Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Will Health Care Reform Do to Medical Billing?

With the addition of over 30 million new patients one thing is for sure, the medical billing profession is set to explode.

Now that the Health Care Reform bill has passed, it is time to stop debating it and start figuring out exactly how it is going to work and who will be affected by it. As a professional billing and coding company, MD Alliance Billing is obviously concerned about what the upcoming changes will mean for the medical billing and coding business. At the outset it would appear like the need for billing and coding professionals is going to increase because of the increased numbers of people who will be submitting claims to insurance as well as expanded Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

That's putting it mildly! Some companies are planning on doubling their capacity to cope.

According to Nitin Thakor, President and Chief Executive Officer, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, “Obama's recent Healthcare reform plan will expand Insurance coverage to 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured. The entire population of the US is 300 million so this is a huge increase in the number of covered patients. This will significantly increase the amount of medical billing work that needs to be done and our new center will allow us to capitalize on this growth.

This is a golden opportunity for you to start your own Medical Billing small business from home. Someone has to process all these bills and it might as well be you. Don't have any experience? Don't worry, here's what you get:

1) First you'll learn what medical billing is,

2) How it's done professionally in an office and from a home based environment,

3) You'll learn how to break down of all the business start up steps and their costs,

4) You'll combined what you've learned with the wisdom/experiences of successful medical billers and,

5) Lastly you'll learn with the use of printable medical billing contracts, MB business agreements, fee and payment structures, marketing fliers, face-to-face and phone interview scripts, and other forms you must become familiar with so you can achieve results quickly!

This is a great opportunity to start your own small business. This is just one of 10 new small businesses you start now!


Dee said...

If you're planning to start your own medical billing service, it's also important to know some characteristics most physicians are looking for in a medical billing service. The most important is information security. Physicians should know how you are going to use and keep their patients personal information. The other thing is being accurate on most medical billing responsibilities from claims submission to management of medical insurance billing.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing medical insurance billing from home for a while. If reform gives more people that opportunity, that's a great thing

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