Friday, February 29, 2008

The Risky Business Of Islamic Finance

Tell that to Gordon Brown.

US - Another Obama scandal?

Looks that way.

Turkey - Revising Islam?

Not a chance.

US - UPI tying Obama to Muslim terrorists?

On UPI's Top News stories page is a report about the trial of a Muslim and Muslim convert's terror plot in Sydney. Currently there is only one picture on the page to the right of the story - a picture of Obama. An accident?

US - Hillary Clinton, you devil

Now this is funny.

German rescue from Muslim honour killing

Nice to see the BBC reporting this.

This is interesting.

"One Muslim community leader told me that if he could talk to those boys, I met at the shopping mall, he would explain to them in no uncertain terms that killing one's own sister - or anyone for that matter - has nothing to do with being a good Muslim."

Ok, then perhaps he could explain where Muslim men get the idea from then.

Saudi Arabia - Professor Faces 180 Lashes

for Having Coffee With Student.

Don't you just love Islam.

Pakistan - American Traitor Adam Gadahn dead?

We can only hope.

Iraq - Angelina Jolie: Don't squander the progress


How does this square with Obama's promise to cut and run?

"What we cannot afford, in my view, is to squander the progress that has been made. In fact, we should step up our financial and material assistance. UNHCR has appealed for $261 million this year to provide for refugees and internally displaced persons. That is not a small amount of money -- but it is less than the U.S. spends each day to fight the war in Iraq. I would like to call on each of the presidential candidates and congressional leaders to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy.

As for the question of whether the surge is working, I can only state what I witnessed: U.N. staff and those of non-governmental organizations seem to feel they have the right set of circumstances to attempt to scale up their programs. And when I asked the troops if they wanted to go home as soon as possible, they said that they miss home but feel invested in Iraq. They have lost many friends and want to be a part of the humanitarian progress they now feel is possible.

It seems to me that now is the moment to address the humanitarian side of this situation. Without the right support, we could miss an opportunity to do some of the good we always stated we intended to do. "

US - Obama needs a lesson in military history


US - Another major scandal brewing for CBS?

Maybe. Not as big as CBS and Dan Rather using forged documents to smear Bush, but big enough.

Iraq - Since we're succeeding in Iraq, why leave?

That's the big question someone needs to ask Obama.

Majority now believe U.S. effort in Iraq will succeed

More bad news for the Democrats.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

US - "Common Misunderstandings About Muslims"

are being spread by ABC 'News'.

Look who ABC turn to for much in this report, the radical front group with ties to terrorsim - CAIR.

Here's a good example of ABC spreadeing "misunderstandings".

"Misconception: Muslim women are oppressed and forced to wear the hijab.


Women often see it as empowering because they are not viewed as sexual objects but judged by their character.

Muslim advocacy groups point out that four out of the five countries with the largest Muslim populations — Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey — have had female heads of state, something the United States cannot claim. "

"Empowering", really? Is that why Iran beats and arrest women who don't wear it? Perhaps ABC can explain why it's banned as radical politcal statement in many Muslim countries.

As for the second part, like a con artist at a county fair, ABC changes the subject. The question was about wearing the hijab, not about women becoming heads of state. In fact, Turkey is one of the countries that banned the hijab. Also notice how ABC left out Britain's Thatcher.

Media like ABC are a major source of "misunderstandings about Muslims, CAIR is another.

Iraq - "1991: Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire"

Is the subject in todays BBC's On This Day.

Note the key word in that headline - "ceasefire". The first war never ended and was restarted after repeaded ceasefire violations by Saddam.

US - "There was no such thing as Al Qaeda in Iraq

until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq"

Obama's inexperience shines through.

Let's start with the 9/11 Commission's report, which proved conclusively that al Qaeda planned much of the 1993 WTC attack from Iraq.

"4) Mohammed Salameh had many communications with Iraq in a crucial, early stage of the plot. Between June 10 and July 9, 1992, when his phone service was cut off, he made 46 calls to Iraq (see GX 824, US vs. Salameh et. al.)

But one can do more than just suspect Iraq's role, which, of course, is important. It can be demonstrated to a high standard, perhaps even "beyond a reasonable doubt," that Iraq was behind the attack. That demonstration revolves around the identity of the mastermind, Ramzi Yousef, without whom the bomb could not have been built.

He entered the U.S. on an Iraqi passport as Ramzi Yousef. He fled the U.S. the night of the Trade Center bombing on a Pakistani passport in the name of Abdul Basit Karim. "

Then there's this.

"The key meeting took place in the Afghan mountains near Kandahar in late December. The Iraqi delegation was led by Farouk Hijazi, Baghdad's ambassador in Turkey and one of Saddam's most powerful secret policemen, who is thought to have offered Bin Laden asylum in Iraq."

Even Hillary admits al Qaeda was in Iraq back in 2002.

"He [Saddam] has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members..."

Did many more al Qaeda go to Iraq after the invasion? Of course, and they've been wiped out. But many were already there too.

It's these types of gaffes that will sink Obama if he's the nominee.


"That being said, it cannot be denied that al-Qaida, in what was a major tactical blunder, decided to make Iraq the centerpiece of their strategy against the U.S. And they have been suffering some pretty severe setbacks. So it is certainly reasonable to wonder what Obama is thinking when he says we need to pull out of Iraq to fight al-Qaida. They made the decision to have the battle there. He should know that by now."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UK - BBC: "Gaza rocket strike kills Israeli "

Shouldn't this BBC headline read "Palestinian rocket strike kills Israeli"?

UK - BBC knew of link to failed 21/7 bombers

and did nothing.

She said she thought he was scared the fugitives might try to call him but did not contact the police because she felt under "no obligation" to do so.

Miss Suleaman claimed she told BBC managers of the situation but no one passed on the information to the authorities.

"She" being Nasreen Suleaman.


This story is getting some attention around the blogsphere. Don't know why it wasn't picked up more last year when I posted about it.

US - Clinton whines: Why do I always go first

And this woman wants to be the Commander and Chief?

You call this leadership?

Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts

Shouldn't this headline Turkey in revision of radical Islamic texts?

UK - terror camps in picturesque rural England

IHT reports.

UK - 'Osama bin London' groomed 21/7 bombers

The Telegraph reports.

UK - Muslim medics in Alder Hey stand-off

Fire them.

UK - Sharia law 'would undermine British society'

Yes, it would.

US - 'No reason to doubt' Obama's story

Blares this CNN headline. What's interesting is how CNN cut out some of Casey's words.

Compare CNN's report with this one from ABC.

"Gen. George Casey, the Army's chief of staff, said Tuesday he has no reason to doubt Barack Obama's recent account by an Army captain that a rifle platoon in Afghanistan didn't have enough soldiers or weapons. But he questioned the assertion that the shortages prevented the troops from doing their job.


Casey said the brigade was manned at 100 percent during its entire deployment, but that it is possible a particular platoon within the brigade was not manned at the desired level.


"There may have been some spot shortages in spare parts and ammunition," he said. "But the commander said that there were never a shortage of ammunition that impacted the units ability to accomplish its mission."

Now you see why CNN left all that out. Not quite the angle CNN was going for and doesn't back up the Captain's story.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

US - How Obama plans to cut the military:video

It's the first thing the Democrats do whenever they get in office, cut the military.

Iranian Shoppers Riot Against Modesty Police

This is good news.

US - Bill Slips While Stumping for Hillary? ‘If You Elect Me…’

Watch the video here.

That's what he said, "If you elect me...".

It's always about him, isn't it.

US - Man with Lebanese Passport flees TSA police

Seems there's more to this story that needs investigating.

"Two other men, also headed to Los Angeles, were taken off a later flight that was still on the tarmac. The two men, one of whom was from Bahrain, told investigators they had paid for Beydoun's plane ticket and that he was a party promoter who knows the best U.S. night spots."

Iraq's oil exports register 6 per cent increase

More good news from Iraq.

US - 1993: World Trade Center bomb terrorises New York

Is the subject of today's BBC "On This Day".

The BBC includes an update box labled "In context". What's glaringly left out of the "context" is Iraq's role in the terror attack.

This is from the 9/11 commission report.

"4) Mohammed Salameh had many communications with Iraq in a crucial, early stage of the plot. Between June 10 and July 9, 1992, when his phone service was cut off, he made 46 calls to Iraq (see GX 824, US vs. Salameh et. al.)

But one can do more than just suspect Iraq's role, which, of course, is important. It can be demonstrated to a high standard, perhaps even "beyond a reasonable doubt," that Iraq was behind the attack. That demonstration revolves around the identity of the mastermind, Ramzi Yousef, without whom the bomb could not have been built.

He entered the U.S. on an Iraqi passport as Ramzi Yousef. He fled the U.S. the night of the Trade Center bombing on a Pakistani passport in the name of Abdul Basit Karim. "

Now you know why the BBC left that part out.

Africa - All talk and no action in Darfur

So, the BBC wants America to take action in Darfur. That's rich, given the way the BBC have fabricated alleged war crimes by the US in Iraq. The BBC has been in the forefront in attacking the US over Iraq and Afghanistan and now it begs the US to take action in Darfur. That's very rich.

Iraq - Disabled bomber kills senior Iraq policeman

Mentally ill women and now this. Is there any doubt that al Qaeda is finished in Iraq?

Castro’s Cuba was no place for a socialist like me

Reality bites.

Compare this to the glowing picture of Cuba painted by the BBC.

More from the Economist. Note this:

"Many Cubans still praise their free health and education services. But they add that these are of deteriorating quality. Schools have been hit by the loss of teachers to tourism jobs (and by a decision to halve class sizes to 15). Their replacements are ill-trained student teachers. Hospital buildings are dilapidated, while medicine and equipment are often in short supply. Next to the shabby maternity hospital in Havana stands a trim, freshly painted eye hospital—used mainly for Latin American patients flown in by Venezuela for cataract operations. This is a propaganda success for Mr Castro and Mr Chávez, but breeds resentment among Cubans."

Iraq - Former SAS man, Griffin, admits he lied about British torture

of Iraqis.

"He said he had not himself witnessed torture or mistreatment. But he added: "I have no doubt in my mind that non-combatants I personally detained were handed over to the Americans and subsequently tortured."

So, it's all in this communist led Stop the War Coalition's stooges mind.

Ben Griffin sang a differnet tune 2 years ago.

"He said he had witnessed dozens of illegal acts by US fighters who viewed Iraqis as "sub-human". Mr Griffin said: "I saw a lot of things in Baghdad that were illegal or just wrong."

Now he admits "he had not himself witnessed torture or mistreatment".

Despite admitting he lied, The Times runs this misleading headline. "Ex-SAS soldier: 'Britain knew about US torture'" And yet the Times quotes this anti war activist:

"“Throughout my time in Iraq I was in no doubt that individuals handed over to our American colleagues would be tortured,” he added. “I have no doubt in my mind that non-combatants I personally detained were handed over to the Americans and subsequently tortured.” "

Again, he admits it's all in his mind.

Add this to the recent attacks on British troops by the Times and the BBC.

The British media should be ashamed of themselves.

US - American Professor Declares Support for Hezbollah

Thankfully he no longer poisons young minds, but sadly many more still do.

US - Team Clinton: Down, and Out of Touch

Not out, but certainly down and definitely out of touch with reality.

Read the whole thing, it's and eye opener.

Now that Clinton has decided to unleash the dogs and "throw the kitchen sink" at Obama, I predict she will go too far at some point and make the biggest mistake of her political career. Clinton feels she is owed the nomination, indeed the presidency, not just by the Democrats but by the nation. She now feels everyone is abandoning her and like a cornered dog, she will lash out and attack anyway she can. I predict she will do something so stupid as to end her political career. We can only hope.

UK - BBC continues smear attack on British troops

Despite their own investigation clearing British troops of wrongdoing, the BBC continues its attack on the troops.

Here's how the BBC frame the story in the first paragraph.

"Panorama asks why the British Army in Iraq used interrogation techniques that were banned over 30 years ago. "

As evidence that this is fact the BBC offer this:

"Ministry of Defence (MoD) rules now specifically state the five techniques should never be used. However, immediately after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 British soldiers witnessed Iraqi prisoners hooded and made to stand for hours with no food or sleep."

Note it says "British trooops witnessed" this and not that Britsh troops were responsible. In fact, the BBC never say who was responsible.

After several more "why is this happening" statements from the BBC, the report notes that the MOD's yearlong investigation found that there was no widespread abuse.

The BBC then report at length on the allegations, including murder, against British troops. Then almost at the end the BBC comes clean:

"Panorama has seen no proof that prisoners died at the hands of their captors and concludes that the case being brought by solicitors Phil Shiner and Martyn Day represents the most extreme interpretation of a troubling but confusing incident. They are asking for the bodies to be disinterred and evidence to be handed to Scotland Yard. "

So, the real meat of the story is that two yearlong investigations, one by the military and one by the BBC, vindicated British troops. Instead of framing the story that way, the BBC use it to smear our troops.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Iraq - Journalist decline by 65 percent

Since the violence is down by 80 percent journalists feel there's nothing report.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

US - Sen. Warner Calls For Hearing on Obama's Taliban Claims

I told you this was going to be Obama's next scandal. Warner has called Obama's bluff and if Obama's smart he'll apologzie quickly.

Earlier links here.

British troops ‘tortured and killed Iraqi civilians seized after battle’

Blares the misleading and inflammatory Times headline. It's not until parapgraph nine that you find:

"A ten-month Royal Military Police investigation involving interviews with 150 British personnel and 50 Iraqis concluded that all 20 were killed during the battle, and there was no evidence that another nine who had been detained and held at Abu Naji had been abused."

And in the last paragraph the Times notes the BBC is to air the findings of its own yearlong investigation. As I reported yesterday the BBC has already reported its findings under a similar misleading and inflammatory headline "Claim UK troops 'executed' Iraqis". Like the Times, the BBC bury their findings in the report.

"Panorama has seen no proof that prisoners died at the hands of their captors at or after the Battle of Danny Boy."

There is no doubt our enemies will be using both these misleading and inflammatory headlines against us.

We truly live in sad times when British news ogranizations use heroic British troops to create sensational headlines.

US - Obama's attack on our troops

I said stand by for a firestorm over Obama's attack on our troops. The firestorm has erupted over at Memeorandum. Note that is the link to the main site as they don't have permalinks.

Here is just a sample of what some are saying. Weekly Standard. The Belmont Club. Ace.

Bottom line? Obama took a cheap shot at our troops for political gain and should apologize. And this guy wants to be the Commander and Chief?

Friday, February 22, 2008

UK - BBC: Claim UK troops 'executed' Iraqis

Is the BBC fabricating yet another war crimes story against coalition troops? Yep.

"Of all the allegations they make, the programme concludes that the evidence is strongest that prisoners were mistreated.

"Panorama has seen no proof that prisoners died at the hands of their captors at or after the Battle of Danny Boy."

But what headline does the BBC run with? "Claim UK troops 'executed' Iraqis" A claim the BBC already admit they have no proof of and admit they spent a year investigating.

"A BBC spokesman said: "Panorama has spent over a year talking to battlefield survivors, medical staff and Iraqi former prisoners in Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. "

I'm betting the BBC didn't spend one hour investigating those behind these false accusations. Take Phil Shiner for example. Here's what he said in the far left wing Guardian newspaper.

"What will it take for our government to face the awful facts of British detention policy in Iraq? Evidence now publicly available proves that UK forces had a systematic policy that led to the execution of scores of Iraqis in detention, and the torture of countless more."

Remember now, the BBC has already said that after more than a year investigaing Shiner's false claims the BBC "...has seen no proof that prisoners died at the hands of their captors ..."

More on Shiner's anti war activities here and here.

Shouldn't the BBC's report and the Panaroma story be about how they debunked a far left wing anti war activists false claims over Iraq?

Even though the BBC has debunked this story they want to promote the idea that it could be true. Such is the BBC's hatred of Britain and her troops. Just add this the growing list of lies, fabrications and attacks on our troops.

Iraq - "Democrats Dug In For Retreat"

Charles Krauthammer reports that despite the success in Iraq, the Democrats still want to cut and run - just like they did in Vietnam.


"Why? Imagine the transformative effects in the region, and indeed in the entire Muslim world, of achieving a secure and stable Iraq, friendly to the United States and victorious over al-Qaeda. Are the Democrats so intent on denying George Bush retroactive vindication for a war they insist is his that they would deny their own country a now-achievable victory? "

It's not the just the Democrats that are trying to deny success in Iraq, left wing journalists are too.

"Just lately, though, General Petraeus has come up with another zen-like idea: he calls it a "pause." And the administration has signed on, meaning that the total number of American troops in Iraq will remain at 130,000 for an undetermined period. "

Such is their wish for an American defeat that left wing journalists ignore the facts and make up their own. Here's what Petraeus said yesterday.

"Asked whether troop levels by the end of 2008 would be less than the force of some 130,000 that will be left following the current reduction, General Petraeus said: “Yes”, emphasising, however, that security conditions at the time would dictate the size and rate of the pullout to prevent gains from being compromised. "

It's because of the Democrats and left wing nuts that, in the midst of a war, the US is telling its enemies what its future military plans are. Such is the depth of hate for America from the left.

Obama: is America ready for this dangerous leftwinger?


US - Obama Insists US Soldiers Use Taliban Weapons

There's no doubt that troops everywhere use captured enemy weapons as and when the situation warrants. In fact, we even train our troops in such tactics. The scandal here is, Obama is claiming an unnamed (Army) captain told him our troops were forced to do it because they were sent into battle without the proper gear. Watch for this to be the next Obama scandal.

There are Army captains that might be willing to tell Obama that, (see here and here for example) but for Obama to repeat it without proof on national television is scandalous.

"They were actually capturing Taliban weapons because it was easier getting Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current Commander in Chief."

What does Obama base this scandalous claim on? This.

Obama advisor David Axelrod: "AXELROD: That was a discussion that a captain in the military had with our staff, and he asked that that be passed along to Senator Obama."

Did Obama speak to this captain? Did Obama even attempt to verify the story? Did Obama's staff who supposedly talked to the captain verify him or his story? This is a very serious charge and Obama should be made to answer these questions.


Watch for military personnel start to weigh in on this. Note this comment from one Army wife whose husband is on active duty.

"1. CPT’s command companies, not platoons.
2. Platoons are not divided up to go to 2 different theaters, EVER.
3. There is no ammo shortage in OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan). "

He's right according to this.

More to come on this I'm sure.


The Weekly Standard weighs in.

US - Michelle Obama: She said what? Take two

Will this loose cannon sink her husband?

"Every woman that I know, regardless of race, education, income, background, political affiliation, is struggling to keep her head above water."

She obviously knows Oprah as the picture shows and I'm sure she knows Hillary and John Edwards wife - all very wealthy Democrats.

Iraq - Report: Sadr to extend cease-fire

He doesn't have much choice. With violence down by 80% and al Qaeda almost gone, coalition troops and the Iraqi Army have plenty of time to devote to Sadr if he wants trouble.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cuba - BBC's Justin Webb not towing the party line

Writing on his blog, Justin says "this is the best commentary" he's seen on the Cuban situation. Mmm. Wonder what's in the article Justin is so excited with? This is from just the second paragraph:

"One dictator, Fidel Castro, handed over the reins to another dictator, brother Raul."

Steady there Justin, the BBC's policy is that PRESIDENT Castro is a great leader.

"But a neat, news-free transition may be wishful thinking. There's half a century of frustration pent up in Cuba."...

"The Cubans who would be living in Florida if they could far outnumber the 125,000 who came in 1980 with the Mariel boatlift."

Justin must have missed the BBC's policy stance on Cuba - it's a paradise we should all be so lucky to live in.

And all that's just in the first four paragraphs! Oh, it gets better.

"The situation in Cuba resembles that of East Germany." Cuba is East Gemrany! Wow! Remember now, this is the best commentary Justin's seen on Cuba.

Shlaes goes on to give Bush's father a great deal of credit for the handling of the East German situation and says Bush is following his father.

"There's evidence that the current president is already following the first part of his father's strategy. That's why Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte has been telling reporters that the trade embargo on Cuba still stands. Negroponte isn't pleasing Democrats, but his position makes sense. "

Presumedly then Justin aggees with that.

To be fair to Justin, he's been living the US for a long time now and not in the far left wing BBC bubble. That might help to explain Justin's enlightenment.

Iraq - All aboard the Baghdad-Basra train

More signs of progress in Iraq.

Cuba - "vast majority of the Cuban people supported" Castro

That's what this left wing nut says.

"Fidel Castro will go down in history as the man who defied the world's greatest superpower for almost half a century. He could only do so because the vast majority of the Cuban people supported him in that fundamental objective. That is not going to change."

Ok, so according to this left wingnut the "vast majority of Cuban people supported" Castro against America. Brian, don't you left wing nuts ever get tired of being on the wrong side of history? It would be interesting to hear him explain why, when given the chance, 125,000 Cubans fled to that same America. In other words, given the opportunity to side with Castro and defy America or, risk their lives in rickety boats in shark invested waters and get the hell out of Cuba, as many as could beat feat to - America!

Time to take off the tin foil hat there Brian.
Harry's Place has more.

Iraq - BBC attacks the troops again

The rabid far left BBC is at it again.

As you read the article, remember, this is the same BBC that admits it lies in its reports from Iraq, and the same BBC that used a well known anti war activist to fabricate alleged war crimes by the US and the same BBC that fabricated a UK Army desertion story.

Those three examples are but a few of the hundreds of lies and fabrications by the BBC.

UK - Islamic school 'kept copies of race-hate books'

Now you know where home grown Muslim terrorists come from.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

US - Clinton tries to change the rules

now that she's losing.

Islam - So what would it take to alarm you?

I ask my friends all the time.

Iraq - Big News from Baghdad

is bad news for the Democrats.

"Progress in Iraq means life is getting progressively more difficult for Democrats and their two presidential front-runners, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Having strongly opposed the surge, Obama and Clinton have been forced by events to concede that security progress has been made. But until now they have insisted that the surge is a failure because we’re not seeing political progress. That claim is now being shattered."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cuba - Fidel Castro announces retirement

Aww, don't you just love the grandfatherly photograph the BBC use for the Communist dictator?

And you've got to love this bit.

"Has outlasted nine American presidents"

Funny how dictators outlast democratically elected presidents, especially American ones who can only serve 8 years consecutively.

But this is just the begnning of the BBC's praise for this ruthless Communist dictator. "Castro: Profile of the great survivor" That's how the BBC sees this Communist dictator who imprisons and tortures anyone who disagrees with him.

"Fidel Castro, who has announced he is stepping down as Cuba's president, has run the country for so long that nearly three-quarters of its people have known no other leader.

Although the US has tried hard to get rid of him, President Castro outlasted no fewer than nine American presidents during his 47-year rule."

Cuban's have "known no other leader" because he won't let them. Dictators have a funny way of keeping it that way.

Castro isn't the only terrorist getting praise from the BBC.

"Cuba's new rulers - who included the legendary Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara - promised to give the land back to the people and to defend the rights of the poor. "

Update via Biased BBC

Here's the caption for picture number 11 here.

"But Fidel Castro retained enough public support to become one of the world's longest-serving leaders."

Tyrants have a way of doing that. Reminds me of how Saddam got 100% during one of his "elections" - before they hanged him.

Good ole Communist loving BBC.

UK - Al-Qaeda would back McCain

That's what the BBC's Justin Webb says.

"Islamic terrorists want war. They want suffering - among others and their own people alike.

They would surely surmise that McCain will give them what they want.
Bin Laden himself intervened with what many thought was the effect of keeping President Bush in power in 2004 with that weird tape just before the poll.

I think al-Qaeda would back McCain - that is not an argument for or against America backing him, but it seems to me that the vague assumption that the terrorists would back a lefty is lazy thinking..."

No bias from this BBC hack is there? Just read his comments at the mast head of this blog.

Yep Justin, I'm sure al Qaeda would love to be bombed and hounded out of their safe havens, set on the run, leaders and foot soldiers killed and unable to plan terror attacks around the globe. They certainly have no wish to return to the good old days when they were left alone to build, grow and plot in peace, the way Clinton let them.

What a freaking moron.

US - Michelle Obama: Proud to be American


Why the surprise over her comments? Most on the left hate America anyway.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

UK to issue west’s first Islamic bonds

to comply with Sharia law. What was that Rowan said again?

This is interesting.

"Mr Balls held a meeting with leading Muslim figures in the country last Monday – including the Muslim Council of Great Britain – at which the idea of launching Islamic bonds was discussed."

Another victory for the MCB and another nail in our coffins.

Did you know you are also paying for Muslim polygamy?

Just add these to all the other nails.


More here.

"The attempt to embrace Islamic financing would also appear to be at odds with Mr Brown's promise to promote Britishness and British values and institutions.

The Treasury has already faced heavy criticism for removing Britannia from 50p coins. "

Saturday, February 16, 2008

UK - You pay for Muslim polygamy

"And not a lot of people know that."

"Yet, even though polygamy is illegal here, the Government still pays extra benefits to men with more than one wife, as long as the marriage was conducted in a country where polygamy is allowed. When John Hutton was Work and Pensions Secretary, he demanded a review: the conclusion, last December, was that it should remain."

That would be you and me paying those extra benefits.

UK - Hillary Clinton: "The Silence Was Deafening"

This sounds good.
Brain Bliss