, UNION LEADERS, ACTIVISTS FOR MEXICAN/IMMIGRANT ORGANIZATIONS, ETC. Raise your estimates, they said, but like I said at the time, they came up very short, less than even WE estimated. Epic Fail, next chapter please...


Marc said...


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