Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Canada reconsidering health-care model in face of soaring costs

This is where Obama is taking us.

American fans of single-payer health care have long held Canada as an example of success in both providing health care and controlling costs. Canadians have more reason to question both, however, especially the latter. The provinces, which bear a significant portion of those costs, may end some services and curtail others as ballooning costs have exposed the cradle-to-grave system as unsustainable:

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OMMAG said...

Every reasoning adult in Canada came to the conclusion that the single source government managed system is screwing us over at both ends a long time ago.
The financial costs of sustaining health care bureaucracies makes a chart that looks like Mann's climate forecast. While this goes up the availability and quality of services declines.

In short ... we pay more and get less every day.

It's only political ideologues that continue to defend this debacle and it's only clueless MSMers and the mentally deficient that fail to recognize it.

Marc said...

I've been living in the UK for the last 10 yrs and have seen the steady decline of the NHS.

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