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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

That's just a quick 20. I'm sure there's more.


Anonymous said...

Like most bills, it's not all bad. One thing wrong is charging people different rates for behavior. The concept of insurance is to spread the risk...this means they get to spread the risk FOR THEM, but still charge more to us. It also gives them the ability to modify behavior. The best way to tame a population is to make it expensive to be risky. This modifies the populace as a whole, encouraging sheep, or at least sheep like behavior, using peer pressure as a weapon against ourselves. The actual violation is insurance itself, but this is what comes from it, and you'll never get anyone to realize it's the sharing of risk that makes us fail to adequately prepare for the future. It is the concept of insurance that gives us the feeling of being owed when disaster happens, instead of realizing it's a dangerous world, and living in it guarantees both pain and death.


Marc said...

Let's hope the Republicans can repeal it or greatly modify it when they get in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pete Sessions has already said the magic words, Marc...repeal "the parts we don't like"...this is just newspeak for "we would have voted for most of it, but we couldn't politically get away with it, but now that it's passed, we'll keep those parts that push us into socialism, while getting rid of these really bad smelling eggs we left in there just to give us some strawmen to kill, and impress you with". We need to repeal it all, in whole, not in pieces, and not pass another bill supposedly countering this one. Complete and total removal should be the only goal, anything less surrenders parts of this takeover to the Dems forever. Take my word for it, this is a Trojan Horse, and the Republicans will work with them to pass the parts through that will hurt us.


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