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Leaving the left

More should.

Islam - An Anatomy of Surrender

That surrender is being led by the left wing media.

"Perhaps no Western media outlet has exhibited this habit of moral inversion more regularly than the BBC. In 2006, to take a typical example, Manchester’s top imam told psychotherapist John Casson that he supported the death penalty for homosexuality. Casson expressed shock—and the BBC, in a dispatch headlined imam accused of “gay death” slur, spun the controversy as an effort by Casson to discredit Islam. The BBC concluded its story with comments from an Islamic Human Rights Commission spokesman, who equated Muslim attitudes toward homosexuality with those of “other orthodox religions, such as Catholicism” and complained that focusing on the issue was “part of demonizing Muslims.”

In June 2005, the BBC aired the documentary Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, which sought to portray concerns about Islamic radicalism as overblown. This “stunning whitewash of radical Islam,” as Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson put it, “helped keep the British public fast asleep, a few weeks before the bombs went off in London subways and buses” in July 2005. In December 2007, it emerged that five of the documentary’s subjects, served up on the show as examples of innocuous Muslims-next-door, had been charged in those terrorist attacks—and that BBC producers, though aware of their involvement after the attacks took place, had not reported important information about them to the police."

US - Obama's terror connections

are being airbrushed out. Thankfully we have the tools to record them.

US - Cindy Sheehan files to take on Pelosi

This is great! You've got Clinton and Obama tearing the party apart from the top and the anti war groups tearing it apart from the bottom - this is great! 2008 is going to be the year the Democrat party is ripped apart and that is fantastic!

America - a life "British people can only dream"

says the BBC!! This from Justin Webb no less, whose infamous admission that he distorts the true picture of America adorns the masthead of this blog.

Justin has been living in America for 6 years and is having difficulty resovling the distored picture of America he wants to portray to the world, one the BBC wants to promote, and the true America. Just listen.

"What surprises the British tourists is that, in areas of the US that look and feel like suburban Britain, there is simply less crime and much less violent crime.

Doors are left unlocked, public telephones unbroken.

One reason - perhaps the overriding reason - is that there is no public drunkenness in polite America, simply none.

I have never seen a group of drunk young people in the entire six years I have lived here. I travel a lot and not always to the better parts of town.

It is an odd fact that a nation we associate - quite properly - with violence is also so serene, so unscarred by petty crime, so innocent of brawling. "

How can it be both Justin? How can it be "so serene" and "so innocent of brawling" and yet "quite properly" associated with violence? Because the BBC and left wing reporters like Justin want it that way.

Pakistan - Taliban sold out

for peanuts.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Iraq - Sunnis return to Maliki government

and the New York Times notices.

Iraq - "chickenhawks" come home to roost

Glenn notes these.

WATCHING THE DEMOCRATS' preliminary walkback from the antiwar movement.
Plus, the demise of the chickenhawk argument.

The great thing about this elections is that it shows what hypocrites and liars the Democrats are. We already knew that, but this election has shown it in spades.

Iraq - Basra comes to life

More success in Iraq.

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Obama back to wearing an American flag pin

I'd like to hear him explain why.

Italy - Communists wiped out

Now there's a good thing.

US - Deep inside Obama's bittergate

This is the best election ever.

I especially like the mental image of Huffington defending Obama from the elitist charge from a 454ft yacht sailing off Tahiti.

Iraq - News from Basra

is good.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

US - Hillary Clinton on gun control

First she's anti gun. Untill she's running for President and then she's pro guns.

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Iraq - Exposing Islam is the best antidote to Islam

The results are amazing when Democracy is allowed to shine the light in.


Here's a round up from Glenn. Lots more here.

The thing is, most Democrats feels this way and for the life of me I can never understand why anyone votes for them.

UK - Glasgow Airport Muslim terrorist

killed himself "for the sake of Islam".

"The following day, the 27-year-old, who has a PhD in engineering, tried to ram a Jeep Cherokee through the doors of the main terminal building at Glasgow airport. "

Two things in this report stand out and you should remember them well. One, he says he died "for the sake of Islam" and, two, he had a PhD in engineering. We continually see these Muslim terrorist freely admit that they are acting for Islam and that they come from educated and well to do backgrounds. Yet, the Islamic apologist insist Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and poverty breeds terrorism.

Friday, April 11, 2008

UK - BBC warns of 'over-cautious' Islam coverage

Yep, I had to wipe the coffee off my screen when I read this.

"In an effort to demonstrate that his remarks were not targeted solely at ensuring that Islam received journalistic scrutiny, Mr Thompson also referring to his decision to broadcast Jerry Springer, The Opera despite an avalanche of complaints from Christians unhappy at the depiction of Jesus in the satire.

“There is no point having a BBC which isn’t prepared to stand up and be counted; which will do everything it can to mitigate potential religious offence; but which will always be forthright in the defence of freedom of speech and of impartiality,” he said. "

Perhaps he would care to explain the BBC's refusal to show the Muhammad cartoons or show Fitna? Much more here.

US - New York Times attacks on John McCain


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UK - opt-out for Muslim sex offenders

More demands from Muslims.

"Muslim sex offenders could be allowed to opt out of a treatment programme being run by the Prison Service because it is against their religion. "

I like this comment.

"I'm confused...if their religion is truly so important to them then why did they carry out these acts & commit crimes in the first place? Seems ever so slightly hypocritical..."

Probably because, in their eyes, there was no crime in the first place.

US - AQ mastermind of London bombings dead

Read the whole thing and follow the links.

"Spend five minutes on the Times piece, though, as it includes some unusual passages about the degradation of AQ’s capabilities over the last six years. It’s an article of absolute faith among most of the media that they’re as strong as they’re ever been post-9/11 and are only getting stronger; the fact that the chief of external operations was allegedly reduced to personally training recruits in the art of bombmaking suggests otherwise."

US - What Is the Cost of Freedom?

Any price is too much for the left.

US - Hillary Clinton Urges President Bush to Skip

opening Olympic ceremony.

Strange. The Clinton's have always been very chummy with the Chinese.

US - More Good News: Seattle Times Axes 200

All over America left wing media outlets are being torn down, and that is great news.

US - Obama: We Need More White People

Imagine a Republican saying they needed more Blacks.

US - Army unit exceeds reenlistment goal in 6 months

That's right, it took only 6 months for the 3rd ID to exceed its reenlistment goal. However, this isn't just any old Army unit.

"In case that wasn't clear, I'll explain: the 3ID - the Division that took Baghdad in 2003, did a second tour in Iraq in 2005, and then bore the brunt of the surge in 2007, exceeded it's re-enlistment goal for FY2008 half way through the year. "

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Iraq: Al-Mahdi army offers to lay down its arms

If this pans out it will be great news. Note this:

"Aides to Hojatoleslam Moqtada al-Sadr said that he would send delegations to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a moderate religious leader in Najaf, and to senior clerics in Iran to consult on whether he should stand down his 60,000-strong al-Mahdi Army."

So why is Sadr thinking the unthinkable? Here's why.

Someone tell Pelsoi.

Cuba - A day in a Guantanamo detainee's life

Another fabricated story by the LA Times. Note the 370-word "For the Record" correction which refutes Williams entire report. Norally, newspapers issue a retraction for such shoddy reporting, but not the LA Times. This way the LA Times gets to have its cake and eat it too. Jihadists will simply delete the "corrections" and republish the article for their anti western purposes. The Left will take this as a wink and a nod, yeah it's fake but accurate.

US - John Murtha (D) "Guilty"

But since he's a Democrat, nothing will happen. Lots more here. Watch the video and you'll see why Pennsylvania votes Democrat.

Iraq - Listen to the commanders

That's what the Democrats claim but listen to what they say to try and get elected.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

US - Left wing Media Matters declines

after being exposed.

Compare their decline to the New York Times.

Americans are seeing through the left wing lies.

US - Walls closing in on Fred Phelps

Glenn links to a report on the troubles at Phelps church. In that post, Glenn relays this email from Roger Simon.

"Reader M. Simon emails: "No mention of the fact that Phelps was active in Democrat Party political activities. Why? You don't have to answer. :-)" And reader Chris Smith writes: "So now, if Phelps trots out some jeremiads of the Wright sort, will he get media sympathy?" It's doubtful. He lacks proper heritage."

Now, when I posted about Phelps links to the Democrats, complete with photographs of Phelps with Gore, the blogsphere, left and right, went nuts calling me all kinds of names. What will they make of Simon's comments then?

Iraq - Real Political Progress

The truth Pelosi doesn't want America to hear.

US - The Decline of the New York Times

is the fault of one man and his far left wing views. I think some credit should go to bloggers who rose during this same time period. After all, it's bloggers who continually expose the Time's far left wing journalists and their shoddy reporting.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

US - Clinton Testimony on FBI Files Blocked

Too bad. As an habitual liar, Hillary would most surely commit perjury and go to jail for that. Hubby Bill should certainly go to jail for this:

"The conservative group Judicial Watch has been seeking Clinton's deposition since 1996. The lawsuit is over the Clinton White House's acquisition of hundreds of FBI files on Republican appointees in the White House during previous administrations."

China reveals Iran's nuclear secrets to UN

So, what do the left wing defenders of Iran have to say about this?

US - CHELSEA CLINTON engaging Kyoto revisionism

Like mother, like daughter. Seems the Clinton's have passed on their inability to tell the truth to their daughter Chelsea.
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