Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Iraq - Protest Against Terrorism

AP reports on the protest against the terrorist bombing in Hillah, Iraq.

Thousands Protest at Iraqi Bombing Site

HILLAH, Iraq - Thousands of mostly black-clad Iraqis protested Tuesday outside a medical clinic where a suicide car bomber killed 125 people a day earlier, braving the threat of another attack as they waved clenched fists, condemned foreign fighters and chanted "No to terrorism!"

How does the terror friendly BBC report it?

Relatives of 125 victims of a car bomb in the Iraqi town of Hilla have begun burying their dead, as hundreds took to the streets in protest at the attack.

They demanded improved security measures and accused local police of failing to prevent the massive bomb blast that wounded at least 130 others.

No mention by the BBC of the protesters chanting "No to terrorism". Now why would the BBC want to hide the Iraqi's rejection of terrorism? Or is it more a case of blaming the security forces, thereby America, for the bombings? Either way it is shameful reporting by the BBC.

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