Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UK - Committing national suicide

The Bellmont Club uses the recent Galloway conviction as an intro into how Britain, and indeed the West in general, is committing suicide.

"It is the this repetitive dinning of the narrative, this return ever and again to the same storyline despite any facts it may encounter, which accounts for its persistence. Thus Galloway can say with a straight face, time after time, "I deserve a medal". Why? Because I fought for Palestinians beneath the Jewish bootheel. I opposed the War for Oil. The fact that neither of these events actually exists is beside the point. It exists from continuous assertion. It is willed into fact."

We see this from the left all the time. Despite all the investigations and all the facts to the contrary that Bush did not lie in his State of the Union address or in other places, the Left's mantra is still Bush lied, people died. See here.

Wretchard's words "It exists from continuous assertion. It is willed into fact", epitomize the dangers of the likes of the BBC and the Guardian. Their continued drumbeat of spin, bias and outright lies, wills things that are not true into fact. See here and here. Which is why I think he's right about one thing and off a bit on the another.

"And not all the control orders, electronic shackles, preventive detentions and speech codes can substitute for a counternarrative. The West has gone mute from embarrassment, leaving even the chronicling of its injuries to its enemies."

Spot on to he first point but as for the second point, the left wing media has joined the enemy in crafting the narrative with only a handful of us to write the counternarrative. The BBC is not content to spread its propaganda via its own venues where it is limited in just how far it can go to attack the west. For example, the BBC probably wouldn't go so far as to accuse the UK government of staging the latest Muslim terror attacks. But the BBC has found a way around that by training Iranian's to do it via Iran's new state run propaganda TV channel and website.

We wind up in a state where the Islamists blame us for their terror attacks, the Left wing media, led by the BBC, repeats the mantra and MPs such as Galloway spread the propaganda. Thus a lie is willed into fact.


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