Monday, September 03, 2007

Cuba is a great place

That's what the BBC thinks.

Speaking of his being thrown out for not being more pro Cuban, Stephen Gibbs shows his bias towards Cuba.

"As the news spread that I was on my way out, my Cuban neighbours congratulated me on what they saw as a promotion. Sadly, and often inaccurately, many Cubans assume that anyone who is leaving the island is going on to better things. "

Yeah, Cuba is such a paradise people are risking death to get out. But according to Gibbs, Cuba is a such a great place why would anyone want to leave, even though he just told us this:

"Cuba is a place where almost all consumer items are prohibitively expensive, or, more likely, not available. And scarcity breeds desire.

Most Cubans, and plenty of foreigners living on the island, spend the majority of their time not thinking about the country's future, or transitional governments, or the health of Fidel Castro, but on rather more mundane things. Like how to find a square meal, a fridge that works, or an electric fan. "

But since the place is run by a Communist dictator the BBC just loves the place.

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