Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UK terror threat never greater

Here's a little tid bit you probably won't see on the BBC's website.

"JANE HUTCHEON: His comments came after the Muslim Council of Britain held a conference at London's Central Mosque to discuss a response to the threat of terrorism. The MCB claims to represent 60 per cent of British Muslims, but a fracas erupted when conference organisers locked the door on a group of angry young men.

(sound of people arguing)

Abu Faruk, who's 22, has a long beard and is dressed in battle fatigues.

(to Abu Faruk) Are you being allowed in?

ABU FARUK: No, we're being refused entry. Why? Because they're saying it's for invitees only.

JANE HUTCHEON: And which group are you from?

ABU FARUK: We're not from a group, we're just Muslims come together because my Lord tells me to (inaudible) the good from the evil. Because my Lord tells me that even if you help them, even you're allied with them, the Jews and the Christians, they'll never ever be happy with you."

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