Friday, August 31, 2007

Islam, the American way

The Economist compares how Islam is treated in Europe compared to America. All well in good till you get to the end.

"Christians in the West have long complained about how hard it is for their brethren in Muslim lands to build churches. Fair enough. But they should practise what they preach."

Hang on a second. What is it that is not only stopping Christians from building churches in Muslim lands, but is persecuting all other religions in Muslim lands? Islam. I'm all for tolerance and freedom of religion, but unfortunately Islam is not.

How about this, before Muslims can build mosques in Western countries, they stop persecuting Christians in Muslim lands, Saudi Arabia stops its ban on Bibles and churches, all Muslim countries stop persecuting women and gays, then we can talk.

UK - Fury at ‘racism slur’ in Muslim cemetery row

So, can he be prosecuted for falsely claiming racism?

"The racism claims are alleged to have been made by Bashir Maan, a representative of the Muslim community attending the public meeting, which was held in the Castlemilk Hall last Wednesday.

It is alleged Mr Mann told a national newspaper that the atmosphere at the meeting was totally racist and that he had never experienced such a racist atmosphere in the 54 years he had lived in this country.

It is alleged he further claimed that, when he was trying to explain how it would take the Muslim community 200 years to fill the cemetery, someone had shouted “take them to Pakistan” and that another person had shouted “you are in a minority, you can’t dictate to us”."

Unlucky for him the meeting was video taped.

"The community council spokesman said that, given the severity of the accusation by Mr Maan, it had contacted Strathclyde Police.

He added that the video the community council had made of the meeting clearly showed there was just one heckler out of almost 300 people.

He had been shouted down by the audience with calls of “shameful” before being ejected by police at the request of the chairman."

He should at least be charged with wasting police time.

Wild Parties in Sudan

You don't see much of this in mainstream media.

Afghanistan - Refugees happily returning

The BBC reports. No really, seriously, stop laughing, that BBC.

"At the settlement's single pump, children laugh and play as men pump the water in the evening light.

This community keenly hopes to find a deep source of fresh water nearby. Providing that happens, with plenty of land to expand, the several dozen families here anticipate an influx of new neighbours - and the emergence of a new and viable settlement of people who, whatever their difficulties, are glad to be home again.

"I lived in Pakistan 15 years," says Doord Bibi. "I came back four years ago. And I love it here because it is my home country."

Iraq - Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children

Powerline shows why you have to read past the headline and even between the lines.

Auditors: Little progress seen in Iraq

How does the AP "know" this?

"The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the report has not been made public, ..."

Anonymous sources from a supposedly leaked report.


More here.


Surge working: top US general

US - Hillary Clinton scandal just starting

Let's hope this sinks her campaign once and for all.

Scotland - Probation order for Pakistani sex offender


"AN ANGUS restaurant manager who carried out a string of sexual assaults after arriving in this country from Pakistan was spared jail and deportation yesterday.

Naeem Waqas Rehmat was earlier this month convicted of sexually assaulting two women and fondling a fourteen-year-old girl—two of the offences occurring in the Forfar premises where he worked—but a sheriff said the maximum prison term available to him would see the accused spend only six weeks behind bars and instead placed him on probation for three years."

Six weeks!

And the defense mounts the "it's the womens fault defense."

"During the trial, evidence was led on Rehmat’s behalf about the cultural differences between Pakistan and his adopted homeland and Mr Niven-Smith suggested the accused simply had “no proper understanding of the cultural differences” of a society where women are equal and would dress in a manner where bare midriffs and underwear are often on show."

At least they admit that in Pakistan women are not equal to men.

This takes the biscuit as well.

"Turning to the issue of possible deportation, Sheriff Veal added, “It is quite clear that with a non-custodial disposal one would not, on a summary complaint, be recommending deportation."

So in other words, had the sheriff gave him a custodial sentence he could have recommended deportation.

Afghanistan - paying ransom to the Taleban is wrong

Here's why.

"We will do the same thing with the other allies in Afghanistan, because we found this way to be successful," Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi told The Associated Press by phone on Thursday."

And now they have more money to fund more kidnappings thanks to South Korea.

Thai PM says peace talks fruitless in Muslim south

He's right about that.

"Since Surayud took office following a military coup last year, he has made a series of peace gestures to the militants fighting along the southern border with Malaysia.

But the violence has only escalated since the coup, and the government has deployed thousands more troops and paramilitary forces to the region."

US - Republicans slam Islamic Society convention

Good for them.

Iraq - Durbin: Petraeus to warn of low troop morale

Misleading headline of the day. How does the Tribune "know" this?

"Following a dinner they shared in Baghdad, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Wednesday that he expects Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, to report to President Bush and Congress next month that American troops are exhausted by the war effort there."

A leading Democrat who's against the war "expects" Petraeus to say that and from that the Tribune headlines it as fact.

Sweden - New Muslim cartoon protests grow

What's to fear? This is the religion of peace and tolerance we keep hearing about from the left.

Iraq - al Qaeda defeated in Ramadi

The Times reports. Be sure and watch the video report as well.

"He helped to convert Ramadi from one of Iraq’s deadliest cities into arguably the safest outside the semi-autonomous Kurdish north. This graveyard for hundreds of American soldiers, which a Marine Corps intelligence report wrote off as a lost cause just a year ago, is where the US military now takes visiting senators, and journalists such as myself, to show the progress it is making. Ramadi will be Exhibit A when General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, appears before Congress in two weeks’ time to argue that the country as a whole should not be written off.

In Ramadi last weekend I did things unthinkable almost anywhere else in this violent country. I walked through the main souk without body armour, talking to ordinary Iraqis. Late one evening I strolled into the brightly lit Jamiah district of the city with Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Turner, the tobacco-chewing US marine in charge of central Ramadi, to buy kebabs from an outdoor restaurant – “It’s safer than London or New York,” Colonel Turner assured me. "

Yeah, that Ramadi. Read the whole thing and send a copy to a Democrat.

More here.

Think about that last one for a minute. Here's a report from a blogger embedded with the Marines. He's a civilian and paid his own way with donations from the public. Ask yourself then, why can't the BBC, with its 2 billion pound a year budget, do as well? On the other hand, maybe we should be thankful that the BBC stays put in a hotel given the BBC's track record.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

UK - 7/7 survivors launch legal action

The BBC reports.

But the BBC as usual leave out some of the most important details. Who were the bombers? Why did they carry out the attacks? What happened two weeks later?

Nowhere in the article will you find the words, Muslim, Islam, terror or terrorist. This is one way the BBC enables the terrorists. For more, see here.

Iran says ready to fill vacuum in Iraq left by U.S.

Hear that Democrats?

Iraq - The Awakening spells the end of Al Qaeda in Iraq

Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt

You won't see this on the BBC.

"Several major tribes are now “up” against AQ, across all of Anbar, Diyala, Salah-ad-din, parts of Babil and Baghdad (both city and province). Some in Anbar and Diyala have formed “Salvation Councils”, looking to well-known leadership figures like Sheikh Sittar ar Rishawi, or to community leaders. In other provinces things tend to be quite informal, based on local elders. In Anbar the movement has acquired the name “the awakening”.

The uprising against AQI has dramatically improved security. In Ramadi, Hit, Tikrit, Fallujah and other centers the rate of civilian deaths has dropped precipitously, and overall attacks are down far below historic trends, to almost nothing in some places. For anyone familiar with these places from earlier in the war, it can be quite disorienting to watch Iraqis walking safely and openly in streets which, a year ago, would have required a major operation just to traverse. This change seems to have passed some observers by, but it is one of the truly significant developments in Iraq this year. For example, a recent Washington Post article begins with a Staff Sergeant who was not expecting combat, “after many uneventful months in Iraq's Anbar province, as he jostled over the rough terrain of brush, fields and irrigation ditches in the lead Humvee of a routine patrol on the night of June 30”. Many uneventful months in Anbar? Not expecting combat? A routine patrol – at night? This is not the Anbar we think we know, a media byword for constant pointless violence."

Read the whole thing.

The UK: Hamas Sanctuary

With it's capital Londonistan.

Abu Ghraib - abuse not directed from the top

It is a rare day when I can recommend a BBC article. In fact, I think this is only the third time; the second being for this same reporter. Paul Reynolds report is pretty even handed and should be a model or other BBC reporters.

"The lack of convictions among the senior ranks leaves doubt as to whether the abuse was part of a wider policy of condoning or even encouraging the breaking of prisoners' morale in advance of interrogation. ...

And Joe Darby, the soldier who blew the whistle by giving to investigators a CD of the photos presented to him by Charles Graner, also denied it was organised from on high.

In a long interview with Gentleman's Quarterly, he said: "Everybody thinks there was an order from high up, or that somebody in command must have known.

"Everybody is wrong. Nobody in command knew about the abuse, because nobody in command cared enough to find out. That was the real problem...

Gen Taguba did not find that there was a deliberate policy of abuse ordered from above.

"There was sadism that was certainly not authorised," he reported. "It was kind of like 'Animal House' on the night shift."

What was done was wrong and those that were responsible have been punished. Those that should have done their duty and paid more attention, have also been punished. The one punished the most is America's image.

Well done on an excellent article Paul.

Israel foils 15-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber

according to this report.

Palestinian children are sometime killed when terrorists send them out to retrieve rocket lanuchers after firing.

Belgium: Court blocks anti-Islam demo

Misleading headline. It's an anti Jihadist demo.

UK - Meet the shadow minister for militant Islam


Clash over Nigeria cross-dressing Muslims

The BBC reports.

"Police in northern Nigeria have clashed with Muslim youths angry at a Sharia court's decision to grant bail to 18 men accused of dressing as women. "

Their defense should claim they were merely undercover terrorists.

US - Video: Air Force set to deploy the Reaper


Iraq - Poll: Democrats out of step with America

According to this poll most Americans believe the war in Iraq is not lost. While the Democrats overwheliming think that it is.

"A majority of Americans - 54% - believe the United States has not lost the war in Iraq, but there is dramatic disagreement on the question between Democrats and Republicans, a new UPI/Zogby Interactive poll shows. While two in three Democrats (66%) said the war effort has already failed, just 9% of Republicans say the same."

Lebanon - Hezbollah targeted civilians

That's what Human Rights Watch says.

"Human Rights Watch's report said it found numerous rockets fired by Hezbollah in which there was no apparent legitimate military target, indicating civilians were deliberately attacked.

The report also said Hezbollah's justifications that the rocket attacks were a response to Israeli fire into southern Lebanon and aimed at drawing Israel into a ground war had no legal basis under the rules of war.

"Hezbollah's explanations for why it fired rockets at Israel's civilian population utterly fail to justify these unlawful attacks," said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch's Middle East and North Africa division. "Hezbollah, like Israel, must respect the laws of war."

You can find the BBC's report on this but you have to hunt for it. It's in the Middle East section, right hand side, second section, second item under "Other Top Stories". If HRW were reporting on Israel, this would be on the front page.

Iraq - The big picture

How left wing media distort the war.

Edwards Says Americans Should Give Up SUVs

That's hypocritical Democrats for you.

Channel Five bans staged film from news

Good for them.

Palestinian children die in blast

That BBC headline is better than their usual "Israel kills Palestinian children".

"Three Palestinian children have been killed after an Israeli tank shell hit northern Gaza, Palestinian doctors say.

Israel's military confirmed it launched an attack, saying it had targeted people setting up a rocket launcher. "

At least they put in the fact that Israel was defending itself. However, the BBC does fail to mention this.

"Palestinian rocket teams have been known to send young children to retrieve rocket launchers after the projectiles are fired, the IDF said in a statement, adding: "In light of the reports, it seems likely that this was the case here."


Likewise, the Telegraph fails to mention it.


The Washington Post has even more, including this.

"A member of the Abu Ghazallah family who witnessed the airstrike said a rocket launcher was near the area where the children were playing. The relative, who declined to be named for fear of reprisal, said the launcher belonged to Islamic Jihad, an armed movement responsible for much of the rocket fire into Israel.

"I hold the Islamic Jihad responsible for the killing of these children," the relative said."

You won't see that on the BBC.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iraq - Moqtada Sadr suspends Mehdi Army

Was the original BBC headline but 40 minutes later the BBC changed the headline and story to reverse itself. You can compare the two here. The original is on the left with the changes on the right. The new headline reads the opposite and says "Sadr set to 'rebuild' Mehdi Army".

Then an hour later the story is reversed again.

This headline "Sadr set to 'rebuild' Mehdi Army" now becomes "Sadr 'freezes' militia activities".

Compare the first paragraphs as well. If it wasn't such a serious subject it would be funny.

Answer to Reith over at Biased BBC

For some reason my comment won't post again. It appears the hyper links are the cause and so I'll post it here. Hopefully someone at Biased BBC can post it.


"John Reith:
marc | Homepage | 29.08.07 - 12:42 pm

You did not link, link Reith….

Apologies for any breach of netiquette. I sort of assumed you’d know how to find your own website."

The link isn't for me Reith, it's for the readers you're trying to fool - but you already knew that. LOL

Reith: "Notice how Reith says he just followed my link? Shouldn't you have done that in the first place Reith?

Obviously I did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to cut, paste and quote your line about ‘coming from al-Jazeera’ in my initial comment, would I?"

Obviously you did the second time or why would you say "you just followed my link"?

You're not making much sense Reith. LOL but thats to be expected.

Reith: "Nothing to say then about how you didn't even know who we were talking about? You didn't even know he was the editor in chief of al Jazeera.

Rubbish. I knew exactly whom we were talking about. Unlike you, I have displayed a pretty thorough knowledge of what he was hired to do by the BBC WS Trust."

Really? Then why did you refer to him as "someone" and what was the other one, "a person". The only thing you display is your ignorance.

Reith: "Now, trivia aside –now you have the facts and context, when will you amend/withdraw the misleading stories on your site?"

You haven't pointed one out yet.

On Fayad Abu Shamala's comments Reith says "He didn’t. It’s a lie."

Where's your proof Reith?

Reith: "BBC presenter says Israelis should be shot.

Tom Paulin wasn't a BBC presenter. He was a poet and Oxford don who sometimes appeared as a guest on a BBC arts show."

From the link Reith:

"...and regular panel member on the BBC2 arts programme Late Review"

Here's the definition of a presenter Reith:

Seems pretty clear Paulin could be called a "presenter" but a regular panelist on the BBC is about the same, isn't it?

Interesting that's all you object to about Paulin, his being called a presneter. You ok then with a regular (insert word) on the BBC calling for Jews to be shot then? One would assume so since you didn't address the substance of the report.

Folks, notice how Reith quibbles about small details but not about the substance of the reports? Also notice how he ignores the tremendous amount of other evidence, a great deal of it by the BBC themsleves.

Reith: ".....actually nearly all your stories are a bit dodgy. Best double check them all."

Thanks for the plug. Shame you didn't link. Please everyone check them all.

Taken together, it's impossible for anyone to claim that the BBC is not biased, lies, creates fabrications, is anti American anti Israeli and pro Islamist - they admit it themselves.

Muslim Lawyer's 'bribe' in terror trial

She was greedy.

"She wanted to lure Asiedu to her firm so the defendants’ stories would match, his lawyer claims.

Last night it was revealed that the Crown Prosecution Service had called in Scotland Yard.

Arani’s firm has made £1million in legal aid by defending extremists. "

Iraq - Crossing Anbar

Good news you won't see on the BBC.

London editor prays for nuclear attack on Israel

Nice man.

"Talking about Iran's nuclear capability on ANB Lebanese television on June 27, Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said, "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight."

You may recognize him as he sometimes is a guest on the BBC. He actually appears more regularly on the BBC than this link suggests.

Here's a video of his remarks. Recognize him now?

Note in the video he also says, "and Allah willing, it [Iran] will attack Israel as well."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is the loneliest job in Britain? Being a Tory at the BBC

Excerpt from Aitken's book "Can You Trust the BBC?"

UK - Great capital city. Shame about the awful BBC

I missed this back in March.

"You really do have to leave the country to appreciate fully how pernicious the BBC’s grasp of the nation’s cultural and political soul has become. The groupthink and assumptions implicit in almost everything broadcast by BBC News, and even less explicitly by much else of the corporation’s output, lie like a suffocating blanket over the national consciousness.

This is the mindset that sees the effortless superiority, at every turn, of benign collectivism over selfish individualism, exploited worker over unscrupulous capitalist, enlightened European over brutish American, thoughtful atheist over dumb believer, persecuted Arab over callous Israeli; and that believes the West is the perpetrator of just about every ill that has ever befallen the world — from colonialism to global warming. "

Baker points out that even the left wing New York Times has noticed the bias from the BBC.

"Fortunately, in the US this week, I was struck by an article on the oped pages of The New York Times, the very citadel of leftish political correctness. Written by an apparently completely sane professor at a prestigious US university and entitled “Biased Broadcasting Corporation”, it assailed the BBC’s Middle Eastern services for their consistently antiWestern tone and content. "

Not only do the BBC admit it, hell, they're proud of being anti Western.

Iraq - BBC censors good news

Update 30 Aug 2007.

Looks like I got this one wrong. The text I thought had been edited out was actually moved much further down the article.

Look what the BBC cut out of this report on Iraq.

Here's some of what the BBC cut out of the report.

"Republican Senator John Warner said Mr Maliki and his government had utterly failed to improve security while US troops had performed "magnificently".

Meanwhile, the White House welcomed a new pledge by Iraqi leaders to take steps to help national reconciliation.

Leading Shia, Kurdish and Sunni politicians signed a reconciliation deal on Sunday and held further talks where they reported progress towards agreement on holding provincial elections and easing a ban on former Baath party members. "

Can't let the public know about that eh, BBC?

UK - BBC censorship and the Mohammed Atif Siddique terror trial

Is no longer a "terror" trial according to the BBC.

Here's the first paragraph in the BBC report that lasted 3 versions.

"Jurors in the Mohammed Atif Siddique terror trial have been shown video footage allegedly seized from the student's home."

Here's the current version.

"Jurors in the trial of a student who is accused of threatening to become a suicide bomber have been shown video footage allegedly seized from his home."

Notice how "terror" has disappeared and the "allegedly" seized from his home.

In this BBC report "terror" and "jihad" are censored out.

Here's the original headline "Terror trial told of jihad emails"

Here's the new, censored version. "Court shown extremist video film"

Here's and even earlier version with "jihad" censored from the first paragraph.

This: "The cousin of a student facing terror charges has told a court she was sent emails about martyrdom and jihad by the accused."

Becomes this: "Jurors in the Mohammed Atif Siddique terror trial have been shown video footage allegedly seized from the student's home."

Venice offers home to Iranian lesbian facing deportation

Britain won't deport terrorists but will deport lesbians to terrorist countries. One more reason it's called Londonistan.

UK - Labour get back into bed with Muslim extremists

More reason to vote them out.

Yasmin Qureshi, first British Pakistani woman MP?

Why should you care? Well for one she has the backing of London's terror supporting Mayor. Secondly, she advocates for Muslim women to war the hijab, even though the world's leading Muslim scholars have ruled that it is not proscribed by Islam. Further, the hijab is banned in several Muslim countries because it is recognized as a radical Islamic political statement.

Qureshi also calls for sanctions against Israel.

Qureshi also advocates that Islam does not discriminate against women.

"Yasmin Qureshi, Labour's prospective candidate for Brent East, expressed anger at the constant controversy over how Islam treats women. "This perception comes from the media, which doesn't give the correct information," she said. "Some people justify certain actions against women but that is no different to many other cultures.

"If a Muslim male whose wife is unfaithful kills her, it's perceived as a religious issue."

Well Yasmin, care to explain why women can't drive in Saudi Arabia? Or why women adulterers and lesbians are stoned in Iran? Or why women in your home country need four male witnessess before they can report rape? All of this is done under Sharia law Yamin and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the law of Islam, you know, the religion?

US - Bush Motorcade Kills Cop

Misleading headline of the week.

"Hoffman said the one-vehicle crash is under investigation and "it's way too soon" to pinpoint a cause. "

So, exactly how did Bush's motorcade kill the cop?

UN should probe women’s rights in Iran

Good luck with that.

US - “We Are Going to Get Hit Again”

Retired Vice Admiral John Scott Redd, head of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Islamic group incites war on West

Hizb ut-Tahrir

"‘The Caliphate can arrive in an hour, two months or two years from now,’ said Fadi Abdullatif, Hizb ut-Tahrir’s president, who owns a previous conviction for publicly urging his members to kill Jews. ‘We are working for a Caliphate from Morocco to Indonesia and from Khazakhstan to Saudi Arabia.’

The union of nations under a common Islamic law could be created by force if necessary, according to another of Hizb ut Tahrir’s leaders, Atta bin Khalil. Khalil also told those in attendance to ‘continue their state of war against the Jewish nation’."

Anna Ford attacks 'ageist BBC'

Good for her.

France - Sarkozy warns of Iran's nuclear crisis

First Iraq and now Iran. France seems to have regained its senses. Boy, the left aren't going to like this. He He.

"From the Middle East to relations with Russia, the president promised a break with France's traditional Gaullist position of "splendid isolation", particularly towards the United States.

Speaking to 180 French ambassadors, Mr Sarkozy said a nuclear-armed Iran would be "unacceptable" and that the only response was to tighten sanctions while being open to talks if Iran suspended nuclear activities."

Good for him.

The Times goes further.

"A nuclear-armed Iran would be unacceptable and the world must continue to tighten sanctions while offering incentives to Tehran to halt weapons development, he said. “This initiative is the only one that can enable us to escape an alternative that I say is catastrophic: the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran,” he said. He did not say who would carry out such an attack, which has been suggested by policy experts in Israel and the US."

Monday, August 27, 2007

BBC - The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

You got that right.

You have to pay for the article but here's the abstract.

"Prof Frank H Stewart Op-Ed article says if new BBC World Service television channel resembles its Arabic radio programs, then it will be yet another anti-American, antidemocratic channel; says BBC Arabic service shields Arab leaders from criticism and avoids topics they might find embarrassing; says by contrast, Western leaders are subject to minute analysis; finds it strange that Britain pays for these broadcasts, many of which are produced in Middle East rather than in Britain"

Dr arrested for suspected links with Al-Qaeda movement

Another doctor.

US - Martin Lewis caught lying, tries to smear bloggers

LGF reports.

Iran protests over Swedish Muhammad cartoon

Stand by for more rioting from the religion of peace.

Iran - German women wear hijab in orchestra

Shame on them.

"The German orchestra, whose female players will have to wear Islamic headscarves to obey Iran's dress code, will be boosted by six Iranian musicians for the concerts.

The orchestra's directors were at pains to emphasise their visit would not stray into politics and was purely aimed at increasing cultural understanding between Iran and the West."

But since the hijab is a radical Islamic political statement and not a religious symbol, by wearing it the Germans did "stray into politics".

Islamist extremists blamed for India bombings

Reports the Telegraph.

But you wouldn't know it was Islamists behind the bombings from this BBC report.

Ironically, on the BBC webpage they link to other news outlets reporting on the Islamic terror attack, two of which note that the attackers are Islamists.

Afghan women stores make a mark

Imagine that, a positive report on Afghanistan from the BBC. But true to form the BBC whitewashes Islam's treatment of women.

"The initiative is also helping customers as many families do not allow their women to enter shops run by men. "

It's not just that their families that do not allow it, Islam doesn't allow it.

"Some conservative local clerics are unhappy with the moves.

One has said that the new female entrepreneurs are misleading other women, encouraging them to claim freedoms that are inappropriate. But other religious scholars are satisfied with the initiative, arguing that the new commercial activities are a step towards advancing women's role in society."

What religion would that be Auntie?

Angry Muslim Mob Storms Prison to Lynch Homosexuals

The religion of peace.

Another Brace Of Dhimmitude From American Newspapers

Must not offend Muslims after all.

CHRIS WALLACE on Bill Moyers.

US - CAIR and the largest terror financing trial in history

You'd think this would get more media attention.

saving Earth is not the BBC's job

That doesn't stop them promoting other left wing causes as well.

Sleaze investigation over Muslim funds for Labour

Explains a lot doesn't it.

More here.

And this from the Times.

"He added that the organisation was “very powerful” and was regularly consulted by ministers drawing up policies of interest to the Muslim community. "

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Challenging the UN's darker side

Someone needs to.

More here.

US - Left Calls For Military Coup In USA

How much more proof do you need that the left hates America?

Iraqis protest against Saudi sponsored terrorism

Good for them.

Hamas honeymoon ends with torture


"Now though, human rights groups and ordinary Gazans say Hamas is committing exactly the same crimes as its Fatah predecessors, whose corruption and brutality were one of the main reasons why support for Hamas grew. "We are receiving reports of political detentions every day," said Mahmoud Abu Rahma, of the Gaza City-based Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights. "Hamas is conducting wide sweeps and interrogations to collect information. The interrogations include harsh treatment, and in many cases, torture and beatings."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canada - Thousands cheer soldiers at Toronto rally

How times have changed.

Iraq - the left aren't happy with progress

Remember the man being interviewed is from the New York Times.

History Proves Vietnam Victors Wrong

Tell that to your fellow Democrats Sen. Webb.

UK - new curriculum for England's secondary schools

Is the BBC sending us a subtle message with their choice of photographs for this report?

I find it very odd that the woman, if she is a woman (hard to tell isn't it), is holding a Union Jack while at the same time wearing a symbol of radical Muslim politics which calls for the overthrow democracy.

Iran's hangmen work overtime to silence opposition

while the left remain virtually silent. Worse, the Democrats actively court Ahmadinejad.

US - Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

It would be fantastic if we could get UK universitites to join in this.

Over 100 US universtites are taking part. Here's a list.

So what can we do here in the UK? Contact the media and ask them to cover it. Write to UK universites and ask them to get involved. Here's a list.

Iran - Fooled by Winds of Reform

They sure continue to fool the Democrats.

Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11

Which is all you need to know about Fisk and the Independent.

Here's some facts Fisk seems unable to find, or unwilling.

The Independent should be ashamed of itself to keep publishing Fisk's nonsense. He is after all the man for whom the phrase, "to fisk an article", was coined.

Fisk is free to spout out far left wing conspiracy theories and the Independent is free to print them, but given Fisk's previous lies, one has to wonder why the Independent continues to embarass themselves. Oh, that's right, they're not embarassed. Silly me.

Here Fisk claims he found pieces of a an Israeli aircraft Hizbollah claims to have shot down over Lebanon.

"There were huge pieces of metal. One had a figure 225 written on it. It wasn't in Arabic numerals, it was in Roman numerals. When I picked up what appeared to be maybe a cockpit window of some kind, the glass fell out of the rubber frame onto the road."

The problem for Fisk is, it was a photo shoot staged by Hizbollah and was in fact a tire dump buring. So Fisk couldn't have possibly held up a cockpit window as he claims.

Paxman voices concerns over BBC

We all should.

Here's why.

As you would expect the BBC left out the more juicy bits Paxman said. Here's the Times version.

Until the license fee is scrapped, and even then I doubt it, nothing is going to change at the BBC. Listen to this:

"Meanwhile it was announced that Mr Thompson, Michael Grade, the ITV chairman, and Andy Duncan, the boss of Channel 4, had agreed to hold a summit on raising standards."

How are 3 current or former BBC executives going to raise the standards of the BBC that they themselves presided over for years? They're part of the problem not part of the solution. The BBC chose a former BBC executive to head an "independent" inquiry into the latest scandals.

Want to complain to an outside body about the BBC? Go ahead and try. Ofcom, the industry regulator is headed by a former BBC executive director.

Paxman is right when he observes "that working at the BBC “has always been a bit like working in Stalin’s Russia, with one five-year plan, one resoundingly empty slogan after another” with a belief that “the system will go on for ever”. "

The reference to Stalin is quite apt.


Here's the text of Paxmans speech.

Too bad he didn't address the more important lies and fabricaions at the BBC.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Iraq - Our troops have earned more time

Now that the report on progress in Iraq is due in a few weeks and is expected to show real progress, the Democrats are jumping on the bandwagon.

UK - BBC organized anti-American auidence

4 days after 9/11.

After more than 2,000 people called and complained, the BBC issued an apology and had this to say:

"The BBC's Media Correspondent, Nick Higham, said there was a recognition in the corporation that the audience could have been more representative of wider opinion."
So what did the BBC do after the Muslim terror attacks in London on 7/7?

2005 - Days after 7/7 the BBC hosts an on air discussion to gauge the public's reaction the Muslim terror bombings - and stacks the audience with Muslims 5 to 1 against non Muslims.

There's a lot more of that and worse here.

US - Hillary Clinton admits Democrats are soft on terror

This is a stunning admission.

"It's a horrible prospect to ask yourself, 'What if? What if?' But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world," Clinton told supporters in Concord.

"So I think I'm the best of the Democrats to deal with that," she added. "

The only way a terror attack would "automatically give the Republicans an advantage" is because the people know the Democrats are weak on terror - and Clinton knows it.

Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism

and Saddam's nuclear weapons ambitions. My how things have changed, eh?

Here's a short version.

Iran shuts 'Western' barber shops

The crack down continues.

This is priceless from the BBC.

"Some young boys in Iran sport very wild hair styles, using gel to make their long hair stand on end in a fashion not seen in other countries, correspondents say. "

Wonder if these BBC correspondents have ever been to London?

BBC stages investigation as public trust plumets

So in order to restore that trust the BBC sets up a panel to investigate - and stacks the deck with BBC people.

"The survey comes ahead of a media debate at this year's Edinburgh TV Festival, called Trust Me... I'm In Telly, to be held on Friday.

The panel will be chaired by broadcaster Nicky Campbell, who will be joined by Channel 4 chief executive Andy Duncan, BBC Vision director Jana Bennett, media journalist Ray Snoddy, ITV director of TV Simon Shaps and the chief creative officer of Endemol UK, Tim Hincks."

Four of those six either work for the BBC now or have in the past.

Nicky Campbell, Raymond Snoddy, Andy Duncan, and BBC Vision director Jana Bennett.

Sound familiar?

2005 - Days after 7/7 the BBC hosts an on air discussion to gauge the public's reaction the Muslim terror bombings - and stacks the audience with Muslims 5 to 1 against non Muslims.

BBC appoints former BBC executive for "independent" investigation of the BBC.

Head of Ofcom investigating BBC is former BBC exec.

Oh, it gets worse.

The BBC has squandered trust

Is about the only honest statment in this report by the BBC's Mark Thompson. Thompson, like most of the BBC is in deep denial.

"However, especially in the years since Hutton, we've come to focus on it first and foremost in the context of journalism. Accuracy, impartiality, resolute defence of our editorial independence, a willingness to acknowledge mistakes when we make them: meeting all these expectations simultaneously is an immense challenge in these complex, disputatious times, but it is what the BBC has to do."

But it is what the BBC continually does not do. Thompson's denial is so deep it's shocking.

"One of the ironies of our present problems is that in recent years we have significantly improved the quality of nearly all the ways in which the public interact with the BBC. For much of its history, the BBC could be aloof and erratic in its direct dealings with the people it served. Interviewees and studio audiences were sometimes treated with disdain. Some complaints went straight into the bin. Today, from helplines to the complaints system to physical visits to BBC events, all these areas have been reformed and improved. Now, we have over 10m direct interactions with the public every year."

Sorry to burst your bubble Mark but nothing has changed. How can it when the BBC is dominated by far left wing journalists and editors? Even in his article Thompson doesn't address serious problems like these at the BBC.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

US - CAIR Goes Back to School

This is one of the jihadists main front in the war on terror - our education system.

Boycott Saudi Arabia Airlines

Here's why.

"Saudi Arabian Airlines declares on its English-language Web site that the kingdom bans "Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David." Until the Saudi government changes this detestable policy, I say its airline should be barred from flying into Western airports. "

UK - Lesbian to be deported to Iran

Yes, that Iran where she is sure to face death by stoning. As Harry's Place notes her partner already faces that fate.

Britain and EU refuse to deport terrorists and their supporters to their home countries for fear they may be treated badly. In this case we know what will happen because it already happended to her partner.

People often shrug their shoulders and say what can I do? Harry provides you with the information you need. Take action now as she is scheduled to be deported on 27 Aug.

Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP, Home Secretary, 2, Marsham St, London SW1P 4DF
Fax no: + 44 (0) 207 035 3262 or +44 (0) 207 035 2362


Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP,Sheffield Constituency Office2nd Floor, Barkers Pool HouseBurgess StreetSheffield S1 2HF
Fax: + 44 (0) 114 275 3944Email link for Richard Caborn

Iraq: Baathists 'disown al-Qaeda'

Shouldn't this be big news?

"Baghdad, 22 August (AKI) - The leader of Iraq's banned Baath party, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, has decided to join efforts by the Iraqi authorities to fight al-Qaeda, one of the party's former top officials, Abu Wisam al-Jashaami, told pan-Arab daily Al Hayat.

"AlDouri has decided to sever ties with al-Qaeda and sign up to the programme of the national resistance, which includes routing Islamist terrorists and opening up dialogue with the Baghdad government and foreign forces," al-Jashaami said."

BBC presenter took kids cash

Another day another BBC scandal.

It's bad enough she took the kids money and flew off but why hasn't the BBC refunded these peoples money? Then there's this:

"She was previously sacked from a charity for allegedly misusing a credit card and overpaying her mother. At least one of her businesses has failed, leaving debts of £125,000. "

So why did the BBC hire her in the first place?

'Muslim' carnival entry creates controversy

Almost anything to do with Muslims these days causes controversy. We need more of this. Why is it that almost any other group can be poked fun at, except for Muslims?

The real news in this report is here:

"The stunt was apparently intended as a harmless send-up of the Prince of Wales's plan for a mosque in his nearby "Surfbury" model settlement. The plan has been criticised because there are only 33 practising Muslims in a population of 22,000."

Why has he planned for a mosque here? Why is Charles pushing Islam? You may recall Charles was behind the terrorist producing Finsbury Park Mosque.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

UK - Islamic school teaches Jews are apes and pigs

The text books are provided by Saudi Arabia.

These same textbooks are used in Islamic schools in America as well.

UK: How To Lose The War On Islamist Terror

This is why London is called Londonistan.

Women the world over find veil limits job choice

As it should since it is not a religious symbol but is in fact a radical Muslim political symbol.

Gaza - Palestinians Kill Two Children

That's what this BBC headline should read. Instead it reads "Israeli army 'kills two children'" But when you read the story you find out Israel was defending itself.

"The dead boys, aged 13 and 14, were close to an area from which militants had been firing rockets at Israel, the officials said.

Israel said its ground forces had fired upon two people who were seen near a rocket launcher near Beit Hanoun. "

So how did the two young boys get killed and why does my headline blame the Palestinians? Here's why.

"The IDF said the air strike targeted Palestinians who were loading a Kassam onto a rocket launcher and that terrorists were hit.

Palestinian rocket teams have been known to send young children to retrieve rocket launchers after the projectiles are fired,..."

So in reality, the Palestinians killed these two young boys.

Turkey's Mrs Gul given makeover

The BBC note the controversy surrounding the Muslim veil in Turkey and report that it is banned in public buildings. What the BBC fail to report is that the veil is banned in many Muslim countries because it is considered a radical Muslim political statement. The BBC also fail to mention that the veil is not proscribed by Islam or the Koran.

Scrap the Human Rights Act

The sooner the better. In fact, the UK should get out of the EU altogether.

Muslim women: My headscarf is not a threat

Then why is it banned in some Muslim countries? At least some, CNN in this case, are starting to report the truth about the hijab.

According to Muslim scholars, veils, scarfs, hijabs, and niqabs are not in the Koran or proscribed by Islam. They are considered by many Muslim scholars to be radical political statements and are therefore banned or restricted in many Muslim countries. It's time the rest of the non Muslim world understood that these coverings are not religious symbols but radical political statements.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Israeli army 'kills two children'

No bias there, eh BBC?

How does the BBC know this? "...Palestinian health officials have said." That's good enough evidence for the BBC. But even if two children did die, what were the circumstances?

"The dead boys, aged 13 and 14, were close to an area from which militants had been firing rockets at Israel, the officials said."

So if they were killed, it was an accident which occurred while Israel was defending itself. Shouldn't the headline then be "Children die while Israel defends itself"

US - Congress' approval rating the lowest in history

That would be the Democrat controlled congress.

"Democrats have created a monster for themselves, and they seem unable to free themselves from their rut. They have accomplished almost nothing of their agenda, save a minimum-wage hike. They have punted on Iraq, surrendered on FISA and the TSP, and have allowed themselves to get outmanuevered on immigration. They have spent hundreds of hours on investigations to no real benefit while legislation languishes. Their so-called ethics reforms have done nothing but allow lobbyists even more ways to influence Congress, and earmarks are murkier than ever."


Too bad we can't get it here.

Here's one of the silliest moments of the show.

Truth is the first Casualty at the BBC

The truth never makes in the door.

Richard is on target but even he still unknowingly defends the BBC.

"The simple fact is that the BBC, like the police, like the CPS and so many other of our public institutions, is scared to death of upsetting Muslims.

No such self-censorship applies when it comes to offending other religious groups.

The BBC went to court to defend its right to "free speech" when it was determined to screen the appalling, puerile Jerry Springer: The Opera - which portrayed Christ as an infantilised, nappy-wearing copraphiliac who was "a little bit gay".

The protests of 47,000 devout Christians counted for nothing. But, then, devout Christians are unlikely to storm Broadcasting House demanding the beheading of the director-general.

Let's say someone was daft enough to write a musical which featured the Prophet Mohammed as an incontinent paedophile. Do you think the BBC would move heaven and earth to broadcast it in the name of defending "free speech"?

Precisely. "

The BBC is not scared Richard, the BBC is on their side.

Gaza - BBC spreads Hamas propaganda

It's what the BBC does best.

Here's how Jane Corbin frames the report.

"The big green banner with its cheery message hung across the dusty street: "No more threat for our foreign visitors and guests."

I was being driven through Gaza City with a bodyguard provided by Hamas, the group that now controls this place."

Got that? Now that Hamas is in control everythings fine. Corbin continues to paint Hamas as the good guys.

"We soon found ourselves at a Hamas training session in the middle of a scarily realistic kidnap scenario.

Screeching tyres and blasts of live fire swirled around us as the Executive Force demonstrated how they rescue kidnap victims. "

How could Corbin know that the demonstrations was for rescue and not to kidnap? Oh, Hamas told her that. Well, that's ok then.

Next Corbin gets two bites of the apple.

"The armed wing of Hamas is better known for its suicide bombers, who have killed more than 100 Israeli civilians.

Now some of them are retraining as a police force to establish law and order after the anarchy of recent months."

You see it wasn't Hamas that killed all those Israeli civilians, it was just their armed wing - as if there's a difference. Secondly, the anarchy of recent months has more to do with Hamas than anyone else. Corbin continues.

"The streets do seem calmer now with Executive Force guards on every corner."

Sure, they kill anyone who disagrees with them or doesn't obey them. Next Corbin goes on the defense of Hamas.

"There is a lot of talk about this place becoming Hamastan, and when you look around, almost all women are veiled - but that has been happening over the last few years, and not just here but in many Muslim countries.

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement calls for the establishment of an Islamic state, but their approach is more softly-softly, rather than a forced overnight conversion"

No, honestly, follow the link, she actually said that. It's times like this that you wish you had a cluebat. Corbin seems to be ignorant of the fact that the veil is actually banned or restricted in several Muslim countries. Further, that the veil is not proscribed in the Koran or by Islam and is seen as a radical political statement. Worse, in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, women are beaten in public by the religious police for not wearing the veil.

As for the "rather than a forced overnight conversion", Corbin just contradicted what she said a few paragraphs earlier.

"I have been to Gaza many times before, and wanted to see for myself what life is like here after the bloody infighting between two rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas resulted in Hamas kicking Fatah's leaders out of Gaza."

The rest of the story is devoted almost entirely into a screed against Israel. Very little is said about the continuing daily attacks on Israel. Also left out is any mention of Hamas' charter which calls for the destruction of Israel.

See here for more on the "softly-softly" Hamas.

For more BBC lies, fabrications and bias, see here.


Oh, dear, Jane must have missed the meeting where this was discussed.

"EU confirms halt to Gaza fuel aid "

Monday, August 20, 2007

Warning to West on 'evil of Islam'

But will anyone listen?

Iraq - Clinton says surge working

This is going to piss off the left.

"Clinton said new tactics have brought some success against insurgents, particularly in Iraq's Anbar province.

"It's working."

BBC's lies, fabrications and bias

The BBC will stop at nothing to further it's far left wing agenda, going so far as to fabricate reports, lie and support terrorists. Not only does the BBC admit to much of this, at times they even boast of it. This site and Biased BBC website have documented the BBC's bias, lies and fabrications for years.

I've updated, edited and categorized my documentation.

Islam Needs an Age of Reason

and soon too.

BBC Wikipedia vandal and censor warned

Bryan at Biased BBC posted some links to Wikipedia's numerous warnings to the BBC to stop censoring and vandalizing their site.

In this example a BBC employee tried to edited out the Greyskull comment scandal from Kirsty Mcabe's page.

"A BBC weather girl was forced to apologise yesterday after calling Rangers' stadium Castle Greyskull on air."

Here's an example of a BBC employee vandalizing Wikipedia.

In this example a BBC employee inserts a gay comment about Dimitar Berbatov.

Here a BBC employee calls footballer, Ben Thatcher, a "cunt" and a "violent cunt".

The BBC edits out criticism of BBC shows as well. The BBC removed this from Jeremy Vine's page.

"The Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 tends to exhibit tabloid style journalism, with sensationalist, often [[The_Sun_(newspaper)|Sun]] style headlines bearing little resemblance to the facts of the feature (for example, the headline "school children forced to take drugs tests at the school gates", when in fact, as the feature detailed, the drugs tests weren't compulsory, nor at the school gates."

The BBC routinely make up their own "facts".

The same old song from the BBC

Sadly it is.

Us - The Peace Racket

Isa threat to world peace.

"We need to make two points about this movement at the outset. First, it’s opposed to every value that the West stands for—liberty, free markets, individualism—and it despises America, the supreme symbol and defender of those values. Second, we’re talking not about a bunch of naive Quakers but about a movement of savvy, ambitious professionals that is already comfortably ensconced at the United Nations, in the European Union, and in many nongovernmental organizations. It is also waging an aggressive, under-the-media-radar campaign for a cabinet-level Peace Department in the United States. Sponsored by Ohio Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich (along with more than 60 cosponsors), House Resolution 808 would authorize a Secretary of Peace to “establish a Peace Academy,” “develop a peace education curriculum” for elementary and secondary schools, and provide “grants for peace studies departments” at campuses around the country. If passed, the measure would catapult the peace studies movement into a position of extraordinary national, even international, influence. "

Read the whole thing.

Terror victims are BBC licence-payers, too

The Telegraph reports.

"In its international and domestic news reporting, the corporation has consistently come across as naïve and partial, rather than sensitive and unbiased. Its reporting of Israel and Palestine, in particular, tends to underplay the hate-filled Islamist ideology that inspires Hamas and other factions, while never giving Israel the benefit of the doubt. (Disgracefully, the BBC is still refusing to publish the Balen Report, which it commissioned to investigate allegations of anti-Israel bias.)"

Something I've been documenting for years.

UK - Glasgow Muslim terrorist confession

The Guardian leaves out the fact that he was a Muslim. And near as I can tell the BBC don't have the story at all.

Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’

This sounds cool.

Afghan refugees flood back home

A sign that the Taleban are losing and so the BBC have so spin the story in a negative way.

Afghanistan has coped with the returnees so far, but 100,000 or more in six weeks from Iran this summer, and the camps closing in Pakistan is becoming a problem. ...

The Afghan government is already struggling to bring the essentials to the people, and the flow of more and more refugees is going to make that job even harder still.

And still the trucks jingle up the mountains from Pakistan and the people keep coming.

Freedom is a strong attraction Auntie.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Can Middle East Studies be fixed?

Yes, if we get rid of the left wing professors.

Last April, the Manhattan Institute hosted Kramer in New York. "His speaking to us today is primarily for reasons that belong to his outspokenness on behalf of the idea of not politicizing history, especially Middle East history," said Roger Hertog, the vice chairman of AllianceBernstein, in his introduction. "You should all get a copy of Martin's book Ivory Towers on Sand, where he really discusses and analyzes what's happened on college campuses, relative to Middle Eastern history."

In the speech, Kramer explained the fundamental problem: "In the 1980s and 90s, Middle Eastern studies were transformed into a field where scholarship took a backseat to advocacy, where a few biases became the highest credentials, where dissenting views became thought crimes." (His remarks may be heard on the Manhattan Institute website.)

Kramer points to the late Edward Said's seminal 1978 book Orientalism as chiefly responsible for the political poisoning of an entire academic field. Others have shared this insight, which is explored in rich detail by Robert Irwin in Dangerous Knowledge, a comprehensive book published last year.

Kramer, for his part, presented a devastating picture of how Said's book spread like a virus as it encouraged professors to trade scholarly pursuits for ideological agendas. "Middle Eastern studies came under a take-no-prisoners assault, which rejected the idea of objective standards, disguised the vice of politicization with the virtue of commitment, and replaced proficiency with ideology," he wrote.

The fundamental purpose of Ivory Towers on Sand was to highlight an important problem in our country's understanding of the Middle East, and in this respect it succeeded. It certainly did not lead to a sea change in attitudes on campus -- a desperately tall order. Today, Kramer says the situation among the professoriate hasn't changed. "If anything, it's gotten worse," he admits.

Read the whole thing as our universitites are one of the most important fronts in the war on terror.

Afghanistan - BBC fabricates civilian death report

Taleban fighters?!? Next thing you know the BBC will be calling them "freedom fighters"

"At least 60 Taleban fighters have been killed in clashes with Afghan and US-led forces in southern Afghanistan, officials say.

In the first incident, in the province of Helmand, coalition forces responded to a Taleban attack, killing 50 insurgents, they said."

In the second, in neighbouring Kandahar province, 10 militants were killed in clashes with Afghan troops.

Let me make this easy for you BBC. They're Islamic jihadists. True to form the BBC carries the water for the jihadists. "The statement claims no civilians were killed during the battle, but local people told a BBC reporter that most of the dead were women and children. "

Then the BBC offer up this: "Violence has risen sharply in the last two months, as Taleban attacks on Afghan and US-led forces have increased, as part of their summer offensive. " Actually, its because of the increased attacks we've mounted on them and not the other way around.


Hang on a minute here. The BBC claims "local people told a BBC reporter that most of the dead were women and children." But according to Reuters the place was to remote to get to.

"The Taliban, who are leading an insurgency against the government and foreign troops, could not be reached for comment and because of the remoteness of the region there was no independent verification of the report.

Two residents phoned a Reuters reporter in the south to say that 17 people, 16 of them civilians, were killed in the bombing."

Now the BBC doesn't say how the "local people" told them and it could be they got a call as well. But that raises the question of who is actually calling these media outlets and if the area is so remote, how do they have phones? And if people are merely phoning in, how does Reuters or the BBC know they are local? And does local mean Taliban? The answers really don't matter to the BBC or Reuters because the report fits their left wing agendas.

BBC and the Muslim Jesus

Lots of views here. I like this part:

"I think you need to lower your expectations for the upcoming BBC documentaty on how Muslims see Jesus.

Two huge warning signs from the Guardian quote:

"Representatives from mainstream Anglican and Catholic organisations were invited to take part in the film, to be broadcast on Sunday, but nobody was available, Mr Ashraf said."

Huh? Nobody answers the phone at the Vatican? I guess Archie of Canterbury was hobnobbing with the Wiccans at Stonehedge again.

"I hope it will provoke among Muslims the feeling they are included in television."

I'm sure this is what those who want to revert back to the 7th century are dreaming about."

Video: “Islam in Europe”

US - CAIR caught lying, again

Too bad the left wing media isn't interested in investigating this terror supporting organization. Thankfully bloggers are.

BBC coverup at Heathrow Airport demonstration

Here's how the BBC report on the incident.

"Police said up to six arrests were made on Saturday after protesters locked themselves to the gates of an Israeli firm which flies produce to the UK.

A 22-year-old man was later arrested outside the protest site on suspicion of harassment and causing actual bodily harm."

So why single out the Israeli firm over an airport demonstration? For that you need to know what the BBC coverup.

"Amos Orr, general manager of Agrexco UK, said: "They broke in. A lot of them were drunk, they broke doors, spread papers everywhere and they were very aggressive. They were singing about Hamas."

UK - A liberal admits he was wrong all along

A shame it took 9/11 to do it. My hats off to the guy. This isn't some small admission about one issue, the leftist writer Andrew Anthony, admits that 9/11 forced him to admit that his entire left wing views were wrong. Now, if we could just get the rest of the left wing world to admit that they too are completely and utterly wrong.

You've got to read the whole thing but here's a long excerpt.

"In the end I reached the conclusion that 11 September had already brutally confirmed: there were other forces, far more malign than America, that lay in wait in the world. But having faced up to the basic issue of comparative international threats, could I stop the political reassessment there? If I had been wrong about the relative danger of America, could I be wrong about all the other things I previously held to be true? I tried hard to suppress this thought, to ring-fence the global situation, grant it exceptional status and keep it in a separate part of my mind. I had too much vested in my image of myself as a 'liberal'. I had bought into the idea, for instance, that all social ills stemmed from inequality and racism. I knew that crime was solely a function of poverty. That to be British was cause for shame, never pride. And to be white was to bear an unshakable burden of guilt. I held the view, or at least was unprepared to challenge it, that it was wrong to single out any culture for censure, except, of course, Western culture, which should be admonished at every opportunity. I was confident, too, that Israel was the source of most of the troubles in the Middle East. These were non-negotiables for any right-thinking decent person. I couldn't question these received wisdoms without questioning my own identity. And I had grown too comfortable with seeing myself as one of the good guys, the well-meaning people, to want to do anything that upset that image. I viewed myself as understanding, and to maintain that self-perception it was imperative that I didn't try to understand myself.

In a sense 11 September was the ultimate mugging, a murderous assertion of a new reality, or rather a reality that already existed but which we preferred not to see. Over the years I had absorbed a notion of liberalism that was passive, defeatist, guilt-ridden. Feelings of guilt governed my world view: post-colonial guilt, white guilt, middle-class guilt, British guilt. But if I was guilty, 9/11 shattered my innocence. More than anything it challenged us all to wake up and open our eyes to what was real. It took me far too long to meet that challenge. For while I realised almost straight away that 9/11 would change the world, it would be several years before I accepted that it had also changed me. I had been wrong. This was my story, after all."

This sums up perfectly almost all the leftist I've ever met or had a conversation with. And the unseen, very real tragedy and danger here is, that our universitites are filled with left wing professors who are indoctronating our young with this same poison. God help us.

BBC bans Muslim terror script

Reported by the far left Guardian no less.

"The BBC has abandoned plans to screen a fictional terrorist attack by Muslim suicide bombers in the primetime drama Casualty after internal clashes over whether the highly sensitive subject matter would cause offence."

The BBC's support for jihadists knows no bounds. Not only does the BBC cover for their jihadist in fiction, but in real life too.

The BBC goes even further and supports jihadists on their website and has no problem with offending Christians there.

Much more here.

BBC forced to removed 'bastard' slur about Jesus

The BBC is totally out of control.

"It is the latest in a string of offensive comments that BBC editors have allowed members of the public to post.

The remarks have been allowed to remain for weeks, despite complaints from religious groups. "

That is unless the remarks are about Muslims.

"Colonelartist is a regular contributor to the BBC site.

He has also written: "The jews in much remembered concentration camps had even better qualitity of freedom that these palestinians have...'

One website user wanted to see if BBC editors were allowing these offensive remarks to remain while blocking others. He wrote: "No one can surpass the Muslims for denial of their role in Terrorism and Suicide bombing." The remarks were almost immediately deleted. "

This is mild compared to the BBC's lies and fabrications but adds to the overall picture that the BBC is totally out of control.

BBC coverup in Turkish hijacking

The jihad supporting BBC once again cover for jihadists.

Here's the BBC's version of events.

"Shortly afterwards two men tried to forced their way into the cockpit.

When they did not succeed, the men asked to be flown to Iran, but the plane landed in Antalya, after the pilot claimed it needed refuelling.

Here's the Telegraph's version.

One passenger, Erhan Erkul, saw the hijackers run towards the cockpit shortly after takeoff and try, but fail, to break down the door. "They claimed to have bombs," he said.

Hakki Dogusoy, another passenger, said they had promised not to harm those on board. "They said 'We are Muslims. You are Muslims too. We will not do you any harm'," he said.

Typical of the BBC.

Muslim terror suspect allowed to stay in UK

and live in a mansion.

Meanwhile, Britain is fast turning into an Islamic state.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

U.S. captures 'high-priority' Iran officer in Baghdad

The World Tribune reports.

Russia restarts Cold War patrols

while the BBC exposes itself.

"The move came a week after Russian bombers flew within a few hundred miles of the US Pacific island of Guam. "

Do tell Auntie. Can you please explain then why you reported last week that "Russian bombers have flown to the US Pacific island of Guam in a manoeuvre reminiscent of the Cold War era."

Once again in this latest story the BBC are quite happy to quote the Russian version of things but not America's version.

"In last week's incident near Guam, the Russian pilots "exchanged smiles" with US fighter pilots who scrambled to track them, a Russian general said. "

But in last weeks version, after bizarrely claiming the US backed up Russia's version, the BBC quoted the US.

"We prepared to intercept the bombers but they did not come close enough to a US Navy ship or to the island of Guam to warrant an air-to-air intercept," the spokesman said. "

And we are forced to pay for this garbage.

The Rise and Fall of a British Muslim MP

A warning of the dangers of Islam.

"It is becoming increasingly obvious that many followers of the Islamic faith lack two qualities essential for the successful functioning of western societies: a sound moral conscience and respect for those who hold opposing points of view. Those who still harbor doubts about this need only to contemplate the downfall of Mohammad Sarwar. By doing right, he ran afoul of his own Muslim constituency.

Most ominously, this story is only a portent of more dire things to come. As the West’s Muslim population continues to expand, incidents of this kind are bound to become more frequent. The question is whether western governments can summon the will to do something about it."

And the people. Sarwar is not just a victim here either, he is part of the problem too.

"Eager to assert his Muslim identity from early on, Sarwar took the oath of office on the Koran, bucking a centuries’ old tradition of pledging allegiance to the Queen. Ever mindful of the sanctity of that Holy Writ, Sarwar insisted that the book be placed inside a protective envelope so as not to be accidentally "touched by one not of the faith."

That would be us dirty infidels.

AFP stealing photographs?

If they can't fabricate them I guess so.

Iraq - Another Democrat In Support Of The Mission

Another clear sign we are winning. There's no way a former anti-war Democrat would turn pro-war unless they were convinced we were winning.

"Baird said he would not say this if he didn't believe two things:

• "One, I think we're making real progress."

• "Secondly, I think the consequences of pulling back precipitously would be potentially catastrophic for the Iraqi people themselves, to whom we have a tremendous responsibility … and in the long run chaotic for the region as a whole and for our own security."

Another reason for "flipping", something Democrats are good at, is the political wind is blowing the other way.

"Another interesting thing about the poll, Holland said, is that it indicates that about half of those surveyed — 47 percent — feel that the military is making progress in Iraq, although slightly more — 49 percent — do not."

That's way up on previous polls I've seen and helps explain Democrats flipping. Just imagine how high the support would be if the left wing media told the truth.

US - A University Press Stands Up to terrorists

and wins. Now if only our universities could rid themselves of jihad supporting professors.

UK - TV airing for Islam's story of Christ

Here is another example of how multiculturalism is a one way street with Islam.

"There was no manger, Christ is not the Messiah, and the crucifixion never happened. A forthcoming ITV documentary will portray Jesus as Muslims see him.

With the Koran as a main source and drawing on interviews with scholars and historians, the Muslim Jesus explores how Islam honours Christ as a prophet but not as the son of God. According to the Koran the crucifixion was a divine illusion. Instead of dying on the cross, Jesus was rescued by angels and raised to heaven."

Think about this.

"However, Patrick Sookhdeo, an Anglican canon and spokesman for the Barnabas Fund, which works with persecuted Christians, accused broadcasters of double standards. Mr Sookhdeo, who was born a Muslim and converted to Christianity in 1969, said: "How would the Muslim community respond if ITV made a programme challenging Muhammad as the last prophet?"

There would be Muslims rioting around the world.

UK - How the BBC disgraced my mother

and themselves.

The BBC has been doing far worse for years.

Malaysia - Islam dims bright lights

It's what Islam does.

Friday, August 17, 2007

BBC Wikipedia scandal grows

Here's an update to my original post on the subject.

Here is a list of the more interesting edits of the 7,000 edits the BBC did to Wikipedia.

Note that some of the BBC edits are in support of terrorists while others remove criticisms of the BBC.

I'd like to see the entire 7,000 edits but the Wikipedia Scanner site seems to be down at the moment.

US - New York Times shills for terrorists

Just what you'd expect from the far left Times.

"In addition, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, which is on the list, announced that it would file a brief today asking Judge A. Joe Fish of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas to remove its name and all others from the list.

The brief, a copy of which was released yesterday, says the list furthers a pattern of the “demonization of all things Muslim” that has unrolled in the United States since 2001.

“Most people don’t understand what an unindicted co-conspirator is,” said Parvez Ahmed, CAIR’s board chairman, adding that the release of the list prompted death threats and hate mail against the council. “They think that being related to a terrorism case means we are terrorists.”"

Well Ahmed, CAIR's links to terrorism are well documented, no thanks to the New York Times.

US - Hughes: Still Reaching Out to Radicals

How can we hope to win the war on terror when our leaders don't even recognize the enemy?

Polish MEPs boycott anti-Israeli UN conference

Good for them.

US - Liberal turns on Chavez

Nice to hear it but what took him so long?

The left, including well known actors, singers and politician's, have been giving unreserved support to Chavez while he has been busy ruining the country and making himself dictator for life. Even London's jihad supporting mayor works for Chavez.

Why is the left so bent on supporting dictators like Chavez and Castro? Oh, yeah they hate America. Funny that.

Who's killing all the Muslims?

Not America or George Bush. But you wouldn't know that if you listened to the BBC.

Media Fabrications

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

More here.

As Randall notes "If this is the visible part of the iceberg, just how big is the iceberg?"


Canada - More unidirectional multiculturalism

from the left's favorite religion - Islam.

MSNBC Newsroom Booed Bush State of the Union

More proof the media are left wing.

UK - Doctors should not eat in front of Muslims

during Ramadan says Scottish NHS This is insane and it's not just limited to doctors.

"The guidance, also sent to teachers and police stations by a Scottish Muslim consultancy, includes pointers on how to accommodate staff observing Ramadan. Flexible working hours and time off to break the fast are recommended during the four weeks beginning on September 13.

Mary Scanlon, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing in the Scottish Parliament said the move was a “step too far” for political correctness and unnecessary. “Scotland is a very tolerant, sensitive and welcoming country” but she added, “I don’t see it’s necessary for Ramadan to affect the lives of people of other beliefs,” she told Times Online, “It would be like saying Protestants shouldn’t eat meat next to Catholics who want to eat fish on a Friday.”

So who is this "Scottish Muslim consultancy"? According this it's these guys. And MEEM was founded by Na'eem Raza who the BBC was happy to give a platform and who said of this announcement he was very happy indeed.

In giving his reaction the Muslim terror attack on Glasgow Airport, Raza lets you know from the start that Scotland is a racist country.

"I remember my father used to tell us stories of the difficulties he went through when he first arrived here, being called all sorts of names and the blatant racism that he faced. I could never relate to that period. We have moved on, haven't we? "

This frames the story of Muslim terrorism in the familiar "it's our fault" theme.

Notice in the first paragraph Raza prays, "Not again... not in Scotland... not in Glasgow... not the airport... please. Not Asians... Oh God, please, not Muslim." After a few days pass and more is revealed of the Muslim terror attack, Raza is relieved and has this to say: "Monday morning... it is still calm; life is moving on. The terrorists are not from Glasgow, not from Scotland!" Yes, Raza, but you left out the important part, they were Muslims.

Raza goes on to bemoan some of the comments he heard on the radio concerning Islam and Muslims and then intones:

"It is concerning that this lack or depth of knowledge should exist among our community. It is concerning that we can allow "others" to influence our community. There is something lacking in the substance of our society."

You mean like forcing non Muslims not to eat in front of Muslims Raza? Or things like banning books, piggy banks, censoring billboards, plays and movies and even the English flag - all deemed offensive by Muslims?

Raza goes on to tout how he's doing something to fight against what he sees as rising animosity towards Muslims.

"The workshops were packed out and people left aghast at the similarities between Islam and Christianity, furthermore the reverence Islam affords Jesus and his beloved mother, Mary (Peace be upon them both)."

They would be even more aghast Raza had you told them the truth and not left out things like how Christians are perseucted in all Muslim lands, how you can't bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia, that women are forbidden to drive there, Muslim honor killings and Muslim persecution of gays which carries the death penalty in most Muslim countries.

Raza also notes how his Glaswegian born wife started wearing the hijab and the adverse reaction people had to it and notes how we need to "educate each other, we need to get to know each other..." I agree Raza and to that end here is an eye opener for you, the hijab is not a religious symbol but is in fact a radical Islamic statment and is banned in several Muslim countries.

Raza then issues a call to action.

"Action together at a time when we are all facing similar issues, whether it is the climate change, secularisation of our society, terrorism, illegal wars, women's rights, discrimination, politics or homelessness. Cups of tea are not enough! "

Got that? Illegal wars - plural. Now you know which side Raza is on. As for women's rights, Raza fails to mention that Islam is the biggest abuser of women on the planet. How about starting with cleaning up your own house Raza.

Raza ends with this:

"The Islamic Society of Britain's flagship project, Islam Awareness Week ( ran with the theme of "One World" recently, focusing on our joint responsibility to the planet.

Let us continue on this journey together, let us bring change in our world, let us be real friends, but without tea! "

Raza's call for a change to one world is a call for an Islamic one. As for the Islamic Society's "Islam Awarenss Week", here's what they have to say.

"Sadly, Islam and Muslims are often portrayed as unreasonable, fanatical, intolerant, violators of human rights and anti-women. These popular images come down from age old myths and fears, often fuelled by political and economic interests and sometimes reinforced by the publicity given to extremists on the margins of Muslim society. They have led to prejudices and negative feelings about Islam and Muslims."

Saudi Arabia bans the importation of Bibles, bars women from driving and requires a male relative accompany a woman who whishes to report spouse abuse. Muslim countries around the world persecute Christians and gays face the death penalty. So called honour murders targeting women are virtually sanctioned in Muslim countries. These are not "extremists on the margins of Muslim society", this is Muslim society and Raza and his ilk are working hard to make Britain one.
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