Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UK - Galloway guilty

That's the conclusion of the latest investigation.

Note in the report that, once again, the Telegraph's documents proving Galloway was in Saddam's payroll are authenticated. And the investigations conclusions are enlighting.

"I believe that any objective reading of the record of my correspondence and interviews with Mr Galloway will show that he has consistently failed to live up to the expectation of openness and straightforwardness in responding to questions and in other dealings..."

repeated denial of facts, in some cases only conceded when they cannot be denied any longer, as in the case of his authorship of the Great Britain-Iraq Society letter (see paragraphs 85-87).

constant attack without justification on the motives and conduct of anyone who has in any way offered evidence which might be considered damaging to him.

This is funny.

" Mr Oliver Thorne is condemned as the person commissioned by the Telegraph Group in the libel action whereas he had in fact been commissioned through intermediaries by Mr Galloway's own legal team"

In other words, when Galloway's own man found the Telegraphs papers were authentic, Galloway turned on him and condemned him.

Likewise, Galloway turns on his benefactor.

"Mr Tony Zureikat is said by Mr Galloway to be "wanted for forgery, deception, fraud and theft in Jordan", but upon inquiry official channels are unable to confirm this."

More smoke and mirrors from Galloway.

"It is striking, for example, that Mr Galloway's lengthy letter of 11 May 2007[529] does not dispute in detail the great bulk of the evidence in this report—the evidence on which I principally rest my conclusions..."


"readiness to argue one way and then argue the opposite when it suits him"

Read the whole thing. More here.

When is this man going to be put in jail?

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