Monday, July 09, 2007

UK - "Scotland After the Bomb"

Exposes the true views of Muslim leaders.

"A Stealth bomber in Iraq is the moral equivalent of a suicide bomber in Scotland".

That was the message of Aamer Anwar, a leading human rights lawyer, during a BBC Scotland programme entitled "Scotland After the Bomb".


"He said: "There is no justification for the murder of innocent people. The US and Israel, however, are equal to any 9/11 hijacker. "

I can see the BBC producers smiling now.

Then Anwar goes for the usual misdirection with this question.

""Why is the government so desperate to deny a link between Iraq and Afghanistan and what happened in London and Glasgow? "

Because Anwar, 9/11 came before either of those wars. Why are you and other Muslim leaders so desperate to deny a link between Islam and terrorism? is a better question Anwar.

Then there's this from Bashir Mann, convener of the Muslim Council of Scotland:

"Bashir Mann agreed, pointing out that Islam was a religion of tolerance, peace and diversity. "

Really? Why can't you bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia then Mr. Mann? Why are women and gays oppressed in Muslim countries Mr. Mann?

Scotland may have changed after the bomb but Muslim leaders and the BBC certainly have not.

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