Tuesday, February 07, 2006

BBC - 9/11 and Muhammad cartoons equal

Here's the BBC's John Simpson's take on the Muhammad cartoons.

Notice how Simpson rushes you past the obvious.

Much the same arguments were used then as now, about where freedom of speech ends and gratuitous insults begin.

Militant secularists clashed on air and in print with militant Islamists, each talking past each other.

At one point, Rushdie recanted and asked for forgiveness. At least one of the book's translators seems to have been murdered.

The difference between our reaction to Muslim criticism of other religions and our criticism of Islam is that we don't go out and kill people or call for the killing and mass murder of others.

Here is a hint of Simpson's true feelings.

Why should it not also be illegal to insult the Prophet?

Got that? "The Prophet". Not Muslim prophet and with a capital P no less. I've heard rumors that Simpson converted to Islam but have no proof.

Now get this moral equivalence from Simpson:

And when extremists march through the streets, applaud bloodthirsty crimes like the attacks of 11 September and 7 July, that is no less insulting than publishing unfunny and deliberately goading cartoons.

Appluding the mass murder of over 3000 innocent civlilans in a Muslim terrorist attack that was aimed at not just the twin towers, but the Pentagon and the White House and the Muslim terrorist attack that murdered over 50 innocent Britons, is equal to some cartoons, according to Simpson.

The Muslim terror attacks on London were not the first, Muslim terrorists tried to fly a plane into Parliament on 9/11. The media would like to you to forget that little fact.

Just file it with the case against the BBC.

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