Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fewer Muslims 'support bombings'

Terrorist bombings that is. I wonder if the BBC thought about that headline. Fewer Muslims support it means more used to and many still do. And while some will jump on the small percentage figures, remember those percentages still represent hundreds of thousands of Muslims who still support terrorist bombings. It is progress but we've a long way to go yet.

I like this bit: "And it suggested that people viewed the US as the most friendly country in the world and the most feared. " Could that be because in those countires that interact with Americans they find that they are not at all like how the left wing media portrayed them?

Now this is priceless: "The survey also suggests that as countries and families grow richer, optimism increases, as well as support for ruling governments." Well duh. The BBC seemed to miss this quote. ""It's a pro-globalization set of findings," Kohut said." I bet the BBC reporter choked on that one.

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