Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UK - Islamic political groups "mirror-image" of BNP

That's what David Cameron says. And he's right.

Saudi Arabia - 20 face lash for dancing

Islam is such a lovely religion.

UK - Mega Mosque London 2012 - video

London will then officially be "Londonistan".

British Muslims should uphold niqab ban

Since it's a radical political statement and nothing to do with religion, there is no "human rights" issue involved. That's something Blair's wife should have learned.

UK - Leading Muslim caught on tape

calling for beheading of British troops. Way past time this guy was in jail.

UK treating Muslims as Hitler did Jews

More, "we're the victims". Cry me a river.

Nice to see someone stand up to Muslims though.

UK - Muslim's School's books are racist

Something I've documented for years.


Sorry for the absence folks but things got a little crazy in the real world, nothing bad, in fact good, but a little crazy none the less. Ill be back just as soon as I can.

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