Monday, November 29, 2004

BBC bias - reply to a commenter

"It strikes me that you're obsessed with non-existant bias in the BBCs coverage of the Iraq invasion"

My blog is dedicated to exposing the BBC's bias and anti-American crusade. Just go to the top of my blog, and scroll down. Also read the archives and you will find all the proof you need of BBC bias.

Also, visit the blogs under "BBC Unspun" on the left.

"The BBC's job is to report news, its not propaganda or an 'attack on America'"

The BBC is failing in its' job and my blog contains the proof of their propaganda and attacks on America.

"Indeed if the BBC really reflected the feelings of many Britons it wouldn't be nearly as objective as it is."

Actually, it is precisely due to the BBC's bias and anti-American crusade that many Britions feel the way they do about America. I know, I'm an American living in Britain.

"You've lived in Britain, right? Then you'll know that few people believe the spin that both the Bush government and our own put on the events in Iraq."

The spin is coming from mainstream media like CBS news who used forged documents in an effort to defeat Bush. And the New York Times who teamed up with CBS to air the fabricated story of missing explosvies in Iraq. The BBC does the same things in the UK.

Remember, Bush was reelected with an overwhelming majority, Republicans gained seats in the Senate, House, and Governorships.

I'd say the American public saw through the media spin.

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