Thursday, September 06, 2007

Germany - BBC: Fake terror warnings for months

That's what the BBC seem to be implying.

"For months, the German authorities have said that the country faces a heightened threat of terrorist attack, and now it appears those warnings were based on fact. "

In other words, the BBC didn't believe them until now. This is a typical left wing way of thinking. To them, all these terror warnings are just made up in order to encourage the public to support tougher anti terror laws.

Note also the obligatory censoring of the word "Muslim" from the report.

Now compare the BBC's report to The Times. Here's the Times' headline: "Muslim converts target Germany"

Othere than a terror attack on their soil, why are, as the BBC puts it, "Germans have been shocked to hear the news of the failed bomb plot and the story has dominated the headlines. " The BBC doesn't say and for that, once again, you have to turn elsewhere. From the Times:

"White Muslim converts have brought the Islamic holy war into the heart of Europe with a narrowly thwarted plot to blow up hundreds of people in German airports, discotheques and restaurants. "

And this:

"“Converts tend to be more radical and fanatical than those who have been Muslims since they were in the cradle,” Hans Joachim Giessmann, a terrorism expert at the Hamburg Institute for Peace Research, said. “They are driven either by politics or the fervour of their new faith rather than any cultural tradition.”

Now you see why the BBC left that out. According to the BBC, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

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