Sunday, July 22, 2007

BBC's 'Queen' production firm in fresh row

More BBC fakery.

The BBC was quick to put the blame on the production company RDF and then there's this: "BBC broadcaster Esther Rantzen blamed staff inexperience."

Erm, sorry Esther but the two top men at RDF are old BBC hacks. From RDF's website:

David Frank | Chief Executive
David founded RDF in 1993. Before this he was a journalist and a BBC business reporter on programmes such as Newsnight, Panorama and the 6 O'Clock News.

Stephen Lambert | Chief Creative Officer
Stephen joined RDF in 1998 after 16 years at the BBC where he worked as an executive producer and editor of various strands and series including BBC2's principal documentary series, Modern Times.

As the BBC put the blame on RDF, which really is just an extension of the BBC, Auntie announced an independent inquiry into the phone in scandal. Guess who's heading the "independent" inquiry. The BBC!

"Will Wyatt, the former BBC Broadcast chief executive, will conduct the independent inquiry into the fiasco. The BBC announced the establishment of an Editorial Standards Board to oversee its response to the phone-in scandal."

The Fox investigates the hen house break in.

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