Monday, November 15, 2004

Why Falluja is a success

RALPH PETERS writes in the New York Post on the tide turning against the terrorists in Iraq.

Writing about the battle of Falluja Peters says,

There was no outpouring of rage in the Arab world. Iraq's Shi'as remained quiet. The terrorists' attempts to shift the fight to other Iraqi cities didn't find much of an echo. Even Sunni Arabs complained of the threat posed to their homes — they didn't want their cities turned into little Fallujahs.

Terror has begun to defeat itself. ...

And the leaders of the region are starting to grasp the wider implications of Iraq and Falluja.

Meanwhile, the Middle East's political leaders, who had gloated over every blow against the occupation of Iraq, began to see events from a different angle. The daylight attacks on Iraqi politicians and professionals, on policemen and military recruits, sent chills through the leadership cliques of states where popular discontent is barely contained.

As the terrorists shifted their strikes to focus on unarmed Iraqis and the country's infrastructure, the Saudi royal family, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and even Syria's Baby Assad began to grasp that the madness in Iraq might be a preview of their own national futures. If terrorists triumphed, the Americans could go home. But the Arabs are home already. A victory for terror would replicate itself across the region, creating chaos.

So, they lose either way.

If the terrorists win in Iraq, uprisings could spread to their countries. Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia already have problems.

If the US wins in Iraq as it did in Afghanistan, democracy will spread further in the region.

The handwriting is on the wall and they know it. That is why Iran is in such a hurry to develop nuclear weapons, if they haven't already.

I like this bit near the end.

The struggle will be long. Blows against America will still be cheered. Al-Jazeera and the BBC will continue to broadcast lies. But more and more Muslims will recognize that "Islamic" terror violates the fundamental teachings of Mohammed.

Finally, Al-Jazeera and the BBC linked and exposed by a major US newspaper.

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