Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calls for Obama to resign

I suspect we'll see a lot more of this the more the left realize they've been had.

Tea party updates


First President in US History to Have Voted to Filibuster

a Supreme Court Nominee Now Hopes for Clean Process.

"President Obama's expressed hope today in his weekly address "that we can avoid the political posturing and ideological brinksmanship that has bogged down this (Supreme Court nomination) process, and Congress, in the past" runs against another historical first for the 44th president: his unique role in history as the first US President to have ever voted to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee."

Newsweek wants to go highbrow

So, how's that working out? Not good if this is an indication.

NEWSWEEK WRITES ABOUT RAY KURZWEIL. Ray Kurzweil points out some errors.

Obama keeps more Bush anti terror policies

Thankfully. But where is the left's outrage?

More mystery surrounding Abu Ghraib

Yesterday I posted about the confusion over these reports. Today I read that Salon interviewed Taguba which only adds to the confusion.

"Retired Army Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba denied reports that he has seen the prisoner-abuse photos that President Obama is fighting to keep secret, in an exclusive interview with Salon Friday night."

Salon then goes on to quote what the Telegraph says Taguba said in regards to prisoners being raped and then says this.

"The actual quote in the Telegraph was accurate, Taguba said -- but he was referring to the hundreds of images he reviewed as an investigator of the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq -- not the photos of abuse that Obama is seeking to suppress."

But that doesn't make sense since, despite claims otherwise, Taguba never mentioned prisoner rape in his report. And, no one was ever charged for prisoner rape. All of which begs the questions I raised yesterday.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Goode Family first episode

Watch it here. Click on the link that says, "I'm a human, now let me watch the video".

When I first watched it, I was ecstatic and kept asking, did they really air this on ABC in America? Oh, my, god! Fantastic! A program on national television that mocks some of the liberal idiocy that pervades the world today - brilliant!

I won't spoil it for you but for me, the dog steals the show. Be sure and read the signs and labels in the background.

Democrat corruption round up

Remember how Pelosi promised to drain the swamp?

Keep Turkey out of the EU

and get us out while you're at it.

Amnesty has been tamed by Libya

I'd say it's more a working relationship.

"Wise Latina" speech to haunt Obama

Glenn has a roundup of reactions.

BBC caves in to Muslims


Friday, May 29, 2009

Is the left psychic?

How else to explain this?

"Progressive health care reform groups demanded on Thursday that Washington’s NBC television affiliate refuse to air a 30-minute infomercial funded by a conservative group opposed to creating a public insurance plan.

The Service Employees International Union sent a letter to NBC4, arguing that the station has a responsibility to pull the documentary-style commercial paid for by Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. The ad, set to run Sunday after “Meet the Press,” “will be false, deceitful, and a distortion,” the union’s attorney
wrote in the letter.

The SEIU has not seen the ad..."

Ever notice how the left are against free speech?

Another Obama candidate Withdraws Nomination

How many is that now? I've lost count.

Jokes About UN Human Rights

The whole UN is a joke.

"But fear not, the Council does do other work. It has passed a resolution urging UN states to adopt laws outlawing criticism of religion. Pakistan put forward that one. Oh, and in passing, since its inception in 2006 the Council has condemned Israel 8 times. Er, that's it. Not a single condemnation of any other state. Zimbabwe? Burma? Bealrus? China? Saudi Arabia? Nope. Sudan? Nope? What about Sri Lanka then? "

What a worthless organization.

Confusion over report of Iraq abuse photos

Something doesn't make sense here.

"The Telegraph quoted retired U.S. Army Major General Antonio Taguba as saying the pictures showed "torture, abuse, rape and every indecency." Taguba conducted an investigation in 2004 into abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison."

Why didn't Taguba report that at the time? None of the soldiers were charged or convicted of rape. Did Taguba cover that up? If so, why speak out now, especially since this would seem to open Taguba up for charges himself? On top of that, Taguba would have known that there was always the possiblity that the photos would be released. Again, that would raise questions as to why he didn't report the alleged rapes at the time. Reuters alleges Taguba did report rapes.

"Taguba, who retired in January 2007, included allegations of rape and sexual abuse in his report. He was quoted in the Telegraph as saying he supported Obama's decision not to release the pictures."

I don't remember that and I guess his report will have to be looked at again. But if that's true, why wasn't anyone charged for rape? There's no way the left wing media would have let that go unrepoted.

Stranger still is Obama's denial of the existence of rape photos. Why do Bush a favor?

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's administration strongly denied a British report on Thursday that images of apparent rape and sexual abuse of Iraqi prisoners are among photographs that it is trying to prevent being made public."

Someone's lying.

Update. Here's Tagubar's report. I searched it using the term "rape" and could not find one instance where Tagubar included allegations of rape.

CAIR founder sentenced to 65 years in prison


The Burris Tapes

Should end his career. But, since he's a Democrat don't hold your breath.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look

Another broken Obama promise. Remember that 95% tax pledge? This will make it 100%.

Why the flip flop? Tax Revenues Take a Dive

So Obama's rosy economic outlook isn't looking so rosy now.

Obama's Exploding debt threatens America

Thanks Obama.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama - “we trust Him because He’s lying”

Such is the insanity of the left.

Medical aid convoy stranded on Gaza border

Actually it's stranded on the Egyptian border.

"A convoy bringing medical aid to Gaza is stranded at the border with Egypt, after most of the activists and volunteers with it were denied entry."

Why aren't there protests and product boycotts against Egypt for blockading the Gaza border? Oh, right, Egypt isn't Israel.

Another thing. How come no one asks why Egypt closed its border with Gaza?

Venezuela's economy failing

This is what Obama has planned for us. Hope the Hollywood supporters of Hugo are happy.

Update. So is Cuba's, another of Hollywoods favorite places.

Islam in Rotterdam

This doesn't bode well.

One year ago, the city was buzzing when the newspapers published a letter by Bouchra Ismaili, a Rotterdam city councilman: "Listen up, crazy freaks, we're here to stay. You're the foreigners here, with Allah on my side I'm not afraid of anything. Take my advice: convert to Islam, and you will find peace." Just a walk through the streets of the city, and you know right away that in many neighborhoods you are no longer in Holland. It is right out of the Middle East. In some schools, there is a "room of silence" where Muslim students, who are in the majority, can pray five times a day, with a poster of Mecca, the Qur'an, and a ritual washing before the prayers. Another Muslim city councilman, Brahim Bourzik, wants signs placed in various parts of the city showing the direction to Mecca.

Americans disagree with Obama on Gitmo

No surprise there.

"Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters nationwide now disagree with President Barack Obama’s decision to close the prison camp for suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, conducted after the President’s speech on Guantanamo last week, shows that 38% agree with his decision.

Just 25% share the President’s view that the Guantanamo camp weakened national security. Fifty-one percent (51%) disagree with that perspective.

And, by a 57% to 28% margin, voters oppose moving any of the suspected terrorists to prisons in the United States. Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party strongly oppose transfers to U.S. prisons. Democrats are evenly divided. "

US ready to be in Iraq 10 years

Another Obama flip flop.

FBI Tape Shows Burris lied

Another lying Democrat.

"Burris testified before the House Committee that impeached Blagojevich in January that he didn't promise anything in exchange for the Senate seat. "

But on the tape:

"Rob Blagojevich: "If you guys can just write checks, that'd be fine."

Burris: "I will personally do something, okay."

Rob Blagojevich: "Okay. Alright, Roland."

Burris: "And it'll be done before the 15th of December."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MP expense scandal claims a blogger

I usually support the Telegraph but they are dead wrong in this.

"Nadine Dorries, the Conservative frontbencher who claimed the Daily Telegraph's revelations on expenses could drive MPs to suicide, has had her blog shut down by lawyers acting for the newspaper.

The virtually unprecedented action against a serving MP came after Dorries was disowned by her party leader, David Cameron, and described as "wacky" by senior Conservative sources. She had claimed that MPs were being "tortured" by the Telegraph's dripfeed of revelations."

This is an assault on free speech and the Telegraph should be ashamed of itself.

Obama an object of derision

Looking more and more like it.

"Saul Alinsky taught his disciples that authority figures could survive anything except public ridicule. Once people began to laugh at you, things were heading downhill. The recent actions and rhetoric from North Korea and Iran openly mock the Obama administration. Ahmadinejad was dismissive of Obama’s offer of direct negotiations and has challenged the US President to appear in a freakshow debate of his own device before the UN. If the news reports of Ehud Barak’s remarks are accurate, then even the Israeli Defense Minister, who would ordinarily be diplomatically correct and deferential towards an American President is practically characterizing his trip to Washington as a waste of time. Is President Obama, the sweep of whose hands it was once believed could silence the world, in danger of becoming an object of derision? He is in any event, in the middle of the challenge which Joe Biden predicted he would face."

Obama outsources intelligence overseas

How safe does that make you feel?

"WASHINGTON — The United States is now relying heavily on foreign intelligence services to capture, interrogate and detain all but the highest-level terrorist suspects seized outside the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to current and former American government officials. "

The Goode Family

This looks good.

Justice Dept. Investigates Pa. Contractor Tied to Murtha

More trouble for Murtha.

"The tale of how a defense company ended up getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to distribute federal police grants is a chapter in a larger story of Mountaintop Technologies, its far-flung operations and its dependence on Murtha. The Johnstown firm has received at least $36 million in the past eight years in earmarks and military contracts, without competition and with the backing of Murtha, the powerful chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee. It also hired the lobbying firm where Murtha's brother worked. "

Obama's smart diplomacy

has failed.

Canadian TV rapped for Obama assassination joke

I thought everyone loved the messiah?

Monday, May 25, 2009

A tour of the insane world of liberals

Read the whole thing very carefully and ponder what this man is saying.

"In an excerpt from his new book, SPIEGEL editor Jan Fleischhauer describes his childhood in a typical West German liberal family, with parents who wouldn't let him eat oranges because they were grown in countries ruled by dictators, and his coming out as a late conservative."

Here is more evidence, as if any were needed, that the left's warped view of the world is forced on our kids.

"I can say with confidence that I know my way around liberals. I've spent half of my life in their company. My parents were on the left, as were my schoolmates and the majority of my teachers, my fellow students at university and, of course, all of my professors."

The left start the indoctrination process in school. Then when the kids grow up to become professors they are, as Mr. Fleischhauer notes, all on the left. The process expands as the graduates become journalists, politicians or join the intelligence services. This is how the world becomes warped by the left.

Even though Mr. Fleischhauer says he now knows better, the left's warped view still prevails in him as he has this to say: "It isn't as if I have suffered because of it." Yet he goes on to give a long list of how he suffered and how his world view was warped from it.

"I saw my first Disney film together with my own children. When McDonald's opened a restaurant in our neighborhood, my father gave me a serious talk about the corruptive influence of American fast-food culture. The enjoyment of my first burger was an act of adolescent rebellion, and to this day, I still feel slightly guilty on my occasional visits to McDonald's."

Here is a grown man, and editor of one of Europe's largest newspapers and he still feels guilty eating at McDonald's. Such is the power of the left's warped propaganda. And he's not the only one affected. "I am part of a generation in Germany that knows no other reality than the dominance of the left."

A generation of Germans with the left's warped view of reality. How f****d up is that? This should give you an inkling.

"There must have been a few supporters of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) nearby, perhaps even among some of our neighbors. After all, Wellingsbüttel in the northern part of Hamburg was one of the few districts where the CDU captured more than 50 percent of votes in the 1970s. But you never saw them."

And why might that be? Read on and you'll see from his experience. But all you have to do is look at America. The left are rabid attack dogs, calling all who oppose them racists, bigots and worse - just for having a different point of view. The left shut down all debate and will not tolerate any dissent.

Here's how he describes his paranoid and delusional left wing mother.

"The other side, in her view, was constantly in the wrong, making one faulty decision after the next, or it was so deeply corrupt that it was deliberately leading the country astray. It was astonishing, under these circumstances, that the Social Democrats had such a difficult time staying in power. But, in my mother's opinion, this simply proved that the other side was using dirty tricks."

Such is the warped mind of the left.

Again, revealing how he is still traumatized by his warped left wing indoctrination, he has this to say: "There is nothing wrong with growing up in a household in which the national origins of fast food are turned into a political issue, one that sheds light on correct awareness." But again, he goes on to give a long list of the things that were wrong. From politically correct oranges, colas, comics and sweets. It's a mad house. He isn't alone either.

"I ate almost no oranges until I was 13, an experience I share with British journalist Nick Cohen, as I recently discovered to my surprise. It appears that all children of liberals throughout the West experienced certain deprivations."

Despite all his insight, he makes this revealing comment.

"But it's possible to have a happy childhood without Nesquik and citrus fruit. I have no reason to complain. Other children must grow up without pork chops and fast for four weeks every year, because of their religion."

But we're talking politics here and not religion. Just another way the left warp their children.

He then goes on to proclaim that the left has won on all fronts and tries to give a long list of reasons why this is so. As you read the next paragraph, remember how he pointed out that even though Conservatives won over 50% of the vote you never saw them. Because, as he points out, to speak out is to risk ostracizing from society.

"One reason for the cultural dominance of the left may be that the other side has nothing to say or leftist ideas are so convincing that everything else pales by comparison. But I would hazard to guess that many are to the left because others are."

No need to guess mate. Fear is a powerful thing.

Let's go back to what you said at the beginning and ponder it for a minute for it is the answer staring you in the face.

"My parents were on the left, as were my schoolmates and the majority of my teachers, my fellow students at university and, of course, all of my professors. Most of my colleagues are still liberals today."

If the majority of your teachers and all of your professors, and therefore all your classmates through college, were on the left how could you have a world that was anything but left wing? When your class mates left college and became politicians or, like yourself, journalists, they continued to force their warped left wing propaganda on their countrymen.

How can you say the left have won if, as you point out, the right are in power and the left have difficulty staying in power? Then again, how could the left not win given they control most of the media?

There's a simple answer - the truth. The truth always wins. It takes time but you can't hide from it and you can't defeat it. Sure, as the saying goes you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time. And woe betide you when they find out you've been fooling them.

Continue reading his excerpt and see, as one by one, he reveals how he discovered the truth, that the left are hypocrites and liars. The truth set him free.

Get rid of the left and we'll all be free.

British banks revolt against Obama tax plan

More and more people are turning their backs on Obama. Smart people.

Liberals ask how they lost

Easy answer. You voted in Obama, a man with no experience, other than a campainger, without vetting him and ignoring all the bad things about him. Now that he has to actually do something, the left are finding out their man isn't up to the job.

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Frustrated liberals are asking why a Democratic-controlled Congress and White House can't manage to close the Guantanamo prison or keep new gun-rights laws from passing."

Besides the answer I gave above, here's the answer the Democrats give.

" Party leaders don't want to endanger Democratic lawmakers from conservative districts by stressing divisive issues such as gun control."

The Democrats care more about party politics than their values. And don't you just love it when the Democrats say it's because the public are just too stupid to know what's good for them.

"She placed less blame on the White House than on ordinary Americans and advocacy groups that are consistently outflanked by gun owners' groups, especially the National Rifle Association.

"Until the American people say enough is enough, and get active in it," Democratic control of Congress and the White House will not be enough to turn the tide..."

In other words, until the American people get smarter.

New York Times: Obama Iran policy a failure

Wow. Another Obama attack by the NYT. This is getting to be a daily occurrence.

"PRESIDENT OBAMA’S Iran policy has, in all likelihood, already failed. On its present course, the White House’s approach will not stop Tehran’s development of a nuclear fuel program — or, as Iran’s successful test of a medium-range, solid-fuel missile last week underscored, military capacities of other sorts."

Iran and North Korea ignore Obama

While Iran continues its race to build nuclear weapons, North Korea detonates one.

What's going on here? The left, aided by the left wing media, anointed Obama and promised us the messiah would heal the world. Obama and Clinton promised us they would use smart diplomacy. This look smart to you?

Just as they did under Clinton, Iran and North Korea both know they can do whatever they like because they know that, like every other Democrat, Obama won't do a damn thing.

Bush took out Iraq from the axis of evil. Obama is aiding the other two.

Update. More world leaders ignoring Obama.

Don't forget, France, Germany and NATO also ignored Obama.

Media still lying about the Swift Boat Veterans

The left have no shame.

One of John Kerry's key veteran supporters in 2004 was Wade Sanders, who helped to introduce the candidate at the Democratic National Convention and was mentioned as a candidate for Secretary of Defense. Sanders also acted as Kerry's lead attack dog against the Swift Vets, whom he repeatedly compared to Nazis.

Two weeks ago, Sanders was sentenced to 37 months in prison on child pornography charges. Rather than admit to wrongdoing, Sanders claimed that he had been doing "research." He blamed his obsessive interest in the subject on a flare-up of post-traumatic stress caused by -- you guessed it -- the Swift Vets. Alas, as James Taranto pointed out, Sanders' acquisition of child pornography began in 2003, before the Swift Vets even existed. The DNC media, including Kerry's troubled hometown Boston Globe, ignored Sanders conviction.

Hey Obama What did Canada ever do to you?

More suckers realizing they've been had by Obama.

"Why the change? Our nations always boasted "the world's friendliest border," but now you Americans see us as Afghanistanada, a terrorist haven with porous borders guarded by Frosty the Snowman. Your politicians rant about our supposedly lax security. Last week, even Hillary Clinton talked about "hardening" the U.S.-Canada "water borders" with more patrols, as if the Great Lakes were filled with Somali pirates.

Meanwhile, your new Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, told CBC the reason for the new passport law was that the 9/11 terrorists "entered our country ... across the Canadian border."

Hello? Fact check - or as CNN always says, "time to keep'em honest." Sorry Mr. President, but none of the 9/11 terrorists came across the Canadian border. You let them all in yourselves with your lax security - so if anything we should be toughening our border against you."

I have zero sympathy for anyone who voted for or supported Obama. You suckers never bothered to vet him, ignored all the facts showing him to be a far left socialists with no experience. Obama is totally screwing up America and the world and you asshats are to blame. The question remaining is, how bad is Obama going to screw up the world? From what we've seen so far, it's going to get a lot worse quickly.

A Pittance of Time

Remember our troops on Memorial day.

march against Muslim extremists

Britain had enough?

"The mob, which included teenagers and women, also held banners with slogans such as 'No Sharia Law in the UK' and 'Respect our Troops'. "

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama to evict Katrina victims

Where's the outrage from the Left?

Friendly Fire at the White House

The left are realizing that they've been suckered by Obama. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

"While declining to talk about any of the specific back-and-forth, American Civil Liberties Union executive director Anthony Romero told NEWSWEEK he was not happy about much of what he heard during the meeting. Obama showed a "remarkable command" of the issues, Romero said. But, he added, "it is disappointing that he appears poised to continue with many of the Bush policies that have ended in failure. If he goes down that track, President Obama will find himself in the same legal morass that swallowed up George Bush."


Krauthammer’s Take

from last night.

Defending Israel

at the Huffington Post!!! Now I know pigs can fly.

Brooks's Impossible Dream

Dishonesty is what the left is all about. Just ask Pelosi or John Kerry.

Pelosi: 'I Stand By' Accusation CIA lied

Pelosi doubles down. This despite the fact that Pelosi has publicly contradicted herself.

Eighteen 'phantom' MEPs

will do no work for two years.

"The deal will mean they can draw full salaries and allowances at an annual cost of over £6 million without any legislative duties to carry out.

The 18 MEPs, from 12 EU countries, including Britain's West Midlands region, will be paid more than £76,000 a year, with staff and office allowances worth £210,000.

They will also be entitled to tax-free allowances of £255 for every day of their limbo existence in Brussels and can claim back business class travel"

Blogger victory over CNN

A win for the little guys. Here's the video CNN didn't want you to see.

Pelosi's Tortured Denials

Pelosi lied.

Friday, May 22, 2009

UK - immigrant baby boom

quarter of babies are born to mothers from outside the UK.

"The highest fertility rate is among women born in Pakistan and Bangladesh, who can expect to have 4.7 and 3.9 children respectively."

And what happens to those children when they grow up? They get married off to their cousins in Pakistan who them immigrate to Britain and the cycle repeats.

For those unlucky in Pakistan to marry their young cousins, not to fear, they can simply buy a diploma and come to the UK.

"An investigation by The Times has revealed that the Pakistani-run college has 1,200 international students on its rolls, despite claiming to have only 150. King’s College of Management, in Manchester, has offered places to a further 1,575 foreigners.

It kept a hidden list of 207 people who were sold diplomas that allowed them to extend their stay in this country. The Times has also obtained a secret video recording, which reveals how the college faked attendance records to fool the immigration authorities."

The country is in the best of hands.

Why worry about the birthrates?

"Among women born in Britain, fertility rates are running at a low level - a British-born woman can expect to have 1.6 children in her lifetime.

Mothers born outside Britain have a current fertility rate of 2.2 children.
The highest fertility rate is among women born in Pakistan and Bangladesh, who can expect to have 4.7 and 3.9 children respectively. "

Moving Gitmo prisoners to US Prisons

Gota love this comment to this Mail report.

"Ironic, the day Obie defiantly crams down detainees into American prison system, a domestic terror plot is uncovered by wackos who were converted to Isalm, in of all places, US prison system. Good call OB."

CBS: D.C. Smackdown: Advantage Cheney

Yes, that CBS.


"The President's protestations to the contrary, his decision to employ military commissions does constitute a reversal, one that belatedly acknowledges that the Bush Administration had some good ideas and good points to make about the use of such commissions. "

"One can certainly overdose on fear, but the reason we feel fear is so that we can take action before actual harm comes to us. The President ignores this, and argues that fear necessarily equates to irrationality. He could not be more wrong.

Equally wrong is the belief--suggested by the President's words--that somehow, the United States only became unpopular because of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. This is not true; September 11th and the killing of Daniel Pearl--among other outrages--occurred prior to any information concerning enhanced interrogation being made public. Does the President propose that we ignore this history? We would do so at our peril. "

Read the whole thing.

Obama in Bush Clothing

So, when is the left going to start calling Obama Hitler?

Cheney took Obama to the woodshed

for a well deserved spanking.

Obama's flip flop on military commissions

angers the left. Suckers.

Obama adopts Bush's policies

Obama sured fooled the left.

Obama Still Following Cheney's Lead

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people actually believed Obama. They wanted to believe him, wanted it all to be true so bad that, they covered their ears and shouted la, la ,la when anyone tried to point out the obvious - Obama had zero experience in government and only knew how to campaign. I think it was Clinton that warned them that the Presidency was not fit for on the job training. Now their finding out the hard way that she was right.

Obama Opposed to Truth Commission

Sure, now that's it's been proven that Pelosi knew all along.

"Dick Cheney's displeasure and Nancy Pelosi's discomfiture may have revived the idea of setting up a "truth commission" to look into the Bush-era counterterrorism policies, but President Barack Obama still wants no part of it. According to David Axelrod, the President's senior adviser, Obama remains convinced that looking forward rather than back "is best for the country."

Then why did Obama release the interrogation memos in the first place?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tide turns against the Taliban

Nice to see the BBC notice.

£300,000 to show ducks like rain

Now that the expenses scandal is getting some light, it's time to go after this waste.

More errors in CIA interrogation briefing list

The AP is trying to cast doubt on the CIA and thereby support Pelosi. But, the errors are minor and the CIA disputes most of them. That doesn't stop the AP from trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill trying to protect Pelosi.

Take the Rockerfeller briefing for example.

"The CIA matrix also reported that Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., then the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, was briefed on Feb. 4, 2003."

No it didn't and the AP admit that two paragraphs later.

"Little said that "on the Rockefeller briefing, the chart plainly indicates that he wasn't there and was to be briefed individually later. That's in fact what our records show. The chart makes no claim as to if or when that briefing occurred."

And then there's Goss.

"The CIA chart also shows former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss attended a March 8, 2005, briefing as a member of Congress. However, Goss was at that time the director of the CIA. He took that job in November 2004.

"On the March 8, 2005, briefing, we were true to the records," Little said. "Although Mr. Goss was CIA director at that time, the underlying records list him as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. There's a record of an earlier briefing that lists Rep. (Pete) Hoekstra as chairman."

Bottom line, Goss was there but his title was listed wrong. Big deal.

You have to love the irony in the AP story as it has this at the end.

"(This version CORRECTS to show that Obey is a Wisconsin congressman.)"

You can't make this stuff up.

Democrats Lead, 12 to 4

In Members of Congress Under Investigation

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kennedy's cancer 'in remission'

Says the BBC.

No it's not says Kennedy, and he should know.

That's what the BBC gets for taking its talking points from Harry Reid.

Cuba pushes its 'medical diplomacy'

And the BBC pushes Cuba's propaganda.

"In recent years this medical aid has grown significantly, becoming a central part of Cuba's international relations.

Cuba trains overseas medical students, sends tens of thousands of doctors abroad and has rapid response disaster assistance teams. These were sent to both China and Pakistan after their devastating earthquakes. "

What do those doctors do once they get outside Cuba? Defect.

""From the moment I got there, I thought of it -- leaving," Perez, 36, said in an interview in Bogota, where about 40 Cuban physicians and other medical professionals are living after fleeing from Venezuela. "

If Cuba is such a great place as the BBC wants us to believe, why do so many Cuban's want to leave and risk their lives doing it?

And just what are those "international relations" the BBC alludes to?

"Cuba has dispatched more than 20,000 doctors, as well as thousands of other specialists such as sports trainers and therapists, to Venezuela. Chavez's government has paid for the service by providing Cuba with nearly 100,000 barrels of oil a day, filling the void left by the Soviet Union, Havana's longtime benefactor during the Cold War. "

And Then There Was Only Guantánamo . . .

VDH has some thoughts.

Democrats vote against Obama on Gitmo

Good news for Obama. Why? Because knows he can't close Gitmo as he promised and now this gives him cover. He can say he wanted to close it but the Democrats blocked him.

Just like the interrogation photographs. Obama can say he wanted to keep them secret to protect our troops but the courts made him release them.

Typical Democrat playing politics with America's security.

Krauthammer’s Take

from last night.

More Democrats accuse CIA of lying

Democrats double down. Picking a fight with the CIA is a bad idea even if the head is a staunch Democrat himself. Panetta can't keep others from leaking and the CIA doesn't like being called a liar.

"Yesterday several leading Democrats joined her in criticizing the CIA's procedures for briefing Congress on intelligence issues and, rather than distancing themselves from Pelosi, top Democrats said they believe that the CIA misled her in a September 2002 briefing about controversial techniques used during interrogations of alleged al-Qaeda operatives. Some questioned the agency's new director, Leon Panetta, for defending officials for actions that occurred before his tenure, while others tried to poke holes in the accuracy of the CIA's recordkeeping."

Panetta's already on record saying Pelosi lied and he as the records to prove it.

the most pressing threat to liberty

is liberals.

Democrats' Assault On the CIA

is not surprising.

Obama expands Bush's immigration plans

Rendition, indefinite detention, expanded wire taps and now this. Interesting how Obama is keeping the Bush plans that kept America safe. Even more interesting how silent the left and the left wing media are on the subject.

Reid: “Guantánamo makes us less safe,”

But he refuses to close it.

Coup conditions form around Pelosi

First speaker Martin in the UK and now Pelosi?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sri Llanka worse that Gaza?

Harry's Place has a post on it.

They note this from a commenter. "If this is worse than Gaza why isn’t there a mass mobilisation?" HP asks for any answers.

Simple, Israel isn't involved. The left's sole purpose to exist anymore seems to be to attack Israel. Since Israel isn't involved in Sri Llanka, why care?

Dems red-faced over veteran imposter

The real scandal here is how the Democrats keep repeating this behaviour. The Democrats really don't care if these guys are fakes. They serve their purpose and are forgotten. If anyone catches them, big deal, the Dems are red faced - so what?

And the press don't care either. It's easy to expose these guys but the press are the cheerleaders for the Democrats and so they don't investigate.

All this shows how much disdain the Democrats and the left wing media have for our military.

Anger at Obama Guantanamo ruling

Obama fooled the left but good. Be sure and read the media round up at the end of this BBC report. The left are getting exactly what they deserve.

Obama admits he's ruining the economy

Glenn has a rond up.

New York Times attacks John Murtha

What took them so long?

Jon Stewart goes after Obama again!

The Left are finding out that Obama lied to them. Oh my!

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Obama Ignites Job-Killing Trade Wars

With Canada and Mexico.

Amnesty International attacks Obama

Sure is a lot of buyers remorse these days.

""Whatever revisions the Obama administration has made to the commissions do not change the fact that the commissions do not provide an adequate standard of justice for the detainees nor the victims of terrorism -- they merely mock the U.S. Constitution, international laws and undermine fundamental human rights standards."

Come on AI, call Obama Hitler, you know you want to.

CIA: We told Pelosi the truth

The CIA fires back at Pelosi.

"As the Agency indicated previously in response to Congressional inquiries, our contemporaneous records from September 2002 indicate that CIA officers briefed truthfully on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, describing “the enhanced techniques that had been employed.”

Those two bits of information are important. Panetta is saying, his people briefed Congress on what the records said and those records say Pelosi had been briefed that waterboarding "had been employed". He's saying that Pelosi is flat out lying.

Pelosi fires back.

"My criticism of the manner in which the Bush Administration did not appropriately inform Congress is separate from my respect for those in the intelligence community who work to keep our country safe."

She might not have like the "manner" in which she was informed, but she now admits that she was informed by the Bush administration - at the time. The CIA memos back that up.

Bottom line - Pelosi has been caught red handed lying and playing politics with America's security. She should step down now.


"Hmm. Panetta is Obama’s guy, installed to prevent the CIA from launching attacks on the president. So this can mean only one thing: Nancy Pelosi is being given a taste of the White House Whipping Stick."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information

says the Obama administration. From the Obama admin and in the New York Times now less!

"President Obama’s national intelligence director told colleagues in a private memo last week that the harsh interrogation techniques banned by the White House did produce significant information that helped the nation in its struggle with terrorists."

Note that these techniques that produced "significant information" are now banned.

Pelosi ‘Now at War With CIA’ - video

And she'll lose.

Obama passing the buck

So much for the buck stops here.

"WASHINGTON (AP) — In reversing itself and blocking the release of photos of U.S. military personnel abusing detainees, the Obama administration claims to have found a new legal argument. It hasn't.

What the administration has found is a way to pass the buck to the courts. President Barack Obama was criticized for last month's release of memos authorizing harsh interrogation techniques. If the photos are now made public over White House objections, the inevitable outrage might be deflected toward the courts and away from the president.

The administration has also found a way to avoid distribution of the photographs just before Obama travels to Egypt to speak directly to Muslims. Government lawyers had promised a federal judge that they would turn over the photos by May 28 — a week before the president's trip."

Obama says his policies aren't working

So stop already.

Pelosi admits lying

The left wing media smell blood. MSM usually support the Democrats but, when they smell blood, they act like the sharks they really are and will eat their own.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama defends abuse photos U-turn

While the BBC defends Obama.

Jonathan Beale, BBC News, Washington has this to say: "But he will have reassured many more that his prime concern is the nation's security and the lives of US troops. " If that's true, why did Obama release the interrogation memos?

Schumer was for torture - video

now he's against it.

Pressure mounts for Pelosi waterboarding probe

Obama's own goal.

Newspaper Bailout Begins

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire today approved a 40% tax cut for that state's newspaper printers and publishers.

Report people who wear too much 'bling'

Just when you thought Britain couldn't be more screwed up.

The Left Rises Up Against Obama

Too late suckers.

US 'sham' bank bail-outs enrich speculators

says buy-out chief Mark Patterson

Pelosi roasted by Jon Stewart - video

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Lefties realize they've been had by Obama

Too late suckers.

Data belie Biden stimulus claims

Another Obama epic fail.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Democrats: CIA is out to get us

The Democrats we're quite happy when the CIA was subverting Bush's attempts to keep America safe. Now the shoe is on the other foot they're crying foul.

'Buy Black' Experiment Becoming a Nationwide

If Whites did this, they'd be called racist and all hell would break loose. Wonder what Obama thinks of all this? It's from his home town after all.

Obama Covers For Cheney?

Andrew Sullivan is not happy. Sullivan, like all the other suckers that voted for Obama, is getting just what he deserves for being a moron.

Press giving Al Gore a pass?

Well, he is a Democrat.

Gov't runs April deficit for first time since '83

Thanks Obama.

"The Obama administration on Monday raised its deficit estimate for the year to $1.84 trillion, from the $1.75 trillion deficit it estimated less than two months ago. "

Nearly a $1 trillion increase in just two months!

U.S. government is on a hiring binge

That's the Democrats for you. More taxes for big government.

Plan to Give Stimulus Funds to Murtha Airport

Even though it's hardly used.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golfers arrested after fighting off gang

Just one of the many reasons Britain is so screwed up.

"A group of golfers have been arrested on assault charges after allegedly fighting off a gang who attempted to steal their clubs. "

Taleban using white phosphorus

I bet you won't see this on the BBC.

David Cameron warned by Angela Merkel

over Lisbon treaty. I hope he told her to go to hell.

Pelosi now admits she did know

New spin. If this is true, why the lie in the first place? Again, if this is true, why not say this in the first place.

As the saying goes, it's not the crime that does you in, it's the lying to cover it up that gets you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

CNN tries to discredit CIA interrogation memos

I found this interesting in CNN report.

"A CIA memo provided to CNN by Republican sources lists 40 briefings for members of Congress from September 2002 to March 2009."

So, CNN gets its information from Republican sources now? Or is CNN saying the new CIA director is a Republican? I ask because the Washington Post report reveals the true source of the CIA memos.

"The memo, issued by the Director of National Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency to Capitol Hill, notes the Pelosi-Goss briefing covered "EITs including the use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah." EIT is an acronym for enhanced interrogation technique. Zubaydah was one of the earliest valuable al-Qaeda members captured and the first to have the controversial tactic known as water boarding used against him."

Why do global warmers scaremonger so much?

It's the only way to get what they want. Read the whole thing and follow the links but here's a sample.

"So, yes, climate scientists might exaggerate, but in today’s world, this is the only way to assure any political action and thus more federal financing to reduce the scientific uncertainty."

"We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have."

Artic ice twice as thick

God, I love irony.

Up in the Arctic, after yet another delay for bad weather, the hapless Catlin trio, sponsored by an insurance firm which hopes to make money out of alarm over global warming, continue their painful progress towards the distant North Pole, measuring the ice with an old tape measure and assuring Prince Charles by satellite telephone that it is “thinner than expected”.

When the Catlin trio heard a passing aircraft, which they hoped was bringing much-needed supplies, they little realised it was a DC-3 carrying an international team of scientists, using the latest electro-magnetic induction equipment to discover rather more efficiently that the ice was in fact “twice as thick” as they had expected.

the EU's unbalanced books

Hey, and you thought the MP expenses scandal was bad.

More confirmation that Pelosi lied

Is anyone surprised by this? Didn't think so.

Pelosi: I Was Told Interrogation Methods Were Lawful

So was Bush honey, so was Bush.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Queen's medal scrapped as it offends Muslims

Welcome to Londonistan.

Nine Killed In Drone Attack in Pakistan

Sky News reports.

"The attacks have increased in the past year and there has been no let-up since US President Barack Obama took office in January."

Expanded wire taps, rendition continues, Gitmo and Bagram still open, drone attacks continue, civilians killed in Afghanistan and Obama hates polar bears to - change - what change?

Obama's chickens coming home to roost

That was quick.

Krauthammer’s Take

from last night.

"Well, what I love is the name of the bill. Imagine if you have to vote against the Keep Terrorists out of America Act.

And, you know, the mainstream media portraying this as Republicans desperately seizing on an issue as a way to embarrass the Obama administration. Well, that's what an opposition does. And it isn't as if terrorists running around in America is not a serious issue.

But I think what is really interesting about it, and the reason it is going to get traction, is because it symbolizes the degree to which Democrats were hypocritical and irresponsible in attacking the Bush administration and all the measures it took in keeping us safe in the war on terror.

For example, the wiretapping, which it attacked as a trashing of the constitution, is now being continued. We have the rendition policy, an attack on human rights, is also being continued. The military commissions, which Obama himself had said had been a failure, all of a sudden the Obama administration is resurrecting it."

Enough Corrosion and Corruption from Obama

Notice how silent the left are?

Democrats briefed 40 times on interrogations

Thanks to Obama's inexperience the Democrats are being exposed. Obama screwed up big time when he let the CIA out to dry. Glenn has a big round up of links to many stories on Torturegate.

Obama sticks with Bush-era polar bear rule

It's breathtaking how much Bush-era policies Obama is keeping.

The left really are a bunch of suckers.

Pelosi admits she lied

Caught red handed all she could do was spin.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Democrats see lack of planning on Guantanamo Bay

Obama fails again.

Clinton Calls For "Patience" With North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that the U.S. and its negotiating partners may have to "show some patience" before nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea can resume.

North Korea says shove it.

"There is nothing to be gained by sitting down together with a party that continues to view us with hostility."

Democrats are such putzs.

Haliburton rules the world

That's what some of my left leaning friends claim. The thing is, Haliburton didn't even make it in the top 100.

Who Are You Calling a War Criminal?

The left are going to regret their charges during the Bush years. Obama owns it now.

The rise of Islam - video

Europeans will be the new Jews

Then it will be too late.

U.S. warns of consequences for North Korea nuclear test

But I thought Obama was making friends will everyone.

""If the North Koreans decide to carry out a second nuclear test, we will deal with the consequences of that. And there will be consequences," Bosworth told reporters after meeting South Korea's foreign minister.

"But we can't control at this stage what North Korea does."

Ooooo, another nasty letter coming?


Glenn has some links.

Thought police muscle up in Britain

Obama is starting America down the same road.

Muslim dentist refuses treatment without hijab

Fire his ass!

"The GDC heard how Butt believed it was his duty to stop Muslim patients committing what he believed was a religious sin."

But that's a lie and he knows it. The veil is not a religious symbol but is in fact a radical Islamic political statement.

"It is the second time that the dentist - who is the brother of a former spokesman of the radical Islamic group al-Muhajiroun - has appeared before the council's disciplinary panel on similar allegations."


MPs' expenses scandal

The Telegraph has all the details.

MSM working with left wing blogs - video

Obama tells journalists what to report

Time to call Obama Hitler yet?

"And he told journalists directly that they should stress the fact that the cuts are "significant" – a surprisingly direct appeal to reporters concerning which angle they should take in their coverage. "

Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

Boy, Obama sure fooled the left.

Cabinet engulfed by expenses storm

Throw the ums out.

CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'

She lied. No big surprise there as lying is what Democrats do most and best.

Obama made a big mistake in alienating the CIA and now it's payback time.

"Intelligence officials released documents this evening saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was briefed in September 2002 about the use of harsh interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda prisoners, seemingly contradicting her repeated statements over the past 18 months that she was never told that these techniques were actually being used."

Now, let's release the CIA memos that prove we got good actionable intelligence from the program.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Geert Wilders’ Ten Point Plan

1. Stop cultural relativism. We need an article in our constitutions that lays down that we have a Jewish-Christian and humanism culture.

2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.

3. Stop mass immigration by people from Muslim countries. We have to end Al-Hijra.

4. Encourage voluntary repatriation.

5. Expel criminal foreigners and criminals with dual nationality, after denationalization, and send them back to their Arab countries. Likewise, expel all those who incite to a ‘violent jihad’.

6. We need an European First Amendment to strengthen free speech.

7. Have every member of a non-Western minority sign a legally binding contract of assimilation.

8. We need a binding pledge of allegiance in all Western countries.

9. Stop the building of new mosques. As long as no churches or synagogues are allowed to be build in countries like Saudi-Arabia we will not allow one more new mosque in our western countries. Close all mosques where incitement to violence is taking place. Close all Islamic schools, for they are fascist institutions and young children should not be educated an ideology of hate and violence.

10. Get rid of the current weak leaders. We have the privilege of living in a democracy. Let’s use that privilege and exchange cowards for heroes. We need more Churchills and less Chamberlains.

HT Harry's Place who disagree with Wilders. I say he's spot on and not a bigot for it.

“Seven Jewish Children,”

an incitement to hatred

Obama's lobbyists

Another broken promise from Obama.

Russia to deploy regiment of RS-24 ballistic missiles

How's that for a reset button Obama?

Jacqui Smith was facing new sleaze claims

Time to go.

Time running out to stop Iran

Don't count on Obama to do it.

Specter: Reid Promised Seniority

Specter gets punked.

"Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) today said he was guaranteed seniority on committees by Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) in the final negotiations before his party switch last week, talks that, according to Specter, also included a pledge that he would become the next chairman of the Judiciary Committee in several years.

Specter stood by his version of the one-on-one talks with Reid, despite the Senate leader's contradictory statements on the matter and the resolution that passed last night placing Specter in the most junior slot on most committees on which he serves. "

Specter you putz, you forgot you were dealing with Democrats.

Radical preacher Abu Izzadeen freed

Welcom to Londonistan.

Krauthammer’s Take

from last night.

Britain's Censorship and Double Standards

must be stopped.

The Torture Follies

get worse.


about the Taliban.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Free speech banned in Britain

Another nail in the coffin.

Eco-sailors rescued by oil tanker

Oh, the irony.

"The team, which left Mount Batten Marina in Plymouth on 19 April in a boat named the Fleur, aimed to rely on sail, solar and man power on a 580-mile (933km/h) journey to and from the highest point of the Greenland ice cap.

The expedition was followed by up to 40 schools across the UK to promote climate change awareness.

But atrocious weather dogged their journey after 27 April, culminating with the rescue on 1 May after the boat was temporarily capsized three times by the wind.

In one incident Mr Stoddart hit his head and the wind generator and solar panels were ripped from the yacht."

Obama is airraiding villiages and killing civilians

in Afghanistan. It's Obama's war now, so how does he like the label he gave Bush?


New York Post reports.

Peter Mandelson used to be a communist

Not a lot of people know that.

"He was educated at Hendon County Grammar School. In his youth, he briefly rebelled against his family's Labour tradition due to Labour's support of the USA in the Vietnam War and in 1971 left the Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS) to join the Young Communist League, then the youth wing of the Communist Party of Great Britain. This move was partly a result of disagreements with the Trotskyist Militant tendency that had just won a majority in the LPYS nationally."

US Afghan strikes 'killed dozens'

Blares the BBC headline. As usual with the BBC, it's what they leave out that's important. Strange, but the far left wing Guardian fills in the blanks. The BBC to the left of the Guardian?

"The provincial police chief, Abdul Ghafar Watandar, who accused the Taliban of using the civilians as human shields, said the death toll could be even higher."

And there's this:

"Watandar said Taliban guerrillas had herded civilians into houses in the villages of Geraani and Ganj Abad, that were then struck by warplanes.

"The fighting was going on in another village, but the Taliban escaped to these two villages, where they used people as human shields."

Leave it to the BBC to cover for the Taliban.

Update. Here's a video report on the Taliban using human shields.

Charge against student wearing NOBAMA shirt dropped

I hope he sues their asses off.

"Criminal charges against a junior at Dakota Ridge High School, who wore a T-shirt saying "NOBAMA" before an appearance and speech last fall by Michelle Obama at the school, were dropped Thursday.

Blake Benson, 17, was one of three students at the school who chose to "stay and campaign" for Sen. John McCain when Michelle Obama spoke at the school on Nov. 3.

At the time of his arrest, Benson was holding a McCain-Palin campaign sign.

He was handcuffed and taken to the school's administrative office, said Dan Recht, a Denver lawyer who took the case on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented Benson. "

He should sue the school, city and the cops.

Independent newspaper to fold?

God, let's hope so.

This looks bad.

"Shares in the publisher have fallen by almost 90pc over the last year, taking its market capitalisation to just over €217m. "

That's what happens when all you put out is left wing propaganda.

Update. Left wing American newspapers are learning the same lesson.

I hope they all fail. Maybe then more honest newspapers will rise to replace them.

Pakistan’s Islamic Schools Fuel Terrorism

Nice of the Times to notice it's Islam fueling terrorism.

Lifting the veil in Egypt

It should be banned around the world. Some Islamic countries do.

Democrats wallow in a 'culture of corruption'

While MSM look the other way.

"How I beat Canada's 'human rights' censors"

Thanks to the Internet.

But we can't be complacent as Obama is trying to enact so called "hate speech" laws as well.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Labour peer who 'claimed £100,000 on empty flat'

and lives in social housing.

The Labour peer accused of claiming £100,000 in parliamentary allowances on a vacant flat is a social housing tenant, it has been revealed.

Baroness Uddin, Britain's first female Muslim peer, faces a possible police investigation for fraud over allegations she claimed the money by saying the flat was her 'main home'.

Man stoned to death in Iran for adultery

Islam is such a beautiful religion.

This is the same Sharia law that the EU wants Britain to adopt. And this is the same Iran that the BBC's John Simpson calls a democracy.

"Iran is, within narrow limits, a kind of democracy. "

Yeah John, a democracy that stones its citizens to death.

Obama veers into the Daily Ditch

The next four years are going to be a dark period for America, very dark.

'Obama Discrediting Himself and the US'

Germans turn on Obama. Heh, he fooled a lot of people.

Obama to Revive Guantánamo Military Courts

All those who voted for Obama must feel like real suckers.

Obama Rebuffed on Funds to Close Guantanamo

by Democrats!

The next Sub-Prime Mortgage Bust

Thanks to the democrats again!
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