Thursday, July 12, 2007

UK - The hidden plight of Asian women

Nice to see the BBC at least dip their toe in the subject but this is hysterical.

"Many British-born men go back to South Asia searching for a traditional wife. "

Shouldn't that be "British-born Asian men"? And shouldn't it read "an Asian wife" instead of "traditional wife"? I mean, aren't British women "traditional wives" here in Britain?

Is it only South Asia they go back to?

Here, let's help the BBC write that paragraph.

"Many British-born Asian men who refuse to integrate into British society, return to their homelands in search of an Asian and obedient wife."

There, that's better.

At least they quote someone.

"Meena Patel, of the west London-based Southall Black Sisters, who provide help and support to black and Asian women, said: "When they go abroad they are looking for a wife that will be passive and submissive to their demands - someone who is not going to make too many demands on them and who is not too liberated.

"When they bring them here they may subject them to domestic violence and use violence to control their lives."

Which includes not integrating into British society and thus the cycle is repeated when they have children. So much for multiculturalism.

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