Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: A Profile in Media Courage

Is Brietbart getting too big for the media to ignore.

Today James O’Keefe and I had the privilege to go on ABC News’ Good Morning America to launch O’Keefe’s new set of undercover videos – the Census. While most of the feedback email of the contentious segment is running negative against George Stephanopoulos for emphasizing long debunked and retracted smears and for using the word “criminal” throughout the piece, what is missing is an acknowledgment of how courageous Stephanopoulos was to put O’Keefe and me on the air in the first place.

But what does that say about the state of America's media? What happened to the guardians of truth?


OMMAG said...

What guardians of the truth?

They've been playing the public for suckers all along.

The only difference between now and in the decades before the 1980s is that there USED to be more diversity of ownership and a built in incentive to play contrarian to the competition.

Now ... in the mainstream there is not much reason to play that game.
Add to this the assumed doctrine of political correctness and you get the death of reason.

Marc said...

I don't think ABC would have had them on if it weren't for Brietbart having his own sites to get the info out.

It was also smart of ABC to recognize that, like the ACORN videos, this is a big story that Americans care about.

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