Monday, February 01, 2010

The most important story you didn't see last week (and probably won't ever see)

"We were not paying close attention in this area," commission Chairman Thomas Kean testified at the hearing into intelligence lapses prior to the Christmas Day attempted airliner bombing. Kean noted that Obama has instead been focused on such issues as health care and cap-and-trade.

The two men have historically been circumspect about making politically charged statements, but they painted a portrait of an intelligence community, America's first line of defense against its jihadi enemies, that is devolving into disarray under Obama's leadership--or lack thereof.

"It's my impression that the intelligence community is new, relatively new to the president," Hamilton said, adding, "I'm pretty strong in my thought that he has to step in pretty hard here. Or some of these tensions that have surfaced will exacerbate."

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