Saturday, March 12, 2005

Islam And Hollywood

Roger Simon notes that ""60 Minutes" is going to report on the case this Sunday and show part of the film [ "Submission" ], which harshly criticizes some Islamic attitudes towards women."

He also says:

What guts! Hirsi Ali is the kind of fellow artist Robbins, Sarandon, Penn et al should be supporting. Where are they? Time to get your eyes away from your navels, Hollywood, and join the movement for democracy.

Where are they? They are part of Islam's war plan.

Note number 9 on the list of reasons Islam will succeed, according to a Muslim defector.

Hollywood will love us.

And they do. Hence the silence over their own - Van Gogh's murder and the threats to Hirsi Ali.

60 minutes probably won't do the case justice and will gloss over the Islamic terrorist connection, if they mention it at all.

Watch for CAIR to raise their hackles.

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