Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BBC - The "English Broadcasting Corporation"

That's how Magnus Linklater sees the BBC.

"There has been one curious side-effect of the row over the BBC’s doctored programmes, including the faked footage of the Queen. It has revealed the threadbare state of regional broadcasting. Because RDF, the company at the heart of the scandal, has had all its new commissions frozen, independent television production in Scotland has been virtually brought to a halt. So concentrated was the power of this one company that what would have been little more than the flutter of a butterfly wing in London has been an earthquake north of the Border."

Magnus must not know, because he doesn't mention it in this long article, is that the two top men at RDF are ex BBC jounalists.

He does note this however:

"Two years ago RDF bought up the largest independent production company in Scotland – IWC, itself formed from the merger of Wark Clements, owned by Kirsty Wark, of the BBC, and Ideal World, founded by the broadcaster Muriel Gray. "

And Gray also works for the BBC.

In short, there isn't and never was an "independent" production company, it's always been a BBC production company. The result:

"Mark Thompson, the current Director-General, clearly thinks so. At a recent Ofcom conference on public service broadcasting, he commented that Scotland “wasn’t coming up with ideas”,..."

By the way, the head of Ofcom which is the industry regulator, is a former deputy chief executive of the BBC.

One big happy family eh? If Mangus only knew just how rotten the BBC really is.

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