Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Iraq is not Vietnam

The New York Post reports on the latest poll from the US military on our troops feelings about the war in Iraq.

Seems the only ones against the war are the Democrats. Who would have thought it?

Support for the war inside the military stands at 60 percent, 25 percent higher than the latest Gallup measurement of the American people as a whole.

When it comes to President Bush's handling of the war effort, the results are even more lopsided. Only 42 percent of Americans approve, according to ABC News. In the military, Bush garners 63 percent support.

In other words, support for Bush's Iraq policy is an astounding half again as big in the active military as in the American body politic.

And, in the words of the Army Times report on the poll, "Support for the war is even greater among those who have served longest in the combat zone: Two-thirds of combat vets say the war is worth fighting."

It seems that the people who are actually putting their lives on the line believe in what they are doing — and that those who have spent the most time in harm's way are the most passionate of all.

Job satisfaction in the military, the poll found, is a breathtaking 87 percent, and only a quarter of those polled say they want out.

While there are problems in Iraq, guess who the soldiers blame?

Note, too, that the active military is angrier at Congress than at the Pentagon.

In the wake of the publicity surrounding the National Guardsman's question to Donald Rumsfeld about the supposed failure to provide appropriate armor, it is instructive to note this poll's conclusion about the matter. Quoting from the Military Times again: "60 percent blame Congress for the shortage of body armor in the combat zone."

And the post has this warning.

This is not only a partisan divide. It's a cultural divide. As the year 2004 ends, the rank and file of the Democratic Party has turned decisively and profoundly against the military effort in Iraq. And there is reason to believe it won't be long before they turn on the military as well. [...]

If they really want to fight a culture war rather than this just war to advance democracy and retard Islamofascism, we're more than ready for them.

We certainly are!


Winter said...

I did a quick poll of 43 people around me. Keep in mind...I am a MARINE in IRAQ....

31 are against the war.
39 will not re-enlist.
23 are happy with their job.

This girl is from Iraq. She's not an insurgent, just a person whose life has been destroyed by this war.

Marc said...

Thanks for the comment and link to your blog Winter.

I am a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer and served during Vietnam (1970-1991). Just so you know my background.

Since the survey I quoted was from a larger group of soldiers than your group, you might want to widen your group. I find your results interesting since over half say they are happy with their job but will not re-enlist. That doesn't seem to jive. There was a lot of complaining when I was in too, but in the end most were proud to serve and did re-enlist. I know, I almost got out after 10 years.

My experience via email, letters and blogging by those serving in Iraq mainly support the results of the military survey.

The military's support of Bush is further evidenced by the overwhelming numbers who voted for him.

As for the war in Iraq, many of the same problems were encountered in Afghanistan. Thanks to the brave men and women such as yourself, the Afghan people can enjoy many of the same freedoms so many of us take for granted.

Stay safe and thanks for your service to our country.

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