Friday, July 27, 2007

BBC and "The war within the west"

Britain better wake up soon to the danger the BBC poses - if it's not too late already.

True to form the BBC trot out a jihadist apologist, in this case, David Livingstone. Here's what he had to say: "There was no evidence that they would have been drawn into terrorism, he said: they were merely five young men who had ‘some sort of unhappiness with the society in which they lived’. "

This despite one of them leaving a note which said, in part: ""PS just in case you think I am going to do something in this country, you can rest easy that I am not - the conventional method of warfare is safer. " And despite "The four students did however have plans to go to Pakistan." And despite the fact that the jury found them all guilty.

You should have no doubts that the BBC has been infiltrated by jihadists and that the BBC, due to its far left leanings, is aiding their cause. Wake up Britain.

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