Saturday, July 21, 2007

An inability to tolerate Islam

Left wing drivel from Karen Armstrong.

"But equally the cartoonists and their publishers, who seemed impervious to Muslim sensibilities, failed to live up to their own liberal values, since the principle of free speech implies respect for the opinions of others. Islamophobia should be as unacceptable as any other form of prejudice. When 255,000 members of the so-called "Christian community" signed a petition to prevent the building of a large mosque in Abbey Mills, east London, they sent a grim message to the Muslim world: western freedom of worship did not, apparently, apply to Islam."

Armstrong fails to mention that the cartoons were first published in Egypt without and violent protests. She also leaves out the fact that several more insulting cartoons were added and taken around the Muslim world to stir up anger against the West. And she fails to inform the public of the extremists behind the mega mosque. She ends with this.

"Our inability to tolerate Islam not only contradicts our western values; it could also become a major security risk."

Tell that to the Christians persecuted and murdered in Muslim countries. Tell that to the gays who are hung in Muslim lands. Tell that to Muslim women who are raped and killed in so called "honour" attacks. In their attempts to portray Muslims as victims, the left completely ignore Islam's intolerance to Western values.

Just what you would expect from the left and their mouthpiece, The Guardian.

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