Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UK - Rushdie honour enrages Al-Qa'eda

The Telegraph reports.

Now remember, according to the Islamists and their left wing supporters, there's no such thing as Islamic terrorism and the bombings in the UK are a result of the war in Iraq. The PM has even directed his people to stop using the phrase "Islamic terrorism". How does all that square with this statement by al Qaeda's number two man?

"Is Britain longing for al-Qa'eda's bombings? We, and the whole world has seen what Britain has done ... their intention to honour Salman Rushdie who insulted and slandered Islam.''

So, Britain is to be bombed by Islamic terrorists for honouring a writer al Qaeda feels insulted Islam. Hmmm. Strange. Nothing to do with Iraq or Britain's foreign policies then? How odd.

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