Sunday, November 28, 2004

Biased media attacks on Bush

Next week will be one month since the US Presidential elections. Looking back on how, the biased main stream media and the Democrats, mounted attacks on Bush in order to help elect Kerry, one has to wonder at what happened to all of those "shocking" stories.

You know the ones, the ones that were flashed all around the globe on TV and in newspapers. The "sky is falling" type stories.

Stories like al Qaqaa. Surely you remember al Qaqaa. Kerry spent an entire week just before election day talking about nothing else. Mainstream media said it was proof Bush had totally mismanaged the war in Iraq. CBS news, having failed to bring down Bush with their forged documents story, conspired with The New York Times to run the al Qaqaa story on election eve.

Oh, the al Qaqaa story, what was it about? It was about 1/10th of 1 percent of some "possibly" missing explosives in the biggest arms dump in the world, a place called Iraq. The big guns were all over it at the time but now, for some reason, it is not so important. That reason is Bush won.

Then there is Bush's National Guard scandal. What scandal you ask. You know the one that CBS has been working on for over 5 years, the one that has forced Dan Rather to resign and CBS to launch an internal investigation on how to handle forged documents in the future. That scandal. I know, I know, now that the election is over the "eureka moment" for the media doesn't seem to matter any more.

Well what about all of those allegations of a coke snorting Bush in Kitty Kelley's book "The Family : The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty"? Well, what about them? Kelley's book went on sale at $30 but you have it now for $9 and it is currently ranked 560 on Amazon. Hey, Bush won so what would be the use of promoting Kelley's book now?

And on it goes. Amazing how "earth shattering" these revelations were when the Democrats, aided by the left controlled media, thought they had a chance of defeating Bush and electing Kerry. Now that Bush has won and won mightily, these stories don't seem so important after all. In fact you can bet CBS and Dan Rather would hope you will forget all about Rathergate.

But we won't.

Now about Koffigate, you know, this UN oil for food scandal presided over by Koffi Annan. Haven't you heard? Now there's a story! I mean we are talking billions, billions of dollars and it goes right to the top at the UN. Hell, even the Secretary General's, Koffi Annan's, son is implicated, along with some foreign governments and some in the media. You haven't heard of UNscam, Koffigate, or the UN oil for food scandal? Don't you find that revealing?


And what about the military Draft? The Democrats and the media went to great lengths to try and scare young voters with the threat of a Bush military draft. The silence is deafening now, isn't it?

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