Sunday, April 28, 2013

"How They Succeeded"

This is what our kids should be being taught at school.

Each chapter is a short interview with one successful person and the same question is asked: What advice to you have on how to succeed for young people today?  From Edison to Carnegie to Rockerfeller the answer is always the same.  There is no secret to success but there are keys and these successful people give them to you.

However, there is one answer, one key - "One ring to rule them all" - to put in the language of today's youth, and that is PERSEVERANCE.  It was true before their time, during their time and it's true today.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The internet unlocked something dark in humanity.

Is "unlocked" the right word?  I think exposed is more accurate.  And that's a good thing isn't it?  Take these comments for example:

"Using the examples of church sex scandals, politicians’ expenses and phone-hacking, he added: ‘In the last few  years every single pillar of society has collapsed one after the other.

‘I can’t remember as a boy growing up that so many  pillars were found to be so rotten."

The Internet didn't "unlock" these misdeeds - it exposed them - informing the world and allowing something to be done about them.

In addition, these pillars were rotten decades ago and only fell in the last few years thanks to the Internet.  He can't remember the pillars being so rotten because there was no Internet to expose them when he was a boy.

I don't know if a book has been written on the subject but, someone should write one.

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