Thursday, March 31, 2005

Iraq - Children 'starving'

That's the headline from this BBC article. Whenever you see a headline like this from the BBC you can be sure it's completely false. The BBC do not even bother to check the "facts" as presented by the UN Human Rights Commission. Why should they? Well for one thing the commission has some interesting members such as China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

Here is what the report says:

Malnutrition rates in children under five have almost doubled since the US-led invasion - to nearly 8% by the end of last year, it says.

So, if the rate doubled to 8% then the rate must have been 4% before the invasion, right? Not according to the same UN. UNICEF reported that "before the conflict began":

Almost half of Iraq’s total population is aged under 18. Even before the conflict began, many children were highly vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. One in four children aged under five is chronically malnourished. One in eight die before their fifth birthday.

Question for the BBC: If the UN reported before the war that malnutrition in Iraqi children under 5 years old was 25%, how could the same UN report the rate to be double now, at 8%?

Answer: The BBC are all too happy to report, without the slightest fact checking, anything that is anti-American. Just as they were with the much discredited Lancet report which falsely claimed that US forces had killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians.

The BBC replaced Pravda a long time ago as the world's anti-American propaganda machine.
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