Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama taps SecNav for Gulf recovery plan

It took Obama two months to come up with this?

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has been tasked with formulating a “long-term Gulf Coast restoration plan,” to include solutions not only for the ongoing BP oil spill, but lingering problems from the 2005 hurricanes and before, President Obama announced Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

OHMYGAWD. Army, Marines, Air Force...they're all on the ground, and could be seen as helping. The NAVY??? They handle the water, and have enough on their plate as it is. This is buck passing at it's best. I can hear it now. He's in the oval office, and Soros finally gives him permission to fry someone, I mean, delegate authority to someone. So Obama thinks, who? Soros says, I'll let you come up with this one yourself, buddy, see how well you do. Now think...the Gulf is a big body of water...who do you think would be best in the water? The NAVY!!!

If we all laugh about this one day, I'll be in prison, cause the only way I'll ever laugh this off is if I get to pull the switch on the son of a witch.


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