Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Twitter - to automate or not to automate, that is the question.

There are many who believe that since Twitter is a social network, no automatic tweets should be used. I can understand that but there are times when using an automatic system like Tweet Spinner can be useful. Take my case for example.

I have 3 children that share this computer with me. You do the math. The kids get home from school around 5pm my time. From then on they have the computer. To compound matters, we live in the UK which is about 5 hours ahead of the east coast in America. That means, I have to get off the computer at around noon EST. As a result, I miss out on a lot of the conversation with my followers.

Since I want to keep and grow my followers, I need some way to stay in contact when I can't get on the computer. I use text with my mobile phone but that is difficult and limited. That's where Tweet Spinner comes in.

With Tweet Spinner, I can schedule tweets for when my followers will most likely be on. This will let them know I'm still around and I can pass on what I think is useful information to them. With Tweet Spinner you can maintain and schedule a list of tweets at specified times. This is not a spamming tool. In fact, the fastest you could schedule multiple tweets is 6 hours apart - a blip in tweet time. You can use Hootsuite to sent out scheduled tweets faster but you have to enter them one at a time. With Tweet Spinner you can make a list of tweets with links all in one place.

But Tweet Spinner does a lot more than that. You can manage your followers/unfollowers, DM folder and create filters for managing your Twitter experience.

I don't recommend Tweet Spinner for all your tweets, but if like me, you can't get on your computer for lenthy periords, it's a great program to stay in touch with your followers.

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