Saturday, December 25, 2004

Iraq, Vietnam and the media

Sometime ago I posted about how the anti war movement, think John Kerry, aided by the left leaning media, had lost the war in Vietnam. Here is what General Giap of North Vietnam had to say after the war ended.

Even Giap admitted in his memoirs that news media reporting of the war and the anti-war demonstrations that ensued in America surprised him. Instead of negotiating what he called a conditional surrender, Giap said they would now go the limit because America's resolve was weakening and the possibility of complete victory was within Hanoi's grasp.

So instead of surrendering the North Vietnamese fought on. How many more thousands died because of John Kerry's lies and the left leaning media?

While our military learned a great deal from the Vietnam war the media learned nothing as evidenced by a soldier's question to Rumsfeld during his recent visit to Iraq.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sir, how do we win the war in the media? It seems like that is the place where we're getting beat up more than anybody else. I've been here -- this is my third tour over here, and we have done some amazing things. And it seems like the enemy's Web sites and everything else are all over the media, and they love it. But the thing is, is everything we do good, no matter if it's helping a little kid or building a new school, the public affairs sends out the message, but the media doesn't pick up on it. How do we win the propaganda war?

RUMSFELD: That does not sound like a question that was planted by the press.


RUMSFELD: That happens sometimes. It's one of the hardest things we do in our country. We have freedom of the press. We believe in that. We believe that democracy can take that massive misinformation and differing of views, and that free people can synthesize all of that and find their way to right decisions. [...]

I was talking to a group of congressmen and senators the other day, and there were a couple of them who had negative things to say, and they were in the press in five minutes. There were 15 or 20 that had positive things to say about what's going on in Iraq, and they couldn't get on television. Television just said we're not interested. That's just sorry. So, it is, I guess, what's news has to be bad news to get on the press.

It's worse than sorry. It's aiding and abetting our enemies.

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