Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Good news from Iraq, Part 5

Doing what Chrenkoff does best.

If you are not familiar with Chrenkoff's articles on Good News from Iraq, you owe it to yourself to read this installment and the other four in the series. There are links to the first four on the top right of his blog roll.

Mainstream media continue to refuse to print the good news, and there is plenty of it, from Iraq. As a result most people probably have the impression that the country is in a mess. Sure there are problems but from what I see things are improving daily. It seems to me that Iraq is well on its' way to recovery and could be an economic gold mine. Which will benefit everyone.

Maybe we should mount an emailing campaign and send Chrenkoff's Good News Iraq links to every major news outlet. Perhaps we can shame them into printing some of it.

Enjoy and good luck to the Iraqis.

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