Thursday, June 17, 2010

Electric cars won't save the planet (they use too much power

Like climategeate, it's all a scam.

The technology used for electric car batteries is so backward they will die after just two years, experts have warned.

The cars will also be extremely expensive to run and cover far less distance on one battery charge than previously claimed, they say.

David Cameron recently confirmed the Government would go ahead with a £20million grant to help Nissan build electric cars in the North East.

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Al said...

There is an old Spanish proverb, "El papel aguanta de todo." Paper will show what is written on it, with no regard for accuracy, integrity, or common sense. As to life span of electric car batteries, perhaps the writer should follow Abraham Lincoln's advice, "It is better the world think you a fool rather than open your mouth and prove it."

Having driven a Toyota 2001 Prius since January 2001 on the original NiMH batteries, I question the reasoning of the article. My electric power batteries are still sparking.

But, 'el papel aguanta de todo.'

Al Hodges
San Diego, California

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