Thursday, July 12, 2007

US - Crew member's fears lead to diverted flight

Good news bad news.

"The good news here is that you have somebody who's alert on the crew and they take appropriate steps at that point to deal with what might be a potentially dangerous situation," Chertoff said. "That's exactly what we are asking people to do: If you see something, say something."

Now the bad news.

"The crew member aboard Flight 136 -- scheduled to fly nonstop from Los Angeles International Airport to London Heathrow Airport -- questioned a passenger whom the employee said he saw bypassing security by traveling on an employee-only bus from the parking lot to the LAX airport, according to spokeswoman Sonja Whitemon."

Why is anyone excempt from security checks these days?

Wait for the liberals to complain about this.

"Shortly after landing, Loynes said, security officials boarded the plane and left with a man of "Middle Eastern descent." A woman sitting next to the man was also questioned, he added."

Never mind he circumvented security, the liberals will say he was profiled.

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