Friday, November 05, 2004

Proof the Democrats control the media

As if we needed more proof. CBS using forged documents in an attempt to smear Bush, ABC wanting its' reporters to be more critical of Bush and Newsweek claiming they could deliver 15 points for Kerry.

Spin these events all you want but you will hard pressed to spin this one.

The New York Times, admittedly a liberal newspaper and in conjunction with CBS, tried to spring an election eve bombshell with the looted explosives non story, gives us this bombshell.

The critical moment came at 12:41 a.m. Wednesday, when, shortly after Florida had been painted red for Mr. Bush, Fox News declared that Ohio - and, very likely, the presidency - was in Republican hands.

Howard Wolfson, a strategist, burst into the "boiler room" in Washington where the brain trust was huddled and said, "we have 30 seconds" to stop the other networks from following suit.

The campaign's pollster, Mark Mellman, and the renowned organizer Michael Whouley quickly dialed ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC - and all but the last refrained from calling the race through the night. Then Mr. Wolfson banged out a simple, two-line statement expressing confidence that Mr. Kerry would win Ohio once the remaining ballots were counted.

The New York Times has documented how, at the request of the Democratic Party, ABC, CBS and CNN all refrained from calling Ohio for Bush. These networks were not afraid of a "Florida 2000", they were happy to oblige their Democrat masters.

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