Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Chirac questions US-led Iraq war and France in UN scandal

The BBC reports "Chirac questions US-led Iraq war".

In a BBC interview Mr Chirac suggests the situation in Iraq has helped to prompt an increase in terrorism.

While buried in the business section we learn, " Iraq oil corruption 'tops $21bn' "

But about $4.4bn was earned through kickbacks on humanitarian goods supplied through the UN's oil-for-food (OFF) programme, they said.

Previous reports such as the CIA's - produced by a 1,200-strong team led by Charles Duelfer, one of four witnesses testifying - have alleged that firms, government ministers and senior UN officials benefited from the corruption.

Among them are the former head of the oil-for-food programme, Benon Sevan, and a number of French politicians and companies. They have denied the allegations.

And where did some of this money end up Mr. Chirac?

Probe: Oil-for-Food Money Went to Palestinian Bombers' Families

Nice to see the BBC paying some attention to the UN oil for food scandal, even if it is buried in the business section. Curious place to put it, no?

More on the UN's cover up attempts here and here.

And here is a website dedicated to following the biggest financial scandal in the world.

Interesting how Old Media is ignoring the scandal, eh?

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