Saturday, July 07, 2007

UK - Islamic terror bombings a wake up call?

I don't see how. If 9/11, 3/11, Bali, 7/7, 21/7, the failed airline bomb plot to kill thousands, the aborted attempt to fly a plane into Parliament, the foiled sarin gas attack, the foiled fertilizer bomb plot, the list is endless, Islam's intolerance and persecution of all other religions, its oppression of women and gays, if all that is not enough of a wake up call, what is it going to take?

Let's take a trip back in time to 2003 with this BBC article, currently listed as a most emailed article today, almost four years on.

I believe that if Hizb Ut Tahrir are not stopped at this stage, and we continue to let them politicise and pollute the youngsters minds and other gullible people minds, then what will happen in effect is that these terrorism acts and these suicide bombings that we hear going on around in foreign countries, we will actually start seeing these incidents happening outside our doorsteps."

HT and other preachers of hate continue to not only operate freely in the UK, but officials such as London's mad mayor and the terrorist supporting MP, George Galloway, lend them support and invite them to this country.

Worse, the media and the government are doing all they can to hide the links between Islam and terrorism.

Britain is getting a wake up call it's taking a sleeping pill - a suicide pill.

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