Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Probe Into Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Widens

Let's hope they nail Obama before the election.

Clinton blames Democrats for crisis - video

Herald readers put blame on Barney Frank

Add Pelosi to the list.

Pelosi needs to go

So do Dodd and Franks.

Obama - Children sing for the Dear Leader

Creepy. Is this North Korea?

McCain's record on regulating financial markets

goes back a long time.

Democrats release video showing who caused crisis

ACORN links challenge Barack Obama’s credibility

Don't expect the left wing media to investigate it though.

"ACORN has not only been involved in numerous instances of fraudulent voter registration, vote-rigging, voter intimidation and vote-for-pay scams, the organization also took a lead role in pushing for and getting the underwriting standards for mortgages loosened with the support of liberal politicians in Congress. This was in spite of warnings that looser standards could lead to wide-scale defaults. "

What's behind this financial crisis - video

Obama and Ayers "Founding Brothers"

How much longer will the left wing media sit on this scandal?

Fannie Mae chairman Johnson still advising Obama

This is one of the guys at the heart of the financial crisis. Not surprising since Obama was the number two recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mae and Mac.


The Friends and family of Fannie Mae - video

Barney Franks speaks about the crisis - video

Biden's bridge to nowhere

Pelosi blamed for Wall Street bailout defeat

and rightly so.

Name one accomplishment of Obama - video

And What About Those 95 Democrats?

More in the media need to ask that question.

Flight of white Britons from UK leaps

70,000 per year.

"...but population still rising as Eastern Europeans come to Britain"

ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess

Real Clear Politics reports.

Democrats block bail out plan

The Democrats are the majority in both the House and the Senate and yet 95 Democrats voted against the bail out. Why? Because they are up for re-election and the voters hated this bill.

All of the Republicans could have voted against this bill and the Democrats could still have passed it.

More on Obama and ACORN

From the Post.

Who caused this crisis?

Read and find out.

New York Times predicted Fannie Mae failure

In 1999.

Media in the tank for Obama

Glenn has a roundup.

Monday, September 29, 2008

CNN investigates Obama and Biden

Yes, that CNN!

Meet Obama's goon squad - video

Obama and ACORN

ties are deep and go way back.

Muslim sues Tesco

making him carry alcohol.

What's he doing working for a store that sells alcohol and pork in the first place?

I wonder what the outcome would be if his trial were held in Britain's new Islamic courts?

Obama's friend Rezko ready to talk?

Hopefully before the election.

Obama and The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack

Bob Owens reports.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Subversives for Obama

There sure a lot of them.

Getting to know Obama

Lots of good information that the media won't tell you.

Bombshell video shows Democrats responsible for crisis

Obama was against defense before he was for it - video

Obama - "Senator McCain Is Absolutely Right..."

Obama couldn't stop saying it.

More on Obama's goon squads

Just like the Clinton's before him, Obama tries to intimidate his opponents with goon squads.

CBS “Round 1 in debate goes to Obama, poll says.”

CBS still hasn't learned from Rathergate. Noah Pollak explains.


Are all the Democrats guilty in this financial scandal?

McCain - Obama - Who Won the Debate?

Ecellent, ecellent read on the debate.

"And then Obama insisted that some [no precondition] talks were in order. McCain delivered the knock-out blow:

So let me get this right. We sit down with Ahmadinejad, and he says, “We’re going to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth,” and we say, “No, you’re not”? Oh, please."

Obama channeling Richard Nixon?

This is how you know the left know their candidate got his ass kicked. I guess Matthews is feeling a different kind of tingle up his leg now.

Kissinger corrects Obama

Obama corrected.

Most Lethal US Army Gun Ever

Programmable bullets!

Independents Say McCain is Clear Winner

And they count a lot in this election.

"Debate watchers say McCain understands Iraq better, McCain understands Iran better, McCain understands Russia better. Debate watchers split on who they trust more on the economy, split on who was more presidential. "

And the subject of the debate was foreign policy.

Obama's looking at his watch moment - video

Obama didn't even know the name of the soldier on the bracelet he was wearing.

Obama - McCain is absolutely right - video

Nervous Nellies fear for Obama

The FT on the debate.

A lot of liberal media are saying the debate was a tie. That means they know Obama lost big time.

BBC - McCain won the debate

Grudgingly, but they admit it. It takes them awhile but they get there finally.

"But in the foreign policy section of the debate, it seemed to me John McCain emerged a clear winner, although there were individual issues like Iraq on which the Democratic contender more or less held his own. "

But the BBC didn't lead with that. Instead they led with this:

"I would say the two candidates finished more or less even on the issue of the economy..."

Well, if they're even there they cancel out and McCain "emerged the clear winner" on foreign policy, the purpose of the debate in the first place, then McCain won hands down.

Who Caused Our Economic Crisis? - video

McCain - Obama debate wrap up

Huge round up of live bloggers from Glenn. Bottom line, McCain kicked Obama's ass!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama and ACORN

Another Obama scandal being ignored by the media.

Obama responds to Russian warship in Venezuela - video

ACORN - Democrats go nuts

No wonder they're mad.

Washington Post calls Biden a liar over McCain's tax plan

This from the Washington Post.

"In this particular case, Joe Biden has looked at only the negative side of the balance sheet--and ignored the positive. It is simply not true that the McCain health plan represents the largest "tax increase" in American history. "

How ABC, CBS and NBC Ignored Fannie & Freddie

They were covering for the Democrats as always.

Standing up to Obama's censorship and thugs -video

Many are. Here's the video Obama doesn't want you to see.

Barney Frank Slams McCain - video

Watch the video.

Obama getting support from more radicals

No surprise here.

Obama on the Iraq surge - video

More proof Democrats are behind financial crisis - video

Testimony on Democrats ACORN Voter Fraud

Obama is up to his neck in this scandal as well.

Obama in his own words - video

Democrat Illinois Governor Blagojevich to be indicted?


Clinton gives "clinical" support to Obama

That's what the Washington Post thinks.

Bombshell - "The 'lost' Palin files"

Unbeliveable treasure trove of 'lost' Palin files have been unearthed. Note the scare quotes around lost, as if someone has tried to hide this treasure trove of new and possibly damaging information.

In probably the scoop of the campaign John Popkin, writing for an ominous sounding "Deep Background" (think "deep throat") reveals some of the darkest secrets yet uncovered about Palin. Popkin leads off with this shocking revelation:

"“Dear Editor,” Palin wrote in 2002. “San Francisco judges forbidding our Pledge of Allegiance? They will take the phrase ‘under God’ away from me when my cold, dead lips can no longer utter those words,” Palin wrote.

“God Bless America,” she concluded."

I know, I know, shocking isn't it? Well it is to Popkin. Just listen.

"There are few headline grabbers in the lot. Even Palin’s Pledge-of-Allegiance rant was a commonly held view at the time."

Got that? Her "rant" was a "commonly held view" except for obviously Popkin. And note he says there's more "headline grabbers" to come. And teases us with what's to come. Oh, goody. "While hardly earth shattering, Palin’s personal missives can be revealing." I can hardly wait! Reveal on Popkin.

"Consider the letter to Mike Doogan, then a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News.

Doogan had written in the paper on March 5, 2002, that lawmakers were considering moving the state legislature to Wasilla. “Now, I disrespect Wasilla as much as the next guy, but this seems a little extreme,” Doogan quipped. “Isn't being a blight on the landscape enough shame for Wasillians?”

Palin couldn’t resist. Two days later, she wrote a personal letter that simply said:

“Dear Mr. Doogan: Why do you do what you do to Wasilla?”

She signed it, “Respectfully, Sarah.”

Huh? That's it? That's the revelation? Palin defends her town from a local journalist's derision. How dare she?

Read on. It only gets more revealing.

Update: Love this comment to Popkin.

"Can we get our hands on Joe Biden's notes? Oh, we already have them... others have written them, he just copies them. "

Current crisis predicted 9 years ago!

And more evidence the Democrats are behind the whole mess.

"Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits."

"In addition, banks, thrift institutions and mortgage companies have been pressing Fannie Mae to help them make more loans to so-called subprime borrowers. These borrowers whose incomes, credit ratings and savings are not good enough to qualify for conventional loans, can only get loans from finance companies that charge much higher interest rates -- anywhere from three to four percentage points higher than conventional loans. "

The Democrats were warned what would happen.

"In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980's.

''From the perspective of many people, including me, this is another thrift industry growing up around us,'' said Peter Wallison a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. ''If they fail, the government will have to step up and bail them out the way it stepped up and bailed out the thrift industry.''

Ever since then the Republicans have tried to get oversight on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the Democrats have blocked all attempts. Three years ago John McCain tried again and once again the Democrats blocked him.

Why Obama will lose

Let's hope he's right.

"Nothing exemplifies Obama’s antipathy for American culture better than his statement that Americans “cling to” religion and guns out of frustration or bitterness. We only can suppose that Obama regards religion or firearms as aberrations that need to be eradicated."

Obama threatens his critics

Glenn has a large roundup of Obama's attempts to silence his critics. Who's looking like a Nazi now?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama to dump Biden?

The buzz is getting louder.

Obama grant being probed

Another Obama scandal.

A $100,000 state grant for a botanic garden in Englewood that then-state Sen. Barack Obama awarded in 2001 to a group headed by a onetime campaign volunteer is now under investigation by the Illinois attorney general amid new questions, prompted by Chicago Sun-Times reports, about whether the money might have been misspent.

The garden was never built. And now state records obtained by the Sun-Times show $65,000 of the grant money went to the wife of Kenny B. Smith, the Obama 2000 congressional campaign volunteer who heads the Chicago Better Housing Association, which was in charge of the project for the blighted South Side neighborhood.

Bill Clinton defends John McCain

Well there's a slap in the face to Obama who claimed McCain was playing politics.

"We know he didn't do it because he's afraid because Sen. McCain wanted more debates," Clinton said, adding that he was "encouraged" by the joint statement from McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

"You can put it off a few days the problem is it's hard to reschedule those things," Clinton said, "I presume he did that in good faith since I know he wanted -- I remember he asked for more debates to go all around the country and so I don't think we ought to overly parse that."


Biden's Gaffe Immunity

"He misspeaks so often, it's hardly news"

"Please. Biden's blunder couldn't matter less. Not because gaffes never matter—they can, if they play into public perceptions of the candidate's character—but because Joe Biden is gaffe-proof. Whatever traps he sets for himself, however many minorities he offends, he always seems to wriggle out. It's almost as if, by committing so many gaffes, he has become immune to their effects. "Joe Biden Makes Gaffe" is the new "Dog Bites Man."

So let me get this straight. The left are admitting their VP pick is blithering idiot but that doesn't matter because everyone knows he's a blithering idiot. And yet the left are comfortable with a blithering idiot as their VP pick. Hey, works for me.

What does this say about Obama's judgement then?

Newsweek, no friend of the Republicans, seems to think Biden's gaffes are important.

"Distracting a campaign is one thing. Distracting a president, a political party and, by extension, the country? Awkward doesn't quite cover it."

VDH offers this:

"In short, the problem is not whether we think the affable Biden's latest slip/goof/outrage is important, but whether we think anything he says any more is important. The next time he tries to offer something serious, from the AIG matter and coal power to campaign ads and Sarah Palin, I think we are at the point where most will smile, ignore him, and think "That's just Biden being Biden." He could give the Gettyburg Address tomorrow, and the public wouldn't know whether he wrote it, whether he was going to retract it, whether it was true, or whether he was serious."

Just what the US needs, a clown as Vice President.

Iran's Ahmadinejad endorses Obama

Seems like terrorists all over the world are backing Obama.

Here's why.

Ayers and Obama - "a mentor-protégé relationship"

A monumental scandal the left wing media are ignoring.

Countrywide Made Home Loans to Gorelick, Mudd

More Democrats caught in the financial scandal.

Democrat: Palin 'Don't Care Too Much What They Do With Jews and Blacks'

Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings

A black racist Democrat in congress, how nice.

Obama-Ayers: Partners in Revolution

The left wing media are doing their best to ignore this growing Obama scandal.

"OBSESSION" the trailer video

Biden a distraction?

Newsweek says Biden is a distraction the country can't afford.

"But what happens if Obama and Biden are elected? Having a vice president who's eager to hold forth on any subject--even when what he's saying bears no relation to administration policy--could get pretty complicated. Distracting a campaign is one thing. Distracting a president, a political party and, by extension, the country? Awkward doesn't quite cover it."

So what does this say about Obama's judgement?

Obama flips, will go to DC after all

So much for multi-tasking Senator.

British Muslim was senior al-Qaeda leader

Wonder if they'll try them in Britain's new Sharia courts?

Former Fannie Mae chairman Jim Johnson still advising Obama

This is one of the guys at the heart of the financial crisis. Not surprising since Obama was the number two recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mae and Mac.


Obama and Biden on coal - video

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama and Ayers "Founding Brothers"

How much longer will the left wing media sit on this scandal?

New York Times discovers Obama's pastor

Took them long enough.

Notice how the Times tries to portray Obama's attackers as racist.

Then there's this clanger:

"He said the group’s intention was to show Mr. Obama’s affiliations — although Mr. Obama and Mr. Kilpatrick were never known to be close. "

That's going to be news for both men as Obama calls him a "friend and colleague" in this video.

Washington Post publishes Michelle Obama propaganda

More proof, not that more is needed, that the media are in the tank for Obama.

"So here you have a poll taken by a group partisan to Democrats released by a group with the Democrat nominee's wife on its Board of Directors finding results almost exactly in line with the Democrat nominee himself and nobody in the media questions it."

Muslims oppose Tesco booze bid

Welcome to Islamic Britain.

London's Olympic Park toilets to comply with Muslim law

Welcome to Islamic Britain.

Family barred from burying their dead

because he's not a Muslim.

"This is no longer journalism; it is simply propaganda."

And we need to fight back.

Obama And Ayers - What's The Story?

You'll have to read blogs to find out as the left wing media won't report on this scandal.

"Well, it is hard to characterize the Chicago Annenberg Challenge as having "worked for Mayor Daley" given its role in the Chicago school wars. And the suggestion is not that Obama endorses Ayers' domestic terrorism; the suggestion is that Obama and Ayers share a hard-left educational philosophy, that Obama has an odd taste in friends, and that Obama has been lying about his past. "

And if it's no big deal why the coverup by Obama and the left wing media?

New York Times - "A Partisan Paper of Record "

McCain takes on the New York Times.

Blog being blocked

It appears my site is being blocked or under attack. Guess I've made the lefties mad by exposing Obama's scandals and lies.

You still see the site by using Google's cache.

So, if you can read this you'll know what's going on.

Biden making Palin look good

Let Biden have a mic and let him have it as often as possible.

Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive

instead of helping Katrina victims.

"DEWEY BEACH, Delaware (CNN) -- Although Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden routinely mocks his Republican counterpart, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for her onetime support of the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere," Biden and his running mate [Obama] voted to keep the project alive twice.

Both Biden and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama voted to kill a Senate amendment that would have diverted federal funding for the bridge to repair a Louisiana span badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Senate records show. "

Republicans beat Democrats and lift drill ban

After decades of trying the Republicans get the ban lifted.

Early McCain Voter Suppression In Ohio

by Democrats.

Bill Clinton refuses to back Obama - video

This along with Biden's gaffe a day makes Biden look like a Clinton plant.

Biden has " gone from amusement to embarrassment"

"Had this been Palin, the election would now be over."

Is Biden trying to sabotage Obama?

Is Biden a Clinton plant to sabotage Obama? It would help explain both Clinton's luke warm endorsements of Obama.

Dissecting the Palin Rumor Mill

Many are started by the left wing media.

How Democrats got us into the financial crisis - video

Democrats suppressing the vote in Ohio

The Democrats do it every election.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biden garbles Depression history

As I keep saying, please, please give Biden a microphone at every opportunity.

Joe Biden's denunciation of his own campaign's ad to Katie Couric got so much attention last night that another odd note in the interview slipped by.

He was speaking about the role of the White House in a financial crisis.

Biden: "When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed," Biden told Couric. "He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"

As Reason's Jesse Walker footnotes it: "And if you owned an experimental TV set in 1929, you would have seen him. And you would have said to yourself, 'Who is that guy? What happened to President Hoover?'"

I love this guy.

Bill Clinton refuses to campaign for Obama - video


The politics of fear

We were told that in this election it would be Republicans playing the race and fear card. So far it's the Democrats playing both cards.

Obama vs. Biden

Hey, why don't we let Obama and Biden do a debate?

So in the last 24 hours we have seen Joe Biden call an Obama campaign ad terrible and say it would never have happened if he had known about it; Barack Obama say Joe Biden should not have opposed the AIG bailout last week; and Joe Biden disagreeing with Obama’s position on clean coal and telling a voter (rather unpleasantly) that his view, not Obama’s, is the campaign’s position.

Not a great sign from the guys who argue that running a campaign is a substitute for executive experience.

And now we have Biden claiming FDR went on television in 1929 to talk about the stock crash. Two problems, TV was invented and FDR wasn't president then.

Obama and Biden The Gaffe Twins strike again

And these guys want to lead the country?

Biden: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed. He said, ‘look, here’s what happened.’”

My recollection is that the stock market crash was in 1929. Two problems here: Television did not even exist in 1929, and FDR was elected in 1932, so he wasn’t even the leader at the time of the crash. When Joe was in history class, was he cheating by looking over the class dunce’s shoulder, or does he just make this stuff up? Of course, TV celebrity Katie Couric also didn’t note that Biden’s statement was doubly incorrect. Her goal was a softball puff piece.”

Biden Calls Obama Attack Ad “Terrible” - video

LOL, whose team is Biden on?

Asked whether he’s disappointed with the tone of the campaign, including the ad that Couric characterized as “making fun of John mcCain’s inability to use a computer,” Biden said “I thought that was terrible by the way.

“I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it

Obama scolds Biden

I bet Obama's regretting choosing Biden now.

Biden: 'No coal plants here in America' - video

Mr. Gaffe o matic delivers again!

"Some great rope line video from Joe Biden's recent Ohio swing, where he was asked by an anti-pollution campaigner about clean coal -- a controversial approach in Democratic circles for which Obama has voiced support, particularly during the Kentucky primary."

Biden's apparent answer: He supports clean coal for China, but not for the United States.

"No coal plants here in America," he said. "Build them, if they're going to build them, over there. Make them clean."

"We’re not supporting clean coal," he said of himself and Obama. They do, on paper, support clean coal.

Watch for the rollback. And what does this say about Obama's judgement in choosing Biden?

Taking a closer look at the Obama Ayers connection

Glenn does what the left wing media wont' do.

More here.

And here.

Video of Biden saying Obama not ready for President

Leading Democrats say Obama not ready - video

Biden quit in 1988 admitting plagiarism. Why not now?

Biden's history of lies and lifted quotes

"Biden, then 44, was forced out of the 1988 presidential race — he officially dropped out on Sept. 23, 1987 — just when his candidacy seemed to be taking off in Iowa, the all-important first caucus, and just as he seemed to be gaining on Michael Dukakis, the eventual nominee.

A Dukakis staffer noticed and fed to Maureen Dowd, then a New York Times reporter rather than columnist, that Biden had lifted almost verbatim his closing remarks at a debate at the Iowa state fairgrounds in August 1987. The lines were lifted from a passionate speech delivered by British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock."

If that disqualified Biden then, why not now? And why isn't Dowd interested now?

Obama's friend Kilpatrick is going to jail - video

Obama - "New Pennsylvania?" video

Is this one of the 57 states Obama was talking about?

New York Times reports on Obama and Ayers

More reporting needs to be done on Obama's ties to terrorist Ayers.

Obama, Dems "Family" of Fannie Mae - video

Barack Obama's Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Connection

Obama took hundreds of thousands of dollars from them.

Obama - "stooping to the kind of scare tactics he once derided. "

Refreshing to see the Washington Post wake up.

"Obama has been furthest out of line, however, on Social Security, stooping to the kind of scare tactics he once derided.

"If my opponent had his way, the millions of Floridians who rely on it would have had their Social Security tied up in the stock market this week," Obama said Saturday as he campaigned in that retiree-heavy state. "Millions of families would've been scrambling to figure out how to give their mothers and fathers, their grandmothers and grandfathers, the secure retirement that every American deserves."

This is simply false -- even leaving aside the incendiary language about "privatizing" Social Security. As the invaluable FactCheck.org noted, the private account plan suggested by President Bush and backed by McCain would not have applied to anyone born before 1950. It would not have changed benefits by a single penny for current retirees like the nice Florida folks that Obama was trying to rile up."

Why Is Joe Biden Still Taken Seriously?

I have no idea.

Obama ad twists McCain's words

Newsweek defends McCain?

Obama suppoter lists his accomplishments - video

Dwindling crowds greet Obama - photos

"The One" is losing his drawing power.

Inside Obama’s Acorn

is rotten to the core. Is there anything that Obama is not tainted by?

Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism

On Schools

Biden repeats his forced landing lie

Just like Clinton before him. Democrats just can't help but lie.

Obama's Palin smear campaign cover up - update

Looks like all roads lead back to Obama alright.

More here.

Does the Obama campaign need adult supervision?

Sounds like it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama "would require taxpayer funding of abortion"

Despite what the New York Times says.

Cover up begins in Obama's anti Palin smears

Boy, that was fast!

Obama and the Chicago machine - video

Palin's town charged women for rape exams

Blares the CNN headline. But buried in the story we are told this:

"Interviews and a review of records turned up no evidence that Palin knew that rape victims were being charged in her town."

Six Points to Consider When Reading About Wasilla's Policy on Rape Kits

Patton Has A Solution To The Iraq War - video

Patton speech: Iraq & modern world - video

Deep secrets of the Obama campaign 2008

that the left wing media won't report on.

Obama’s Real-Estate Bust

Well, Obama is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine.

Obama's ACORN Group committing widespread vote fraud

And Obama funnelled thousands to ACORN.

How the Democrats and Obama Created the Financial Crisis

If the left wing media reported this, Obama would be finished.

"Now that the collapse has occurred, the roadblock built by Senate Democrats in 2005 is unforgivable. Many who opposed the bill doubtlessly did so for honorable reasons. Fannie and Freddie provided mounds of materials defending their practices. Perhaps some found their propaganda convincing.

But we now know that many of the senators who protected Fannie and Freddie, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Christopher Dodd, have received mind-boggling levels of financial support from them over the years.

Throughout his political career, Obama has gotten more than $125,000 in campaign contributions from employees and political action committees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, second only to Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman, who received more than $165,000."

Islamic terrorists are victims

That is being taught at universities around the world.

Obama - About that racism survey

A Cryptic Report on a Suspect Survey


Look who the pollsters support for President. And now you know the rest of the story.

ACORN links challenge Barack Obama’s credibility

Don't expect the left wing media to investigate it though.

"ACORN has not only been involved in numerous instances of fraudulent voter registration, vote-rigging, voter intimidation and vote-for-pay scams, the organization also took a lead role in pushing for and getting the underwriting standards for mortgages loosened with the support of liberal politicians in Congress. This was in spite of warnings that looser standards could lead to wide-scale defaults. "

Bush Called For Reform of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

17 times!

Sharia law challenges British justice

Britain will be defeated from within.

NY's Independence Party Endorses McCain

Report here.

Obama hid $800,000 payment to ACORN

Another day and another Obama scandal.

Obama yells at an elderly woman - video

More here.

Obama's Social Security Whopper

Scaring the elderly. This is Obama's hope and change?


Glenn reports.

60,000 PEOPLE SAW SARAH PALIN IN FLORIDA TODAY, but two of them blogged it. Here's a report from Pereiraville, and here's one from Baker Street. Lots of photos at both.

More here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama edits his website to reflect his changing positions

It takes a full time editing team to keep up with his changing positions.

"Now, tell me why, oh why, would the Obama campaign decide to delete the following sentence: "[Obama] does not believe it is necessary or fair to hardworking seniors to raise the retirement age." Is he trying to stoke anxiety about his position on Social Security?"

Read the rest of the changes.

Iraq - A lively Baghdad, back from the dead

You won't see much of this in the left wing media.

"As for the Americans, they are still here, of course, but standing ever more in the background. Early this month, I joined a convoy carrying Tariq al-Hashemi, one of Iraq's vice presidents. Hurtling through Baghdad at high speed, we came upon a caravan of American Humvees. I waited for Hashemi and his men to slow down, but the Iraqis - guns bristling, sirens wailing - barreled past. The Americans hurriedly pulled over and made way. Never in three and a half years in Iraq did I see anything like that.

The other day, I rode in a helicopter to Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province, the big slice of desert west of Baghdad. Two years ago, 30 marines and soldiers were dying there every month. In 2005, Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia declared Anbar the seat of its "caliphate." Since then, violence in Anbar has plummeted. Al Qaeda has been decimated. I was coming in for a ceremony, unimaginable until recently, to mark the handover of responsibility for security to the Iraqi Army and the police."

Democrats deserting Obama

Glad to see it.

"YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- You just knew that when Joe O'Connell, former head of the local AFL-CIO, got on stage here with John McCain and Sarah Palin things were not going smoothly for the Obama campaign among union voters.

"I am a lifelong Democrat, an intelligent Democrat, who is supporting John McCain," O'Connell said last week as a crowd of 7,000 waved "Another Democrat for John McCain" signs and roared its approval."

Another Obama supporter switches to McCain

We keep seeing more and more of this.

Lilly Ledbetter, living a lie and Obama exploiting it

Powerline explains.

Obama sets out his military policies

Media Caught Fabricating White Racists?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Barack Obama: toxic mentors start to corrode

I've said it before, the closer you look at Obama the more you don't like what you see. This is a blast from the not so distant past.

Obama's Talk “Doesn’t Sound Like The Politics Of Hope”

That's from Palin. Hang on a minute! Isn't Palin supposed to be attacking Biden? Yeah, I know, who's Biden.

Protesting Obama by air - video

Protesting Obama by Air

We're starting to see a lot more protest against the one.

The incredible shrinking Obama

Long may it continue.

This is the best election ever

The big loser in all of this is the left wing media.

We Have Ways of Making You a Criminal

No wonder British jails are over crowded

Since it took power in 1997, Great Britain's Labor Party government has created more than 3,600 new criminal offenses. Britons can now be charged with everything from importing Polish potatoes to holding an unlicensed concert in a church or community hall.

Sarah Palin is as popular as Diana

The Brits understand what's happening right under the Democrats upturned noses.

"In Palin they see optimism; in Obama cynicism. In Palin they see pride in her country; in Obama an element of shame.

It is heart versus head, instinct versus intellect; certainty versus hand-wringing; straight-forwardness versus sophistication. "


"So when she says, as she did in her acceptance speech, that she will take on 'the good old-boy network', she really means it.

As one senior McCain spokesman explained: 'She is the embodiment of the American dream, the small-town girl who rises to the very top, doesn't sacrifice her family or her values along the way, takes on the big guys and wins.

'The thing about Palin is that every aspect of her story touches someone.'

"She is the embodiment of the American dream..." You attack that at your peril as the Democrats are finding out.

Compare Palin's life with Obama's. He's a product of the Chicago political machine, friends with terrorist Ayers and convicted felon Rezko and up to his eyeballs in the current financial scandal. Palin's not just a breath of fresh air, she's like an oxygen tank.


More progress.

Media's Brazen Bias for Obama

They have no shame. As I keep saying, just how far ahead would McCain be if the media weren't in he tank for Obama.

Fake Republicans

The left wing media can't get enough of them.

Democrats vote not to support our troops

No surprise there.

Intense Pressure from Democrats Led To Palin UN Snub

Democrats supporting Iran.

"Sources tell CBS 2 HD that a decision to disinvite Palin from the high profile rally after Clinton pulled out in a huff came as the result of intense pressure from Democrats.

"This is insulting. This is embarrassing, especially to Gov. Palin, to me and I think it should be to every single New Yorker," Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, told CBS 2 HD.

Sources say the axes were out for Palin as soon as Sen. Clinton pulled out because she did not want to attend the same event as the Republican vice presidential candidate. "

The Democrats and Clinon are playing politics with our national security. Now there's a surprise. And some Democrats aren't going to take it anymore.

"I'm absolutely appalled at the behavior of the Democrats," said Bob Kunst of Defenders.net. "I'm a Democrat and for the first time in my life I'm going to vote Republican. I can't take it anymore."

Who wins in all of this? Ahmadinejad

Why do so many buy into the left wing nonsense

They're brain washed by their teachers.

Here's another one.

Palin opened a window onto the turbulent id of the left

And it's an ugly sight.

"Somehow, every element of her life--the dual offense of being a beauty-queen and hunter; the Down syndrome baby who wasn't aborted; the teenage daughter about to get married, whose baby also wasn't aborted; the non-metrosexual husband working the nightshift; the very fact of five children--touched a nerve on the liberal template, and sent the whole beast into convulsions, opening an intriguing and somewhat frightening window onto the turbulent id of the left. "

Street clashes erupt in Germany

The left are the violent ones but the right get the blame.

"Thousands of left-wing demonstrators gathered to protest against an extreme right-wing rally have clashed with police in the Germany city of Cologne.

Police said about 3,000 protesters threw stones at officers, while some tried to steal their weapons.

Violence erupted after the protesters tried to halt an "anti-Islamification" rally, which police eventually banned. "

See how that operates? All you have to do is get violent and you can get a peace rally banned. Listen,

"Earlier, the leftist demonstrators blocked two Pro-Koeln leaders from entering the conference venue, pursuing them as they sought refuge on a boat.

Police say they responded with batons after left-wing protesters set fire to barricades.

In a speech earlier on Saturday, Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma labelled Pro-Koeln "arsonists and racists" hiding under the cloak of a "citizens' movement".

Got that? The far left wing protesters set fire to barricades but it's those on the right labeled as "arsonists".

Democrats threaten to kneecap Jewish nonprofits

Not surprised by this.

Boston Globe "I don't support the troops"

Shame more liberals don't admit it.

"Well, I have an ugly confession to make: I don't support the troops - at least not unconditionally. When somebody tells me they serve in the military, my first impulse isn't to say, "Thank you for your service!" like those insufferable chickenhawks on talk radio.

My first impulse is to say, "I'm sorry to hear that." Because I am. I'm sorry to know that the person I'm talking to might someday be maimed or killed on the job, or might someday kill someone else. Or refuel a plane that drops bombs on buildings.

I can't see how anyone who calls himself or herself Christian - or human, for that matter - wouldn't be sorry.

The fact that we have an army, that we need an army, is inherently tragic. It's an admission that our species is still ruled by fear and aggression."

Well dumbass, some of our species want to wipe out our existence and if not for these brave men and women of our military, you're dumbass wouldn't be able to write such nonsense.

Good grief, do these people ever listen to themselves?

Americans...They're Just Too F***ing Dumb!' video

First it was if you don't vote for the messiah you're a racist. Now it's because you're dumb.

Obama Scaring Seniors

What did you expect from Obama.

An American Carol - movie trailer

Hollywood Takes on the Left

About time.

How did Bob Hope see the Democrats?

Obama and Biden cost US jobs

A Top Obama Fund-Raiser Had Ties to Failed Bank

As I've said before, Obama is up to his eyeballs in this financial scandal.

Lying BBC reporter may be sent to Iraq

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I like the other irony here as well.

"Russell Sharp, 25, did 15 weeks before lying so he could quit on “compassionate” grounds. "

He claimed his girlfriend was pregnant but she was a fellow BBC reporter and not pregnant. (Why are you allowed to get out because your girlfriend is pregnant?)

Then we are told this:

"Sharp’s programme did not show any filmed evidence of ill-treatment, though he claimed to have witnessed it. "

And we're suppose to believe and admitted liar and from the BBC to boot?

Obama heckled by blacks - video

Are they racist?

Jihad Prevention Act

Watch for CAIR to go nuts over this.

Obama and Biden voted for the bridge to nowhere

instead of for Katrina aid.

WaPo - Hey, you messed up. You trusted us.

You can't make this stuff up. The Washington Post is saying don't trust what they report.

Look Who Franklin Raines Donated Money To

Mr., who's Raines, Obama.

Biden - Paying taxes is patriotic

Guess Biden forgot about the Boston tea party.

Are we fighting a holy war? video

This is a devastating video to the left.

Correcting Obama on al Qaeda

How can you be president if you don't even understand al Qaeda?

Rein In Fannie, Freddie? Not Dodd

The Democrats are to blame for the current financial scandal and Obama is up to his eyeballs in it. McCain should be hammering Obama on this.

"As recently as last summer, when housing prices had clearly peaked and the mortgage market had started to seize up, Dodd called on Bush to "immediately reconsider his ill-advised" reform proposals. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said that the president's suggestion for a strong, independent regulator of Fannie and Freddie was "inane."

Sen. Dodd wonders what the Bush administration did to address the risks of Fannie and Freddie. Now, he knows. The real question is: Where was he?"

Obama votes 'present' on new economic rescue plan for now

Obama epitomizes the do nothing Congress.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Sen. Barack Obama today met with some of his many economic advisors and made an announcement that he was not going to make an announcement about any new plan to plan plans.

Democrat Rangel Calls Palin 'Disabled'

in answer to this question.

The question was simple: Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity?

The answer was astonishing.

"You got to be kind to the disabled," Rangel said.

That's right. The chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee called Palin disabled -- even when CBS 2 HD called him on it.

CBS 2 HD: "You got to be kind to the disabled?"

Rangel: "Yes."

Obviously Palin is no disabled but why are Democrats afraid of disabled people?

Palin Would Be Gang-Raped By Blacks in Manhattan

The left sink lower and lower.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama Is Stoking Racial Antagonism

Race is all the Obama and his supportes have left to rely on.

"Mr. Obama's campaign is now trafficking in prejudice of its own making. And in doing so, it is playing with political dynamite. What kind of potential president would let his campaign knowingly extract two incomplete, out-of-context lines from two radio parodies and build a framework of hate around them in order to exploit racial tensions? The segregationists of the 1950s and 1960s were famous for such vile fear-mongering."

A desperate and despicable one.

"The malignant aspect of this is that Mr. Obama and his advisers know exactly what they are doing. They had to listen to both monologues or read the transcripts. They then had to pick the particular excerpts they used in order to create a commercial of distortions. Their hoped-for result is to inflame racial tensions. In doing this, Mr. Obama and his advisers have demonstrated a pernicious contempt for American society.

We've made much racial progress in this country. Any candidate who employs the tactics of the old segregationists is unworthy of the presidency."

That means Obama.

Obama "No money from lobbyists"?

More lies from The One.

"The [Obama] campaign has no problem accepting money from the spouses of Washington lobbyists. A database search conducted for this column by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign-finance issues, found that more than 20 spouses of prominent Washington lobbyists have donated to the Obama campaign, including the wives of Dan Glickman, the head of the Motion Picture Association of America; Norman Brownstein, a prominent Denver-based lawyer who has lobbied for Oracle, Toshiba, and Comcast; and Stuart Pape of Patton Boggs, Washington’s foremost lobbying firm, who has lobbied for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, and the Smokeless Tobacco Council....."

McCain Plays the Race Card


"Let me stipulate: Obama's Fannie Mae connections are completely fair game. But this ad doesn't even mention a far more significant tie--that of Jim Johnson, the former Fannie Mae chairman who had to resign as head of Obama's vice presidential search team after it was revealed he got a sweetheart deal on a mortgage from Countrywide Financial. Instead, it relies on a fleeting and tenuous reference in a Washington Post Style section story to suggest that Obama's principal economic adviser is former Fannie Mae Chairman Frank Raines. Why? One reason might be that Johnson is white; Raines is black."

Or it could be that McCain has two ads out, one for Raines and one for Johnson. Oops!

But hey, nice of her to point out the "...far more significant tie--that of Jim Johnson, the former Fannie Mae chairman who had to resign as head of Obama's vice presidential search team after it was revealed he got a sweetheart deal on a mortgage from Countrywide Financial."

Hmmm. Wonder why she didn't point out that after just 4 short years in the Senate Obama was the second largest recipient of donations from Mae and Mac?

As you can see from both ads Obama is up to his eyeballs in the scandal.

Glenn has more including this.

"Bob Krumm emails: "How do you know that the Obama-Raines ad hits its target? Because Time magazine has declared that it is racist."

Obama changes his position on the financial crisis

Now there's a surprise. Is there any issue Obama hasn't flip flopped on?

"FOR ALL THE talk about energy, taxes and health care, the first economic policy challenge to face the next president could be coping with a crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- and the related job of reforming them to make sure they never put the global financial system at risk again. Republican John McCain, long a skeptic of the two government-sponsored enterprises, has said that, if the government must bail them out, it should fire their current boards and managers en route to full privatization. Until now, Democrat Barack Obama has been more circumspect, agreeing with Mr. McCain that taxpayers should come before shareholders and managers but offering few concrete ideas about the ultimate dispensation of the companies. But this week he's given an encouraging hint of fresh thinking about the problem."

Let's see, McCain proposed legislation to regulate Mae and Mac 3 years ago and the Democrats defeated it. Obama has been silent till now. And now that he's been exposed as up to his eyeballs in the scandal, he's flipping.

"This is not an easy one for the Illinois senator because of the companies' close ties to his party. To be sure, both Republican and Democratic politicos have held well-paid positions in the two firms or have partaken of the tens of millions that they spend on lobbying. But a few Republicans, such as Mr. McCain and Sen. Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), who has been chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, have taken them on over the years, warning about their use of an implicit government guarantee to pursue private profits. Meanwhile, Democrats were not only politically but intellectually committed to the companies, seeing them as innovative public-private institutions that have been a boon to homeownership. In the current crisis, their biggest backers have been Democrats such as Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (Mass.). Two members of Mr. Obama's political circle, James A. Johnson and Franklin D. Raines, are former chief executives of Fannie Mae. "

Not to mention that Obama is the number two recipient of donations from Mae and Mac.

"Now, however, Mr. Obama may be inching away from the conventional wisdom"

Sure, now that the scandal is all over him like a bad suit.

Nice to see the Post at least dip it's toe in the scandal. Now, how about looking into Obama's ties to terrorist Ayers and convicted felon Rezko.

McCain on the Economy

Pointing out how he warned of the crisis 3 years ago, Obama has done nothing and Obama is up to his eyeballs in the scandal.

Obama and the financial crisis - video

New York Times portrays Obama as Jesus

Take a look at the photo accompanying this NYT article. Notice the pictures on either side of Obama? Notice the cross above Obama's head in the background?

Biden on taxes

More on Hackergate and Obama

Richard Miniter reports.

"I predict that the same crowd that said that Palin should have been able to control her 17-year old daughter will defend the 2o-year old hacker by saying no one can control their kids. At least they will be right once."

Reid keeps the swamp brimming

See, this is why the Democrats want to raise taxes and get their hands on your money.

AIG gave $10 million to Democart Rangel

Yes, $10 million!!!

"The Post reported last year that Rangel sent letters asking for donations for the Charles B. Rangel Center to several potential corporate donors with business before his committee.

Last year, Rangel's office provided The Post with a list of some of the donations he had already helped secure for the project, which included $10 million from AIG; $500,000 from the Verizon Foundation; and $1 million from Eugene Isenberg, CEO of energy firm Nabors Industries. "

$10 million!!

McCain pushed for regulations long before Obama

and the record proves it.

Obama and The Arab Vote


"For what it's worth: the poll's sponsor, the Arab American Institute, is run by James Zogby, brother of pollster John Zogby, and he is a partisan Democrat who keeps a signed picture of Yasser Arafat in his office (or at least he did several years ago, when I interviewed him)."

Rangel's Congress Parking Perk Breaks Law

More trouble for the Democrats.

Another Biden gaffe?

The gift that keeps on giving.

Although Biden said he was a Steelers fan in a meeting with the team's coach Mike Tomlin on Aug. 29, he later said in a Sept. 8 visit to a Green Bay bar outside of Lambeau Field that he'd been a Packers fan since grade school.

Today, he added three more favorites to the list -- the Eagles, the Colts and the Giants.

As he looked at the jersey of former Philadelphia Eagle Reggie White, Horrigan said he had heard Biden was an Eagles fan.

Biden said yes, adding, "I used to be a Colts fan before they moved to Baltimore."

Like most Democrats Biden will say whatever the latest crowd wants to hear.

Obama adviser Raines cost us millions - video

Obama's advier Raines under investigation

and settled.

Raines settled charges brought by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight by agreeing this spring to pay $2 million and forfeiting $22.7 million in stock and other benefits. And though none of it will come out of his pocket -- the payment was covered by insurance -- he has not emerged unscathed. He and his wife of more than 25 years, Wendy, are separated. Their house, a 1910 colonial in Northwest Washington, is for sale. An old friend, former Time Warner chairman Richard Parsons, describes him as being "in strong recovery mode."

This is a prime example of why the Democrats love big government - they can steal more.

Let's not forget Obama's ties to terrorist Ayers, Rezdo and the Chigago political machine.

Obama adviser Raines worst manager in 2004

Business Week reports. What does this say about Obama's judgement?

Obama's top 10 gaffes

And these are just the top 10.

McCain Wins Endorsement of Democrat

We're seeing more and more of this lately.

More calls for Obama to dump Biden

I agree with Glenn and don't think it will happen. However, the very fact that we're hearing these calls is bad news for Obama.

Obama - Hackergate update

Glenn has a roundup of the latest news.

More here.

More on Obama and his Iraq meddling

What did you expect from the Left wing media?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hackergate - Palin Hacker Identified?

Maybe. He sounds disappointed that he couldn't find any dirt on Palin.

McCain on the economy

Lays into Obama.

Senator Obama talks a tough game on the financial markets but the facts tell a different story. He took more money from Fannie and Freddie than any Senator but the Democratic chairman of the committee that regulates them. He put Fannie Mae's CEO who helped create this disaster in charge of finding his Vice President. Fannie's former General Counsel is a senior advisor to his campaign. Whose side do you think he is on? When I pushed legislation to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Senator Obama was silent. He didn't lift a hand to avert this crisis. While the leaders of Fannie and Freddie were lining the pockets of his campaign, they were sowing the seeds of the financial crisis we see today and enriching themselves with millions of dollars in payments. That's not change, that's what's broken in Washington.


Senator Obama has never made the kind tough reform we need today. His idea of reform is what his party leaders in Congress order him to do. We tried for bipartisan ethics reform and he walked away from it because his bosses didn't want real change.


When AIG was bailed out, I didn't like it, but I understood it needed to be done to protect hard working Americans with insurance policies and annuities. Senator Obama didn't take a position. On the biggest issue of the day, he didn't know what to think. He may not realize it, but you don't get to vote present as President of the United States. While Senator Obama and Congressional leaders don't know what to think about the current crisis, we know what their plans are for the economy. Today Senator Obama's running mate said that raising taxes is patriotic. Raising taxes in a tough economy isn't patriotic. It's not a badge of honor. It's just dumb policy. The billions in tax increases that Senator Obama is proposing would kill even more jobs during tough economic times. I'm not going to let that happen.

Michelle Obama: Don't vote because 'she's cute'

So, we should vote for Obama because he's handsome?

Metro State Prof Investigated For Palin Assignment

Told the students to write negative assignment on Palin.

Be sure and watch the video.

Hackergate - Obama involved?

Palin Hackers(s) Traced to Obama's Hometown of Chicago Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

What happens when Obama's teleprompter breaks

He says uh over 60 times. Some talker eh? Can't wait till the debates.

Palin Derangement Syndrome: Obama's Worst Enemy?

That won't stop them because the left are insane.

The poverty of Democrats' ideas for cities

How can anyone in their right mind vote for Democrats?

Unfortunately, those two cities may be alone at the top of the poverty rate list, but they're not alone in their love for Democrats. Cincinnati, Ohio (third on the poverty rate list), hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1984. Cleveland, Ohio (fourth on the list), has been led by a Democrat since 1989. St. Louis, Missouri (sixth), hasn't had a Republican since 1949, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (eighth), since 1908, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (ninth), since 1952 and Newark, New Jersey (10th), since 1907.

The only two cities in the top 10 that I didn't mention (Miami, Florida, and El Paso, Texas) haven't had Republicans in office either -- just Democrats, independents or nonpartisans.

Over the past 50 years, the eight cities listed above have had Republican leadership for a combined 36 years. The rest of the time -- a combined 364 years -- they've been led by Democrats.

Five of the 10 cities with the highest poverty rates (Detroit, Buffalo, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Newark) have had a Democratic stranglehold since at least 1961: more than 45 years. Two of the cities (Milwaukee and Newark) have been electing Democrats since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908.

Two cities, 100 years, all Democrats.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, the asylums in those cities must be as full as the soup kitchens.

Democrat Leader Harry Reid ``no one knows what to do'' at the moment.

That's why they're called the do nothing Democrats.

Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- The Democratic-controlled Congress, acknowledging that it isn't equipped to lead the way to a solution for the financial crisis and can't agree on a path to follow, is likely to just get out of the way.


Rangel's scandals continue to grow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama was for commissions before he was against them

Running against negativity

Here's how.

The irony is great: the mean, nasty old-style politican with little positive to say about specific solutions used to be what Obama was running against. Now McCain can run against that guy.

Will Democrats Ever Recover From Obama?

I hope not.

Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act

Mr. Gaffe o matic does it again.

Sarah Palin becomes a GOP fundraising machine

Good for her.

"Palin's fresh-faced, down-to-earth appeal has even spread to Western states. Organizers of a Sept. 24 fundraiser in Wyoming featuring Palin report ticket sales to people from as far away as Idaho and Montana.

"We're really talking about a regional type of excitement," Maggie Scarlett, McCain's Wyoming co-finance chair, told Erika Bolstad of the Anchorage Daily News.

This success doesn't surprise David Dittman, a consultant to Palin's 2006 campaign. "She connects with people," he says.

Outraised by her well-known Democratic opponent in 2006, Dittman noted, "She didn't have the support of the party. She did not have the support of labor unions, environmentalists, the oil industry. She did it all by herself."

Unlike Obama who's got the backing of not only the left wing media, but the Washington insiders as well.

Why Palin is fit to reform Washington

Here's why.

"Forget the Tina Fey SNL mockery and all the marginalia being written about Sarah Palin now. She did four real things in Alaska that make her fit for anyone interested in a reform presidency.

She took on: her party's state chairman, her party's state attorney general, GOP Gov. Frank Murkowski's tainted gas pipeline project, and then she supported a GOP candidate who ran against Alaska's "untouchable" GOP congressional earmarker, Don Young.

One way or another, each episode involved severing the sleazy ties that bind public officials to grasping commercial interests, something even the Democratic left purports to favor.

It isn't just Washington and Juneau. You could open the nozzle on the same reform fire hose to wash the public-private slime out of the capital hallways of New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois and onward.

You say Sarah Palin doesn't have enough "experience" to run Washington? Washington is barely fit to be run."

Sarah Palin Interview with Sean Hannity Pt.1

Franklin Raines’ Criminal Enterprise and Barack Obama

Obama is up to his eyeballs in this scandal.

Obama's losing because you're a racist

More Democrats playing the race card.

Hackergate - Who hacked Palin's email?

Another scandal that will no doubt lead back to the Democrats.

Obama - The Most Hateful Ad Ever?

Again, no surprise here.

Washington Post in the tank for Obama

No surprise there. Imagine how far ahead McCain would be if the left wing media weren't in the tank for Obama.

Barack Obama's Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Connection

Another Obama scandal that the left wing media will not investigate.

Obama's Housing Project Video

CEO calling Obama, Dems "Family" of Fannie Mae

Wolf with Lynn Forester De Rothschild - video

Clinton supporters ignore plea to back Obama

And that's a good thing.

"Obama scares me. There's too much we don't know about him. We don't know what we're getting. There are too many hidden issues."

Like Ayers and Rezko for starters.
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