Thursday, June 03, 2010

Obama is finished

Ed Driscoll kindly linked to my post and expanded on it.

Here are two things that caught my eye in Ed's post, that to me, signal the end for Obama.

And with all that going on, Jennifer Rubin asks the 6.4 Trillion Dollar Question: “When Do They Tune Out?”

There is a point in a presidency when the public simply has had enough and tunes out, unwilling to listen even when the president says sensible things or has a reasonable point to make in his own defense. For George W. Bush, it was Katrina. The question for Obama is how close to that point is he now, and will the next bad news week push him over the edge.

Toby Harnden writes:

Central to Obama’s appeal was his promise to be truly different. His failure to achieve that is now at the core of the deep disappointment Americans feel about him. At the press conference — the first full-scale affair he had deigned to give for 309 days — he appeared uncomfortable and petulant. … Obama engaged in the obligatory populist bashing of Big Oil and, of course, demonstrated the Obama administration’s version of Tourette’s Syndrome, blaming the previous administration for the situation when, by my reckoning, it’s a full 16 months since Bush left office.

Obama has no where to run now - campaigning is over - time to lead - but Obama can't. No one should be surprised by this. Nowhere in Obama's background is there the slightest hint that Obama could lead anything. He was simply elected on hope and change. Hope didn't work and now we see there is no change.

From the failed lack of transparency promises to the final nail in the coffin, Obama's backroom deals to deny citizens the candidates of their choice. The American people are the most tolerant and forgiving people on the planet, but, they won't suffer a con job like Obama.


Anonymous said...

you can feel it in the air he no longer as any authority or feeing so it is back to carrying luggage and tap dancing

Anonymous said...

Obama is a total fraud. He is no more than an over paid teleprompter reader and a puppet for much bigger players. Now that he has been proved by Jerome Corsi to have been born in Kenya and to have had a fake birth certificate inserted into Hawaiian records he will be lucky to avoid jail. Read Tarpley's book - he has a fascist, total spectrum dominance agenda. Truly evil!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye obama, you jerk. After the lies you, pelosi, reid and the rest of your cronies fed the AMERICAN people with obamacare that you shoved down our throats, the needless bailouts, totally failed economic and jobs policies, because you had no clue, nor did you even care what you have done to this country, and adding more to the national debt than ALL of the past presidents combined....GO AWAY!!!!!! Back to Kenya, barry soreto, barack HUSSEIN obama, or whatever you wanna call yourself, back to the real land of your birth!!! And take those things you call a wife and kids with you as you roam the desert. Wake up AMERICA, let this be a warning......Dont ever again, elect a progressive, liberal, socialist, marxist, ideolog to the highest position in the nation.

Anonymous said...

The stupid American people who voted this half breed idiot in office should kick themselves. Obama is the dumbest muslim, Socialist, He's done absolutely nothing positive for this country but promote his evil agenda. A total fraud. He should bow out of the election in shame & leave the white house. Back to the ghetto in Chicago promoting your racist policies, take your mentor Rev Wright with you

Anonymous said...

Obama is the most idiot president USA ever had. He is blind, evil and he won't be re-elected. He wanted to get rid of God(the Only True God) but God will get rid of him.

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