Friday, July 27, 2007

UK - Still blinded to the threat of jihad

The question surrounding the Muslim terror attacks of 9/11 that is asked the most is "why didn't we see it coming". The simple answer is we were blind to the threat. That begs the question "how were we blinded". We were blinded by the Saudi Wahabists who had infiltrated our universities and left wing media in order to demonize Israel, the UK and the US. This took the focus off the real threat - the jihadists. Today, 6 years on, we are still blind.

So blind is The Guardian that it writes with glee the union of Hugo Chávez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in standing up to America.

"They make for an odd couple. Hugo Chávez, big and bear-like, is a radical socialist who quotes Marx, leads a largely Catholic country and has a habit of breaking into song. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, bird-like in comparison, is a radical Islamist who quotes the prophet Muhammad and is not readily associated with fun or secularism. Yet the two presidents have forged a personal and strategic relationship, and hold hands while touring joint ventures. They are linked by oil - Venezuela and Iran are big producers - and aversion to the US, which both regard as a hostile, predatory empire. Building economic and political ties, they calculate, will buttress Caracas and Tehran against Washington, the Great Satan."

An odd couple that links up due to a common enemy on the surface doesn't sound out of the ordinary. But if one of those in the couple is a radical Islamist, a jihadists, then there is great cause for concern for all of us. Sooner or later the jihadists will turn on his partner and he will convert to Islam and become part of the caliphate or die.

But, like most leftist who seek to advance their agenda regardless of the cost, Chavez and the Guardian are blindling walking into the trap. The Guardian even notes it without comment.

"There is now a weekly flight between Caracas and Tehran, with a stopover in Damascus, operated by the Venezuelan state-controlled airline Conviasa and Iran's national carrier, Iran Air. New mosques are popping up across Venezuela and universities are teaching Farsi."

Yes, and just what do you think those radical Islamic funded Mosques and Farsi speaking professors are preaching, said the spider to the fly.

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