Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr Cameron must stop appeasing a shameless Obama

Aw, where's the love gone?

Having just returned from a trip to the U.S., I have seen first hand how successful President Obama has been in persuading his country that Britain - and Britain alone - is to blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

In an act of pure spite and calculated political expediency, he has vilified BP to boost his own waning popularity.

We all know how much Hollywood loves a British villain, but there's something deeply offensive about the way Obama has turned BP's chief executive, Tony Hayward, into a hate figure.

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Anonymous said...

obama is the villian here. The response, or lack of it, was criminal, and he should be prosecuted. I'm pretty sure the blowout was either rigged or allowed to happen. And his villification of England is simply one more attack on an ally he doesn't want anymore, though I'm not sure why, Prince Charley has gone total muzzie, as they say.


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