Thursday, June 03, 2010

Maureen Dowd - Obama losing control and it's Bush's fault

With Obama failing, the left wing media have to blame someone. It just can't be possible for "The One" to be a failure.

In “Dreams From My Father,” Obama showed passion, lyricism, empathy and an exquisite understanding of character and psychological context — all the qualities that he has stubbornly resisted showing as president. It was a book that promised a president who could see into the hearts of other people. But there’s so much you don’t learn about candidates in campaigns, even when they seem completely exposed.

This president has made it clear that he’s not comfortable outside whatever domain he’s defined. But unless he wants his story to be marred by a pattern of passivity, detachment, acquiescence and compromise, he’d better seize control of the story line of his White House years. Woe-is-me is not an attractive narrative.

Face it Maureen, you've been had. The book version of Obama was fiction. What you're seeing now is the real Obama - out of touch and out of control.

As for "completely exposed", had you done your job during the campaign and really exposed Obama, he wouldn't be president today.


novaculus said...

"The book version of Obama was fiction."

Yes. And he didn't even write the fiction, he farmed out the writing job.

Marc said...

Like he's trying to do with everything in his presidentcy. The problem is, no one else in his admin has any experience either.

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