Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"The BBC internally is not neutral about multiculturalism

In fact, the BBC promotes it. That's according to an internal BBC memo.

"He goes over to his files to find a print-out of an email he received from a "very senior BBC person" while he was an employee there. Carefully obscuring the name of the sender, he shows it to me: "The BBC internally is not neutral about multiculturalism. It believes in it and promotes diversity, let's face up to that."

Randall says: "I'm amazed he put that down. What happened next was the BBC ran into a horrible brick wall when Trevor Phillips, the Chief Rabbi and then George Alagiah, its own British-Asian reporter, came out and said actually this headlong dash for multiculturalism is creating a divided society."

Something I've been documenting for years.

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