Saturday, July 21, 2007

UK - More BBC fakes

The Times reports.

"Last year BBC employees were drafted in to pose as audience members for Top of the Pops when it was discovered that the corporation had no licence to stage live music for the public. "


"Last night Endemol, the Big Brother producers, said that scenes billed as “live” in a Five programme, Killer Shark Live, were actually pre-recorded."

Now while these are small fry compared to the other revelations, it shows there are probably a lot more BBC fakes out there and maybe some far more important.

BBC employees are not taking kindly to being told to be honest.

"Senior BBC presenters are unhappy that they will be expected to attend a training programme in editorial standards and honesty. Andrew Neil, the BBC politics host, compared the events to “Pol Pot-style education camps”. "

Just the tip of the iceberg Andrew.

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