Friday, June 30, 2006

US - Air America continues to disintegrate

The liberal radio, Air America,continues to crash and burn.

US - NSA program:storm in a teacup?

USA Today starts the rollback.

Canada - Jihad: all in the family

The Globe and Mail report.

Wives of four of the central figures arrested last month were among the most active on the website, sharing, among other things, their passion for holy war, disgust at virtually every aspect of non-Muslim society and a hatred of Canada. The posts were made on personal blogs belonging to both Mr. Amara and Ms. Farooq, as well as a semi-private forum founded by Ms. Farooq where dozens of teens in the Meadowvale Secondary School area chatted. The vast majority of the posts were made over a period of about 20 months, mostly in 2004, and the majority of those were made by the group's female members.

And you thought Islam was a religion of peace.

US - MSM ignore UN oil for food scandal

But the word still gets out.

US - Muslims and Communists marching together

More proof, if you needed it, that Muslims and Communists have joined forces.

US - Democrats claim Republicans shun Bush

But as usual when the facts don't fit the Democrats just make it up.

Powerline and Gateway Pundit, who has photos, report the truth.

This is the sad state of the Democrats. They will say and do anything to get back in power.

UK - Full nuclear weapons debate urged

There are two glaring omissions from this BBC report.

Iran and North Korea.

Iraq leader meets rebel groups to talk peace

The Times (UK) reports.

NOURI AL-MALIKI, the Iraqi Prime Minister, has held face-to-face talks with insurgent groups after he announced a reconciliation plan designed to bring an end to the violence in the country, his office told The Times last night.

“These have been direct and indirect contacts with Mr al-Maliki from different groups since the initiative was announced . . . Part of it was direct and the other part was indirect through intermediaries,” Yassin Majid, Mr al-Maliki’s director of media relations, said.


Iraq oil flows as pipeline attacks halt

More progress.

BEIJI, Iraq - For more than two years the attacks came like clockwork. As soon as the military secured and workers repaired the pipelines from Iraq’s northern oil fields, just when the valves were about to open, insurgents would strike.

But roughly three weeks ago they suddenly stopped, letting crude oil flow freely from Iraq’s vast reserves near Kirkuk.

Perhaps insurgents feared reprisals in Salahuddin province, where pipelines from Kirkuk flow to the country’s largest refinery in Beiji. Maybe terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s death disrupted a chain of command that ordered the attacks, military officials said.

Of course, things like this help.

And then there's the eleven insurgent groups that want negotiations.

Still others point to these success.

This certainly helps.

Then there are these spreading all over Iraq which are helping.

Iraq's taking control certainly helps.

The death of Zarqawi and the capture of a treasure trove of intelligence continues to result in the capture of more al Qaeda. Which has caused the terrorists to flee Ramadi.

The British recently turned over control of a southeren province to the Iraqi security forces.

All of this just in June alone!


Iraq leader meets rebel groups to talk peace

UK - Muslim's inflating the numbers

A tactic increasingly used by Muslims to bolster their case that they are under attack, is to report any thing they consider to be anti-Islamic to the police. In this way the statistics are manipulated to make it seem like Muslims are indeed under attack. This tactic was pioneered in the US by the terror linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Now, British Muslims are organizing to do the same. And who do they want British Muslims to send their complaints to? You guessed it - CAIR.

"Support CAIR,

If you come across anti-Islam websites that break the law, by inciting hatred, spreading lies, and calls for genocide, send reports to:

CONTACT: Ibrahim Hooper, E-Mail:;

Rabiah Ahmed, E-Mail:

The more emails and support CAIR get, the stronger the action they can take."

By all means, British Muslims should report actual cases of abuse. But inflating the numbers with bogus claims minimizes the ligitimate claims.

And one has to wonder why British Muslims would want to support an organization with known links to terrorism. Sadly, British Muslims have a history of such support. Search my blog using MAB and MCB and you'll see what I mean.

US - Fox News: "Hamas thugs"

Way to go Fox News! Call a spade a spade.

Charles notes Fox News has a picture and caption calling Hamas thugs.

Israel Hits Palestinian Interior Ministry

Warplanes pummel Gaza; Hamas thugs reportedly offer conditional release of kidnapped soldier

While the picture has changed the caption's the same. Here is a screen shot.


Islam - Coming out isn't easy

Harry's Place reports on a new film out on the subject.

The left will join with Islamists and Communists but won't speak out against Muslim abuses of gays and women. What does that tell you about the left today? Harry's Place takes some heat for pointing these things out.

UK - BBC:Trouble with the "T" word

Harry's place reports on the many faces of the BBC.

Iraq - Army captures 52 terrorists/takes over Mosul

More progress.

Afghanistan - Karzai expands his control

In a sign of the success the current offensive to root out the remaining Taleban, the National Police have opened a southeren regional command.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, June 29, 2006 — The Afghan National Police sent a message to all enemies of Afghanistan recently with the opening of the Regional Command South here.[...]

In addition to a new compound, Afghan National Police South officers received 5,000 new uniforms, 2,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 5,000 pistols, 500 police vehicles, and 43 rocket propelled grenades.


US - Protesting the New York Times

Michelle has the details.

US - Guantanamo and the Supreme Court

As with most news these days, if you really want to know what's going on, you have to read blogs.

Michelle has more.

Bottom line - Gitmo isn't closing and this isn't over yet.

More here.

Iraq - negotiations

Counter Terrorism takes a look.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Iraq - Many successes go unreported

Sadly, they do.

Kuwaitis vote in landmark polls

Nice to see the BBC reporting on good news from the Middle East.

Kuwaitis are voting in parliamentary elections which, for the first time, allow women to cast ballots and stand as candidates.

But there's still more work to do.

Early voting was heavy in this women-only polling station. Under rules written in 2005 men and women must vote separately.

Still, it is progress.

Kuwait's parliament is considered to be the strongest of those in the Gulf monarchies, and the National Assembly often expresses differences of opinion with cabinet in a robust fashion.

What the BBC fail to mention, is that none of this would have been possible if the US hadn't kicked Saddam out and returned the country to the Kuwaitis.

US - Why SWIFT mattered and the Times doesn't

Powerline reports.

US - Londonistan calling

More people from across the pond are starting to notice Londonistan.

They're also noticing the role the BBC is playing in enabling Britain to be turned into an Islamic state.

UK - BBC rejects call to use terror and terrorism

No surprise there.

The BBC has rejected a call made by an independent panel studying charges of bias in its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to change its editorial policies on the use of the word "terrorist" and appoint a senior editor to oversee its Middle East coverage.

Using the word "terrorist" to describe attacks on civilians, BBC management argued in a paper released June 19, would make the "very value judgments" it had been asked to eschew.

An independent panel in May found the BBC's reporting from Israel did "not consistently constitute a full and fair account of the conflict but rather, in important respects, presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture."

Yes, but remember, the investigation covered just one year and that was the year Sharon had his stroke. A fuller investigation would have proven the truth that the BBC is a danger to us all.

Gaza - Accidental grenade explosion kills two Palestinians

AFP reports.

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Two Palestinians were killed and another seven, including a baby, wounded when a grenade accidentally exploded in the southern Gaza Strip.

Family members were playing with a grenade in the town of Khan Yunis when it exploded, killing 23-year-old Qassem Massud and his one-year-old niece, medical and security sources said Wednesday.

All the casualties were members of the same family.

This is probably what happened in the Gaza beach explosion last week.

UK - Londonistan Follies

With the first anniversary of the Muslim terror attacks on 7/7, it's worth revsiting Daniel Pipes.

When you're done with that, read this and follow the links.

Will Britain ever wake up? I fear not.

Islamist - What do they want?

Mellanie posts a review of her book, "Londonistan", by Michael Gove Conservative MP for Surrey Heath.

"Phillips explores the ideology that motivated the terrorists who struck last year, and those who targeted America in 2001, showing that they were driven by a murderous belief system which perverts religious faith just as Nazis perverted nationalism, rather than by specific injustices or grievances. She shows up the foolishness of believing that the violence of Islamist terrorists can be bought off by territorial concessions. They will no more be satisfied with control of, say, Gaza, than the Nazis were satisfied with the Sudetenland. Islamist terrorists are fired by a radical programme to establish totalitarian rule across every land in which Muslims have ever lived, so their demands are, literally, nonnegotiable."

That is what many on the left and the left wing media fail to understand or choose to ignore in this war on terror. Thier blind hatred of the right and their obsession to be in power, has blinded them to who the real enemy is. Newsweek and the BBC continually prove that case.

UK - BBC Prisoner Sob Story Hides Terrorist Facts

LFG reports on more terrorist cover up by the BBC. More proof of whose side the BBC is on.

via Biased BBC.

US - al Qaeda is a "myth"

Just as the BBC did before them, Newsweek claim al Qaeda is a myth. That would be the same Newsweek that fabricated the Koran desecration story that caused Muslims to riot and kill around the world.

The Myth of Al Qaeda

"Before 9/11, Osama bin Laden’s group was small and fractious. How Washington helped to build into a global threat."

Gee, I wonder why Clinton launched a million dollar cruise missile at him then?

Notice Hirsh fails to mention the pre 9/11 attacks like the Khobar towers, the two US embassy bombings, the USS Cole attack, the first WTC attack, the attempt on LAX airport and Afghanistan - just to mention a few. And those were just the attacks on us. What about these failed attacks?

Christmas Eve 1994, seven years before 9-11, Islamic terrorists from Algeria tried to fly an Airbus into the Eiffel Tower.

Then there's the foiled 9/11 attack on Parliament. The link is here and includes a link to what happened to the Muslim terrorist behind the foiled attack.

In fact, Hirsh fails to mention the numerous failed al Qaeda attacks around the world before 9/11.

If al Qaeda was "small and fractious" before 9/11, how were they able to carry out all those attacks as well as plan and execute 9/11 itself?

Newsweek said the exact opposite before the last election.

Qaeda's Pre-Election Plot

Exclusive: With an eye on striking America, bin Laden's network is hard at work. On the trail of its targets and tactics

For several months, the U.S. government had been picking up reports from its spies, electronic intercepts and "liaison services" (friendly intelligence services) of a Qaeda plot to strike the American homeland before the November election. High-level Qaeda operatives had been traveling from around the world to the outlaw wilds along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, apparently to meet and plan, NEWSWEEK has learned. These terror summits had an uncanny resemblance to the Qaeda meeting in Malaysia in January 2000 that firmed up the 9/11 plot.

And this from Newsweek.

In the August 16 Newsweek cover story, "Target: America" (on newsstands Monday, August 9), Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman and Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas report on the investigations and arrests of high-level Al Qaeda operatives that raised the terror alert to "Code Orange." There can be little doubt that Al Qaeda is trying to strike the American homeland before Nov. 2.

Here's Newsweek cover for that report.

Newsweek didn't seem to think al Qaeda was "small and fractious" or a "myth" back then.

The BBC, the New York Times and Newsweek continue to provide proof of the danger the left wing media are to our very existence.

Write to Newsweek and let them know how you feel.

Iraq - Coalition raids find success

Zarqawi information still paying off.

Iraq - Eleven Insurgent groups offer to halt attacks

The AP reports.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered an immediate halt to all attacks — including those on American troops — if the United States agrees to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq in two years, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Isn't that pretty much the target date anyway? At this rate, the terrorists, like the Democrats, will get the date correct and claim they forced the US to leave.

US - The U.N.’s Day in Court

NRO reports.

In an opening statement Tuesday, federal prosecutor Michael Farbiarz told the jury that “Iraqi agents had been working since 1991 to try to eliminate the sanctions, to try and create a major exception to them on the way to wholesale elimination.” For five years, Iraq worked without success. “But starting in 1996,” alleged Farbiarz, “The Iraqi cash began flowing to Tongsun Park. It flowed all year long. Sure enough, by the end of that year…the Iraqis got their multibillion dollar exception to the UN sanctions, the so-called Oil-for-Food program.”

Alleging that “Cash by the bagful was sent from Iraq to the United States and doled out here by an Iraqi agent to Tongsun Park,” Farbiarz outlined a tale of secret swaps of messages and money in New York cafes and restaurants; night-time meetings at the Sutton Place official residence of former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali; a close encounter with longtime U.N. eminence Maurice Strong, who served as a top adviser to both Boutros-Ghali and then to Kofi Annan; and an episode in which Park in 1997 picked up cash from Saddam’s number two man in Iraq, Tariq Aziz, and “drove out of the Iraqi desert over the Jordanian border.” (Boutros-Ghali, Strong, and Annan have all denied any wrong-doing in relation to Oil-for-Food.)

Despite what Annan and the BBC claim, Paul Volcker, the man who headed the oil for food investigation, did not clear Annan of wrongdoing.

Iraq - wanton murder and press hypocrisy

Norm takes a look.

Palestinian terrorist claim fired chemical-tipped warhead

If true, I wonder where they came from?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

US - Treason Times

Michelle has a post about the New York Times tipping off terrorists in advance of an FBI raid.

She also has a list of advertisers to the Times should you care to email them and ask them to withdraw their advertising.

Israel - Hamas will not "recognise Israel"

Despite what the media, including the BBC said, Hamas never said it would recognize Israel.

At 1824 the BBC had this to say about the alleged Hamas statement.

Hamas 'implicitly accepts Israel'

Palestinian militant group Hamas has agreed to a document backing a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel, officials say.

The initiative, devised by Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, implicitly recognises the Jewish state.

Wonder who those unnamed officials were?

Despite reversing the story 3 hours later, the original story is still there - uncorrected.

The correct story is this:

However, Hamas negotiators have denied earlier reports that the deal meant the militants would implicitly recognise Israel - a major policy shift.

Sure there could have been a mistake or stories change. All the more reason for the BBC to make a correction to its earlier story.

Denmark - Nine Muslims convicted in "honor killing"

More from the religion of peace.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Nine people were convicted on Tuesday of murder or accessory to murder in the killing of a 19-year-old woman gunned down by her older brother two days after her wedding because her Pakistani family disapproved of her choice of husband.


US - 73% have great confidence in our military

This despite the constant attacks from the left wing media.

US - Former UN chief named in Oil-for-Food scandal

The trial begins.

US - New York Times plays flipper

Just like John Kerry.

The New York Times revealed, over government objections, a secret and legal operation to catch terrorists. This is the very program this same New York Times called for in the days just after 9/11. Here is what the Times called for back in September 2001.

Organizing the hijacking of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon took significant sums of money. The cost of these plots suggests that putting Osama bin Laden and other international terrorists out of business will require more than diplomatic coalitions and military action. Washington and its allies must also disable the financial networks used by terrorists.

The Bush administration is preparing new laws to help track terrorists through their money-laundering activity and is readying an executive order freezing the assets of known terrorists. Much more is needed, including stricter regulations, the recruitment of specialized investigators and greater cooperation with foreign banking authorities. There must also must be closer coordination among America's law enforcement, national security and financial regulatory agencies.

Which is exactly what we were doing until the New York Times, in an effort to boost sagging sales, exposed the secret operation.

People should boycott the New York Times.

UK - Muslims anti-Jewish/pro conspiracy

The Khaleej Times reports.

The 1.6-million-strong British Muslim community, most of whom originate from south Asia, also appear to be the most anti-Jewish, with only 32 percent having a favourable opinion of Jews compared with 71 percent of French Muslims. [in other words 68 percent have a bad opinion of Jews]

British Muslims are also by far the most fond of the conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, with only 17 percent believing Arabs were involved.

You can thank the left wing media for that.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK - The roots of Islamism

The Times (UK) reports.

"In the second extract from his book Celsius 7/7, Michael Gove claims Islamism is not a campaign to restore piety but a revolutionary attempt to re-make society"

Here's one thing that stood out for me.

"The belief that Islam's sovereignty over the whole globe is necessary and total was powerfully displayed on BBC TV's Newsnight in February 2006. Anjem Choudray, one of the leaders of the UK Islamist group al-Ghurabaa, rejected the suggestion that he might be happier pursuing his fundamentalist approach to religion and politics outside the secular and liberal political culture of the UK. England, he informed the viewers, "belongs to Allah". And just in case we didn't appreciate just how far short of Allah's, and his, standards, we fell, Choudray utterly rejected any notion of accommodating his beliefs and practices to the norms of our democratic society, arguing, "if you put me in the jungle, should I behave like an animal? Of course, not"

Choudray sound familiar? He should. He's one of the organizers of an upcoming seminar to try and find ways to prevent another 7/7. When's the seminar? 7/7

At the same time London will be hosting a festival to celebrate Islam. But look who's coming to dinner.

The Islamization of Britain is gathering pace.

UK - No shows at rendition protests

Earlier today I posted about the no shows at protests surrounding alleged CIA rendition flights at Scotland's airports.

I had this to say in that post.

"the BBC reports that no one showed up to protest at Edinburgh or Prestwick and that only 6 showed up at Glasgow."

True to form my resident leftist troll, Sonic, chimed in with an I gotcha and challenged me to read the BBC article again. I did and here is what it now says:

"Police said about six campaigners joined a protest at Glasgow Airport. Demonstrators said that 30 people staged a protest at Edinburgh Airport. "

Notice it says "Demonstrators said..."

So, what happended? Stealth editing by the BBC of course.

Here is what the original BBC report said.

And here is the new stealth edited version.

Why did the BBC change their story? The BBC tell you why.

"Demonstrators said that 30 people staged a protest at Edinburgh Airport. "

So, the BBC takes the words of protesters now does it?

My guess is, judging from the time of the first BBC report at 3:45 pm, the BBC were just late to the story and the protesters had already left.

Now, Sonic being a troll is none to bright. To prove his point he gives us a link to some photogrpahs by his leftist pals. Some protesters may have eventually shown up but does this look like 30 protesters to you?

Even if we give him 30, not much of a protest now is it?

What this shows to me is that the BBC need to stop using stealth edits and use updates instead.

While it's still available here's the cache copy of the original BBC story.

US - Did Murtha urge the Times to reveal secrets?

Maybe. Follow the links to update number 2 on Michelle's post.

Iraq - Hibhib Water Treatment Plant Opens

More progress in Iraq.

The project, a joint effort between the Iraqi government and coalition forces, will provide clean water for up to 4,000 people.


US - MSM finally notice Kos's paranoia

The Columbia Jounalism Review notes two reports, one in The New York Times and one in Newsweek, pointing out the rantings of "screw them" Kos.

As many note, the more Kos rants the more the spotlight is shown on his site - and people don't like what they see. This is why the candidates Kos endorses lose. Last presidential election every one of the 15 candidates he supported lost.

It's good to see MSM finally reporting on these loony kool aid drinking kos kids.


Glenn has a lot more on what's going on with Kos.

UK - BBC fails to inform on CIA flight charges

The BBC continues to leave out important details on CIA rendition flight charges.

The BBC devote an entire article to a report by Swiss Senator Dick Marty on his accusations of secret CIA flights. But the BBC fail to inform the public that two seperate EU investigations found nothing illegal or abusive. One investigation was done by a European rights group.

But so far investigators have not identified any human rights violations, despite more than 50 hours of testimony by human rights activists and individuals who said they were abducted by US intelligence agents, de Vries said.

''We've heard all kinds of allegations, impressions; we've heard also refutations. It's up to your committee to weigh if they are true. It does not appear to be proven beyond reasonable doubt," he said. ''There has not been, to my knowledge, evidence that these illegal renditions have taken place."

If people still want to investigate further and the BBC wants to report that, fine. But the BBC should report the whole story.

UK - Two terror suspects due in court

The BBC reports.

Two men are due to appear in Bow Street Magistrates' Court in connection with an investigation into an international terrorist plot.

A 21-year-old Bradford man, who was arrested last week, faces charges of conspiracy to murder and causing public nuisance with poison or explosives.

And a 28-year-old man, from London, is accused of separate offences under the Terrorism Act 2000.


Monday, June 26, 2006

US - New York Times at War With America

Michael Barone reports.

Read the whole thing but here's his conclusion.

"Why do they hate us? Why does the Times print stories that put America more at risk of attack? They say that these surveillance programs are subject to abuse, but give no reason to believe that this concern is anything but theoretical. We have a press that is at war with an administration, while our country is at war against merciless enemies. The Times is acting like an adolescent kicking the shins of its parents, hoping to make them hurt while confident of remaining safe under their roof. But how safe will we remain when our protection depends on the Times?"

The same questions can be asked of the BBC.


Who said this?

"...arrested twice at antiwar demonstrations. After the second time, the young activist memorably told his father, a former first lieutenant of Marines, that were a single American soldier to come upon a single North Vietnamese soldier, he would prefer that it be the American who was shot."

New York Times Publisher Author O. Sulzberger

Iraq - Seven Terror groups seek truce

MSNBC reports.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Seven Sunni Arab insurgent groups have contacted the government to declare their readiness to join in efforts at national reconciliation, a key Shiite legislator said Monday.


UK - Planned events for 7/7 anniversary

I don't think I've read anywhere about any planned rememberance events for the victims of the Muslim terror attack on London last year. What do we get instead?

Well, the Muslim terrorists are holding a seminar and London is holding an Islam Expo - from the 6th through the 9th.

The terrorist seminar is being organized by banned Muslim terrorist Muhammad Bakri and the Islam Expo is being organized by London's terrorist loving mayor, Red Ken Livingstone.

While Bakri will be recruiting more terrorists, some of Livingstone's speakers will be telling anyone who will listen that terrorism is all our fault. The names of some of those to speak should raise some eyebrows.

Iqbal Sacranie- Former Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain will speak. Sacranie once remarked that "'There is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist. This is deeply offensive." Search my blog using MCB and you'll find the MCB's links to terrorism.

Tariq Ramadan, who is banned from entering the US, will be speaking.

Lindsey German, a Communist and a leader of the Stop the War Coalition will also speak.

Yvonne Ridley will speak. Here's what she thinks about Muslim terror attacks like the ones on 7/7 last year. "...there is something rather repugnant about some of those who rush to renounce acts of terrorism."

Seumas Milne of the Guardian will be there. You may remember it was the Guardian who, in The Aslam Affair, used a terrorist sympathiser to write an article sympathetic to the 7/7 terrorists.

Several people from the Stop the War Coalition and disgraced Galloway's RESPECT party will be there. As will several people from the BBC.

Saleh Al-Wuheibi- Secretary General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth will speak. Here is what Front Page has to say about WAMY.

"What is WAMY? Simply, the Saudi equivalent of the Hitler Youth: a hate-mongering, ultraextremist group preaching, among other niceties, that Shia Muslims are not real Muslims, but products of a Jewish conspiracy. It is under continuing investigation for involvement in al Qaeda funding. "

LGF notes this about WAMY.

In an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia, David Kane, a senior special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, quoted provocative sections of books published by WAMY. One of the books said, “Teach our children to love taking revenge on the Jews and the oppressors, and teach them that our youngsters will liberate Palestine and al-Quds [Jerusalem] when they go back to Islam and make jihad for the sake of Allah.”

It goes on and on....

Lodonsistan is what it's called and for good reason.

What of the victims?

Iraq - BBC spreads looting myth

The vaunted BBC, with it's multi-million pounds and thousands of jornalists, repeats a myth surrounding the bogus story of looting of the antiquities at the Iraq National Museum. And they repeat the lie that American troops stood by and did nothing. Here's what Lisa Jardine writes on the BBC's website.

Following the invasion of Iraq, the world watched in horror as the National Museum in Baghdad - left vulnerable and unguarded - was ransacked by looters, who removed any artefact that could be carried away, and destroyed or damaged many more in situ.

American troops posted to protect the nearby Oil Ministry and its documents - judged crucial for the functioning of Iraq's oil industry - did nothing.

What is now Iraq was once the cradle of civilisation. The astonishing remains of its ancient peoples are an important part of our western civilisation. Amid the disorder of war they became the West's responsibility. How could we have failed to protect Iraq's unique and precious cultural heritage?

Well Lisa, how could the "world watch" something that didn't happen? How could US soldiers stand by and do nothing about something that wasn't happening? How could looters remove things that weren't there?

Here's what the Telegraph (UK) reports on this bogus story.

Officials at the National Museum of Iraq have blamed shoddy reporting amid the "fog of war" for creating the impression that the majority of the institution's 170,000 items were looted in the aftermath of the fall of Baghdad.

A carefully prepared storage plan, used in the Iran-Iraq war and the first Gulf war, ensured that tens of thousands of pieces were saved, they said. They now believe that the number of items taken was in the low thousands, and possibly hundreds.

"Reporters came in and saw empty shelves and reached the conclusion that all was gone. But before the war we evacuated all of the small pieces and emptied the show cases except for fragile or heavy material that was difficult to move." Some pieces were hidden in the vaults of the central bank and others at secret locations, he added.

How about a retraction and an apology Lisa?

Ironically, I stumbled upon this report when reading this BBC report about blogs and announcing the BBC's new "Editors" blog. The report says this:

If you believe the hype, blogs are as significant as the invention of the printing press for their ability to change the way the world will be seen. If on the other hand you believe the counter-hype, blogs are a self-indulgence which pander to dull people's misguided beliefs that they have something interesting to say.

You mean like documenting the BBC's bias?

US - Saddam's UN links to be aired in court

The Times (UK) reports.

US - Montana mom fighing Al Qaeda

from home.

Iraq - Oil production surges

The AP reports more good news from Iraq.

UK - Smoking ban a success

Trade is up at my local.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

UK - War on Terror: What the BBC leave out

Biased BBC notes important information the BBC leave out.

World - Homegrown Muslim terrorism on the rise

The Globe and Mail (Canada) reports.

Londonistan gets a mention.

Then, last fall, a rapid-fire series of arrests occurred in Bosnia, Britain and Denmark. The most significant figure captured in these raids is believed to be a Londoner whose alleged nom de guerre is Irhabi 007, which translates as "Terrorist 007."

He is understood to have been a key al-Qaeda propagandist who used the Internet to incite angry young Muslims worldwide toward localized jihad.

Note the "localized jihad".

Islam - Why the silence over Muslim attacks?

The Las Vegas Sun investigates.

"But there is another reason for the silence - one that for many overrides all others.

Why, many Muslims ask, should they have to speak out against, or apologize for, actions of radicals who do not represent them - people they do not even regard as true Muslims?

Many find the very idea of being asked or expected to denounce such acts "extremely offensive and insulting," said Khurshid Drabu, a senior member of the Muslim Council of Britain."

Drabu would say that since, as you can see here, the MCB has links to terrorism.

The MCB's secretary general, Iqbal Sacranie, goes further and claims:

'There is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist. This is deeply offensive. Saying Muslims are terrorists would be covered by this provision' [the proposed religious hate law] .

How can you protest aganist something that doesn't exist? And yet British Muslims have protested against bin Laden and denounced terrorism.

Add to this the British government's support for the MCB and things start to get confusing.

Then there is, for Muslims, the fear factor. Fear from their own Muslim community that they will be branded traitors and un-Islamic if they denounce Muslim terrorism. Come again? Given the cases the Sun points out, it's hardly surprising.

But what happens when a bogus story of Koran desecration appears, a play critical of Islam is put on, a mosque is attacked or Muhammad is depicted in the media? Suddenly Muslim fears evaporate and they find their collective voice; riots and protest marches ensue. What prompted UK Muslims to take to the streets and protest against bin Laden as I noted above?

On Saturday 25th Feb Muslim groups held another rally in central London, making it the fifth since the Danish cartoons controversy flared up in late January. This however was not about the cartoons but organised by Shia groups to protest against the bombing of holy shrines in Iraq, with popular chants including 'Down with Osama Bin Laden' and 'Say no to terrorism'.

When we are attacked Muslims remain silent but when they feel under attack they find their voice. The MCB and MAB, with the blessing of the British government, reinforce this stance.

Anti-war westeners along with Muslims, who brand Bush and Blair terrorists and the Iraq war an act of terrorism, have no problem taking to the streets and proclaiming "not in my name". Presumedly Bush and Blair "don't represent them", yet they don't remain silent and they have no fear of being called un-Islamic by the Muslim community. Is it wrong of us to ask Muslims to take to the streets after Muslim terror attacks on 9/11, 3/11 or 7/7 and proclaim "not in our name"?

You can't have it both ways.

UK - Militant Muslims have the megaphone

Nice to see the Times (UK) report on something I've been saying for quite some time.

The success of the MCB, MAB and their allies in dominating the public debate, shaping public policy and driving the media conversation has been profoundly damaging. A narrow version of Islam has been privileged, theological conservatism reinforced and political radicalism given room to advance. A rising generation has been encouraged by those Muslims most prominent in public life to put their Islamic identity ahead of their British citizenship. That generation will have heard the Muslims most fêted by government pay tribute to terrorist leaders and fundamentalist ideologues as figures worthy of respect. That generation will also have had its sense of grievance nurtured even as its sense of separateness has been reinforced. For Islamists and their allies, it has been a golden prospect.

Search my blog using MCB and MAB and you'll find their connections to terrorism.

The BBC are helping drive "the media converstation" for the Islamists.

Will Britain wake up before it's too late? This Times article and my earlier post are not encouraging.

France - Leading imam suspected of terror financing

As I keep saying, they pretend to be "moderates" and say what we want to hear and then secretly they continue to support Muslim terrorists.

PARIS (Reuters) - One of the leading imams in France's large Muslim minority appeared with his son before a Paris judge on Friday on suspicion of financing terrorism, a judicial source said.

Dhaou Meskine, secretary general of the Council of French Imams, and his son Malek were being investigated for suspicious movements of funds between bank accounts of Muslim associations they managed and several foreign countries, the source said.

They have not been able to explain the origin of the funds and are thought to have misused donations received by their organisations in a campaign to buy holiday properties in Normandy, the source added.


UK - Center of the Jihadist World

While Iraq is the center for the war on terror, the UK remains a key player for the jihadists - there's a reason they call it Londonistan.

On the first anniversary of the 7/7 Muslim terror attacks on London, Muslims are holding a seminar and conference to "...discuss ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks and the reasons behind them. " In fact, the seminar is being organized by Muslim terrorists.

One week after the Muslim terror attack on London, National Review Online took a look at "Londonistan". In that report NRO details the deep roots of al Qaeda in Britain and notes this:

Another cleric, Omar Bakri Mohammed, was the leader of the extremist British group al-Muhajiroun, which according to the British government has strong ties to terror. Bakri had written and published on his website an open letter to bin Laden, which was also read aloud at several mosques in 1999. In the letter Bakri offered his service to the al Qaeda leader. A year prior to that, bin Laden had faxed a letter to Bakri guiding him on the principles of jihad against the United States.

And Bakri is organizing the seminar to be held on the anniversary of the 7/7 Muslim terror attack on London.

Al Ghurabba, led by the controversial preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, organizes the conference. He left London after the attacks to Beirut and has been forbidden from returning to Britain.

One year on and it's still Londonistan. Has Britain learned nothing?

In a lengthly article the New York Times takes a look at Londonistan one year on and finds not much has improved.

It's not a matter of if there will be more attacks, it's just a matter of when.


This Telegraph report agrees and says the attack may be a dirty bomb attack.


The Times (UK) reports on how the British government is actually empowering militant Muslims in the UK. Search my blog using MAB and MCB and you'll find their connections to terrorism.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

UK - 'No show' for rendition demonstrations

the BBC reports that no one showed up to protest at Edinburgh or Prestwick and that only 6 showed up at Glasgow.

And in Hungary only 6 people showed up at a protest against Gitmo and they were the organizers!

It would seem many people are no longer buying the media and left wing hype about these issues.

That doesn't stop the BBC from trying to mislead you.

"A recent Council of Europe inquiry said CIA flights carrying terror suspects used the Prestwick airport to stop off on route to secret detention camps."

What the BBC, as usual, fail to tell you is that two seperate EU investigations found nothing.

Iraq - Hitch spacks down Reagan Jr.

Great stuff.


Islam - The Left repeating mistakes

They certainly are.

Gaza - Rape in war 'a growing problem'

According to the BBC it's the fault of the EU and US. I kid you not.

Sexual violence has also been linked to development funding. Cases in Gaza and the West Bank have increased significantly since the EU and the US cut funding after January's election of Hamas, Luay Shabaneh of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says.

We cut off funds for terrorists so they start raping each other and it's our fault? Only in the BBC's alternate universe.

From Gimer at Biased BBC.

Iraq - How deadly are "old" WMD shells?

Some are downplaying the danger of the recently reported discovery of over 500 WMD shells found in Iraq.

Just how deadly, if they are deadly, are "old" WMD shells? Here's the BBC's opinion on "old" WMD shells.

The BBC begins...

"And it is those shells that are now resurfacing and presenting a new threat. "

Hmmm. Ok, how much of a threat.

"Some of the live shells going missing are toxic and contain chemicals that could kill."

Sounds dangerous to me. The BBC continue...

They "...look harmless but the chemical agents can be as deadly as the day they were first made. Destroying them has to take place inside a high security lab.

The scale of the problem is frightening..."

Yes it is!

Just how old are these WMD shells the BBC is talking about?

"They may be 90-years-old..."

90 years old!!! And they're "as deadly as the day they were first made", which requires destroying them "inside a high security lab".

That's what the BBC has to say about WWI WMD shells. No wonder the BBC has remained silent over the latest report on the 500 WMD shells found in Iraq.

Some on the left are harping over whether these Iraqi WMD shells are useable. As they were originally intented, these shells probably are not "useable". But as an improvised explosive device, the favorite terrorist device at the moment, these WMD shells are most certainly "useable".

Kyoto participants under reporting emmissions

That's according to the New Scientist.

Under Kyoto, each government calculates how much carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide its country emits by adding together estimated emissions from individual sources. These so-called "bottom-up" estimates have long been accepted by atmospheric scientists, even though they have never been independently audited.

Now two teams that have monitored concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere say they have convincing evidence that the figures reported by many countries are wrong, especially for methane. Among the worst offenders are the UK, which may be emitting 92 per cent more methane than it declares under the Kyoto protocol, and France, which may be emitting 47 per cent more.

The Times (UK) helps set the record straight.Here are some other facts you may be unaware of.

It is often reported that President Bush rejected the Kyoto treaty in 2001. But did you know that the U.S. Senate directed President Clinton to reject the impending treaty in 1997 with the Byrd-Hagel Resolution?

It is often reported in the press that the United States produces 25 percent of the world's industrial greenhouse gases. But did you know that North America consumes more greenhouse gases than it produces?

The fact is that while the North American continent emits about 1.6 billion metric tons of carbon every year, North American carbon sinks actually absorb 1.7 billion tons of atmospheric carbon every year. North America is therefore a net consumer of carbon dioxide. The same is not true of the European nations, who essentially see their emissions cleaned up by North American or other carbon sinks.And this may surprise you.

One surprise in the figures is that Canada's emission record is far worse than even the United States, where the Bush administration has refused to ratify Kyoto.

Mr. Bramley said the United States is "actually ahead of Canada in just about every area" of environmental policies used to curb emissions. And he said the record of individual states "is far ahead of any province in Canada."

"And not a lot of people know that".

US fears home-grown terror threat

The BBC seems to have found the "T" word for this report.

US fears home-grown terror threat

The US Attorney-General, Alberto Gonzales has warned that home-grown terrorists could pose as much danger to the US as foreign al-Qaeda operatives.

But they can't seem to find the "M" word.

"However a man claiming links to the arrested men told the news channel CNN that they were a peaceful religious group, who studied Allah."

Now I wonder who they could be?

Strangely, the BBC went back and inserted the "M" word in this earlier report.

"The suspects include five US citizens and two foreigners, including a Haitian. They are said to be Muslim."


Afghanistan - Tough times but the troops "love it"

Here's something you don't read everyday, especially from the AP.

The report talks about the heat and tough conditions our troops fight under but still love what they're doing.

"Spc. David Valdiva is beet red from exertion, soaked in sweat and looking near collapse as he lugs 90 pounds of gear, including a 30-pound machine gun. "It's an honor to carry the gun," he says, uncomplainingly. "


"Does it suck carrying all that stuff? Roger that," Wilson said Thursday. "They don't show that in Hollywood. They don't show you getting dehydrated."

The senior noncommissioned officer in the company, 1st Sgt. Russell Jacobs of Edgar, Neb., said the Army is a 24/7 job.

"You bust your ass from time to time," said Jacobs, 46, who is a 21-year Army veteran. "When you're deployed for a year at a time, it's a hard year."

But despite the lack of water, the heavy labor, extreme heat and constant jokes about craving a cold beer, many soldiers stuck on this mountaintop say they love it.

"As much as the Army sucks, I still love it," Lassally says. "When you get put into situations like these, you don't sweat the little stuff anymore."

But the AP, like most media outlets, mischaracterizes the current situation in Afghanistan.

"During the past few months, Taliban fighters have stepped up suicide bombings and ambushes across the country, particularly in the south, in a bid to derail Afghanistan's U.S.-backed government. "

No, the increased attacks are a response to "...Operation Mountain Thrust. It is the largest offensive against the Taliban since the government of that radical Islamic group was ousted nearly five years ago. "

US - The New York Times: a threat to our security

Glenn has two posts here and here that demonstrate the continuing threat the New York Times poses to our national security.

The Times fakes stories as well.

All of which helps explain why the Times is down 27% in one year!

When is the government going to start arresting the ones who leak classified information to the press?

And before you leftist trolls say anything, Bush, Cheyney, Rove and Libby did not leak classified information. Bush declassified classified information, as he is authorized to do, so that his administration could refute the lies of Joe Wilson. Note that Libby is not charged with leaking classified information and Rove has been cleared.

We need to arrest the ones who are leaking highly classified information to the media and readers need to boycott the Times.

Michelle has a sample of angry reader emails to the Times.

Here is the contact information to the New York Times and the LA Times.

Send a letter to the editor by e-mailing or faxing (212)556-3622. Snail mail:

Letters to the EditorThe New York Times229 West 43rd StreetNew York, NY 10036

LATimes e-mail form here.

Hungary - No shows at Gitmo protest

Seven Amnesty International activists organized a protest against Guantanamo Bay during Bush's visit to Hungary and no one showed up.

Maybe the protesters were watching the world cup.

Islam - bin Laden falls from favor

The BBC reports on a recent poll.

The survey cited a dramatic drop in support for Osama Bin Laden in Jordan as a sign of falling support for terrorism in Muslim countries.

Less than 1% of respondents in the country - hit by triple hotel bombings last November - expressed confidence in Bin Laden, down from a quarter last year.

Confidence in the al-Qaeda leader had also fallen in Pakistan, where 38% of people expressed some confidence in him, down from 51%.

However 61% of Nigerian Muslims had at least some confidence in bin Laden, a sharp rise from 44% in May 2003.


UK - Cartoons protest: Four in court

About time. I read somewhere last week that the police dropped the charges against another.

Afghanistan: 65 militants killed

CNN reports.

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- In an ongoing battle to extend Kabul's control of Afghanistan's southern provinces, Afghan soldiers and coalition forces engaged with Taliban fighters in Uruzgan and Kandahar provinces Friday, killing 65, according to a U.S. military news release.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Webpage problems

I'm not sure if anyone is experiencing this problem but me. For some strange reason I can no longer see the comments and trackback link on the site. I have to log into haloscan to read the comments. Worse the problem is intermittent and I can sometimes see them. I've tried deleteing the code and reposting it to no avail.

In addition, the quick edit "pencil" that blogger uses to allow you to quick edit your posts is not visible. I have it enabled in blogger settings.

Natalie over at Biased BBC is having a different problem with he haloscan. For some reason people are being banned. If you are one of them sent her an email.

Is this a plot by the BBC? :)

UK - Nuclear hypocrisy

That would be the Communist led CND for you.

Iraq - Those WMDs

All of those on the Left who are decrying the discovery of 500 chemical WMD in Iraq, should be requied to view these photographs.

WARNING!! Graphic and not safe for work. Be sure and have tissues handy - I cried.

Those that defend Saddam and condemn America for stopping this barbarism should be ashamed of themselves.

UK Muslim to Hold Conference on 7/7 Anniversary

Muslims in the UK and via video conference from Lebanon, are planning to hold a seminar and conference to, as they put it:

Anjam Choudry, a British lawyer and the secretary-general of the fundamentalist al Ghurabba movement, said the conference would discuss ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks and the reasons behind them.

This is the same Choudry who wants Britain to become an Islamic state.

And look who's organizing the seminar.

Al Ghurabba, led by the controversial preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, organizes the conference. He left London after the attacks to Beirut and has been forbidden from returning to Britain.

Interesting they don't tell you why he's banned from Britain. Bakri has openly declared war on Britain and called for Muslims to rise up and turn Britain into an Islamic state. Here's the search results for my blog on him.

Look who else is scheduled to speak at this seminar designed to look for "ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks".

Abu Izzadin, an Islamist activist and member of al Ghurabba, is scheduled to speak at the conference. He is a regular attendee of fundamentalist conferences and meetings and is one of Bakri’s most prominent students. He blames Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war for last year’s attacks.

Izzadeen (or Izzadin) you may remember refused, on camera, to condemn the terror attack on 7/7. He had this to say.

Abu Izzadeen, a spokesman for al-Ghurabaa, has refused to condemn the July 7 bombs and said on the BBC Two programme Newsnight that it was “Mujahidin activity” that would make people “wake up and smell the coffee”.

And this should raise a few eyebrows.

Audio and video films will be shown at the conference and books on al Ghurabba will also be on sale, according to organizers. Representatives from the Shariaa courts and the Muslim lawyers’ union are expected to attend the conference.

There are Sharia courts in Britain??

These groups don't hide their admiration of bin Laden either.

And they attack gays.

In the wake of the Danish embassy demonstrations, al-Ghurabaa's website was offering a series of articles and essays, some harmless, others bizarre, and a few which will be seen as offensive.

One, entitled A Nation Built Upon Lies, declares that the "widespread" dishonesty of western society can be traced to children's stories about tooth fairies and Santa Claus, and to the failure to teach creationism in schools.

Another, headlined the Lion Roars Again, hails Osama bin Laden as a man of "honour and dignity", whose roar causes the US to "shiver with fear and panic".

An essay about the cartoons was entitled Kill Those Who Insult Muhammad. Others were entitled There is No Room for Homosexuality in Islam, Homosexual Today Paedophile Tomorrow, and Homosexuality: A Crime.

Contine reading more of the Guardian for what their undercover reporter found.

This seminar isn't about finding "ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks". This seminar is about planning more such attacks. For Muslims to organize the event on the anniversary of the Muslim terror attack on London, is not only an outrage, it shows just how enbolden they are.

Now do you see why it's called Londonistan?

The Police should put a stop to this.

Britain Extradites al Qaeda Convicted in France

But it took two years!

PARIS -- A man convicted in 2004 by a French court for his role in a plot to attack a crowded Christmas market on New Year's Eve 2000 was extradited Thursday from Britain, the Justice Ministry said.

Rabah Kadri, sentenced in absentia to six years in prison, has the right to oppose the verdict in France and be retried or complete his prison term.

Kadri, of Algerian origin, was among 10 people, Algerian or French-Algerian, convicted in December 2004 in France for their roles in the plot to attack the market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg [at Christmas] . Four others, also Algerians, were convicted in Germany in March 2003.

And Kadri was arrested for terror offenses here in Britain.

Kadri was arrested in November 2002 in London and charged there with possessing material that could be used to commit terror attacks, then charged again in February 2003 for an alleged plot to concoct a chemical weapon.

So, why wasn't he tried here in Britain?

Kadri's connections and plans are a lot more sinister than this report lays out. For more see Michelle.

Kuwait - Women to vote and stand for election

Some of the credit for these new freedoms is given to the success in Iraq.

SOME OF this new interest in holding elections is due to the impact of Iraq on the broader Arab imagination. Many within the Arab ruling elites saw, with a mixture of admiration and terror, how Saddam Hussein's regime, regarded as the strongest of the Arab despotic structures in recent memory, collapsed within three weeks.

The message was clear: An Arab regime without some mandate from the people is never more than a house of cards. Next, the Arab masses began to see millions of Iraqis queuing to cast their ballots in several municipal elections, a referendum, and two general elections, all in a couple of years.

And these freedoms are spreading.

One reason is that the exercise will help consolidate the idea of holding elections as a means of securing access to power, something new and still fragile in most Arab states. Days before the Kuwaitis were due to go to the polls, the United Arab Emirates announced that it, too, would opt for a parliamentary system based on elections. This means all but five of the Arab states are now committed to holding reasonably clean elections at the municipal and/or national level.

Progress is slow and Democracy is a process not an event. Still, progress is being made.

Iraq - Kerry coined "cut and run"

While the Democrats moan and complain about the Republicans label of cut and run Democrats, John Kerry used that phrase back in 2003 to attack Bush. Compare this to what flipper says today and his just defeated Senate bill.

"In fact, I fear that in the run-up to the 2004 election, the administration is considering what is tantamount to a cut-and-run strategy. Their sudden embrace of accelerated Iraqification and American troop withdrawal dates, without adequate stability, is an invitation to failure. The hard work of rebuilding Iraq must not be dictated by the schedule of the next American election."

Isn't that exactly what the Democrats are doing now?

Yes, Senator, cutting and running is an invitation to failure and the rebuilding of Iraq shouldn't be dependent on the next American election. So why have you flipped, flipper?

US - Why does the media support terrorists?

The New York Times does it through their leaks and fabricated stories. The BBC does it through bias, overtly and by ommission, and lying. There are others.

Take the case of John Walker Lindh, dubbed the American Taleban. In a plea bargain "Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to serving in the Taliban army and carrying weapons in doing so". As part of the deal the government dopped charges related to the death of a CIA agent and this:

"The dropped charges against Walker Lindh included conspiring to kill Americans overseas, providing support to al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and using firearms and other destructive devices during crimes of violence."

But none of that seems to matter to some in the media. For instance, read this bleeding heart story about Lindh. The title of the piece? "Innocent".

US - 7 Muslims arrested in terror probe

CNN reports the Sears Tower was a target.

This comes just after 17 Muslims were arrested in Canada on terror charges and the revelation that al Qaeda is still trying to use planes as missiles.

All of which shows terrorist are still planning attacks around the world.

Michelle has lots more with several links and photographs. Contrast her "reporting" with the BBC's.

US - New York Times is leaking


Michelle has a long post on the New York Times putting headlines above our security.

When the Times isn't leaking national security information, they're busy fabricating stories.

No wonder the Times is down 27 percent in one year.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

US - Senate Votes Against Iraq Deadline


I think this brings the total to 6. Six times now the Republicans have called the Democrats bluff and six times the Democrats have voted to keep our troops in Iraq.

WASHINGTON, June 22 — The Senate voted today, after a long and emotional debate, against measures calling for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

The votes, 87 to 13 on one measure and 60 to 39 on the second, reflected not only deep divisions between Republicans and Democrats but within the Democratic ranks as well.

The first measure was an amendment to a military-spending bill offered by Senators John Kerry of Massachusetts and Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin, both Democrats. It would have set a July 2007 withdrawal date. But with a majority of Democrats voting "no," its lopsided defeat was assured.


The second, more generally worded measure was also intended to scale down the American commitment in Iraq. It declared that it was "the sense of the Senate" that redeployment of United States troops from Iraq begin by the end of this year.

The votes on both measures were preceded by hours of debate that blended high emotion and the courtly courtesy that is a Senate tradition.

We've now had 6 votes with many hours of debate and everytime the Democrats lose with many of them voting to keep our troops in Iraq. The last Senate vote was 96-3 in favor.

Debate and voting, that's what Democracy is about but the Democrats need to stop saying they haven't had a chance to debate or vote on the issue - they've had six bites of the apple.

I guess they feel if they keep trying eventually they'll win but by then the troops will already be home.

Iraqis take lead in northern Baghdad

Here's a report on more transfer of power to the Iraqis.

CAMP TAJI, Iraq (Army News Service, June 22, 2006) – In a show of continued confidence in the skills of its Iraqi counterparts, Multi-National Division – Baghdad transferred authority for a major portion of the northern Baghdad region to the 9th Iraqi Army Division during an “Iraqis in the Lead” ceremony June 19.

Maj. Gen. J.D. Thurman, the commanding general of MND-B, spoke about the preparedness and skills of the 9th IA Div. before transferring responsibility for an area of more than 615 square kilometers to Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Bashar, the commander of the 9th IA Div.

It's interesting to note that the BBC reported on the transfer of control to the Iraqis in the "peaceful" south but not on the "violent" north.

Iraq - "Where's the outrage"?

That's what ED Hill of Fox news asks and she's right.

Warning! Graphic account of what happened and may not be safe for work.


US - The problem with Murtha

Powerline has two posts that show just how much trouble the Democrats are in. See here and here.

Just as John Kerry was and is a millstone around the Democrats neck, so too is Murtha proving to be. And that's a good thing.

US - New York Times continues steep decline

CNN reports on the steep decline of the New York Times.

"But shares of the New York Times (Charts) have underperformed its peers, falling 11.5 percent this year and 27 percent in the past 12 months, compared to a 3.5 percent drop in 2006 for the S&P Publishing index and 8 percent decline during the past 12 months."

Not surprising given the New York Times credibility problems.

Afghanistan - BBC still siding with terrorists

The BBC are less than honest in this report and even appear to put words into President Karzai's mouth.

From the BBC:

"Karzai criticises foreign tactics"

The above headline has this accompaning photograph.

And here are the first 3 paragrahps of the story that surround the photograph.

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has urged the international community to reassess how it is fighting the Taleban and their allies.

He said he was not surprised that so many people were being killed in southern Afghanistan.

His comments came as the US military said four more of its soldiers had been killed in north-eastern Afghanistan.

I haven't been able to find a transcript of Karazi's speech and notice the BBC doesn't quote Karazi as saying he was not suprised that so many have been killed in southern Afghanistan. But Karzai is quoted extensively here and what is reported here differs widely from the BBC's report. No surprise there. None of the quotes here has Karzai making any such statement. Besides, if Karzai did make the statement we are not given any context. Karzai could have been saying that given the amount of firepower mounted against the Taleban, he wasn't surprised that many taleban have been killed. The BBC in supporting the terrorists, simply say that "many people were being killed."

Not content with merely putting words into President Karzai's mouth, the BBC go on to report the opposite of what he did say. From the BBC:

"The BBC's Alastair Leithead in Kabul says President Karzai's careful criticism is a sign of his growing frustration at the worsening security situation in Afghanistan."

Really, Alastair? Let's let Karzai speak for himself and let us decide.

“On the change of strategy, I believe the progress in Afghanistan towards stability and peace, and the participation of the Afghan people, has taken us many, many steps forward," Karzai said. "The nature of the war on terrorism in Afghanistan has changed now. Therefore, we do not think that there is a serious terrorist challenge emanating from Afghanistan. Rather, we believe that we should now concentrate on where terrorists are trained, on their bases, on the supply to them, on the money coming to them. That’s what we need. A stronger political approach now.”


I don’t think there is a big need for military activity in Afghanistan anymore," Karzai said. "The use of air power is something that may not be very effective now because we have moved forward.

So, what tactics exactly does Karzai want changed?

And similarly, going into the Afghan homes -- searching Afghan homes without the authorization of the Afghan government -- is something that should stop now. No coalition forces should go into Afghan homes without the authorization of the Afghan government. The Afghan government is now capable of doing that. The Afghan society is now better organized [and] can handle things like that better than it could a year or two years ago. That’s what I mean by a change of strategy.”

President Karzai talks of so much "progress" in his country that he doesn't see "a big need for military activity in Afghanistan anymore" and that the government is "now capable" and "Afghan society is now better orgazinized" to police themselves. But the BBC know better and to them "President Karzai's careful criticism is a sign of his growing frustration at the worsening security situation in Afghanistan." Does that sound like what Karzai said to you?

The BBC aren't done trying to fool you yet. Listen to this:

The American soldiers were killed after US-led coalition forces attacked "enemy extremists" in the Kamdesh district of Nuristan Province, a coalition statement said.

Fighting has intensified in Afghanistan in recent months. Hundreds of suspected Taleban militants have been killed.

Attacks blamed on the Taleban and their allies, including suicide bombings, have also targeted US and other foreign troops.

Your impression? The Taleban have regrouped, are stronger and are on the attack again. The BBC needs you to have that impression as it backs up their claim that Karzai's comments mean things are getting worse.

The reality is, the coalition has mounted a huge operation using 10,000 of thousands of troops. The stated goal of the operation is to extend Karzai's control over the remainder of his country. That's why the fighting has intensified and hundreds of Taleban have been killed. We are on the offensive - hunting down and driving out the Taleban - not the defensive.

Lastly the BBC give us this death toll.

No mention of the tens maybe hundreds of thousands of terrorists killed.

Just more proof that the BBC are rooting for the terrorists to win.


I found this AP report at MSNBC.

The AP, like the BBC, still have the wrong end of the stick.

In recent weeks, Afghan and coalition forces have launched a massive anti-Taliban operation across four southern provinces aimed at killing or capturing fighters blamed for an upsurge in violence.

More than 600 people, mostly militants, have been killed in recent weeks as insurgents have launched their deadliest campaign of violence in years. At least 14 coalition soldiers have been killed in combat since mid-May.

Here again, the operation wasn't launched as a response to an "upsurge in violence". It's the other way around.

Strangely, the BBC didn't report on this interesting comment by Karzai.

“It is not acceptable for us that in all this fighting, Afghans are dying. In the last three to four weeks, 500 to 600 Afghans were killed. (Even) if they are Taliban, they are sons of this land,” he said.

I'd like to see a video clip of the speech. If Karzai did say that it will raise a few eyebrows.


The Times (UK) has more and says Karzai is talking more about the broader war on terror. Here's the Times headline: "Karzai calls for War on Terror rethink"

And his complaints seem to be directed at Pakistan. But here again, as with the BBC, the Times seems to be injecting their own opinion into the story. Speaking of the current violence, the Times fails to mention that it is us who are taking the fight to the Taleban and not the other way around. This is stated in the current operations mission plan.

More than 1,000 people, including at least 40 foreign soldiers, have been killed in Afghanistan since the turn of the year during the worst period of sustained unrest since the fall of the Taleban in November 2001. The violence is expected to worsen this summer as Nato prepares to take over the military mission to the country.

Yes, it is as we will be increasing our attacks to root out the Taleban.

Now listen as the Times puts words in Karzai's mouth.

"We know the causes," said Mr Karzai of the deteriorating security situation. "There are shortcomings and inabilities in our system, that weakness is present all over the country. But there is no doubt it is largely because of foreign factors, terrorism and planned and co-ordinated attacks."

Without the full quote we don't know the context or exactly what Karzai was speaking of. The Times simply claims Karzai was talking about "the deteriorating security situation". Without a transcript how do we know what he actually said.

Here is what he has to say about what's going on in his country.

Asked whether he thought the US-led fight against the Taleban in Afghanistan was failing, Mr Karzai recommended a "thorough look" at the strategy of the War on Terror.

"I strongly believe... that we must engage strategically in disarming terrorism by stopping their sources of supply of money, training, equipment and motivation," he said. "This ’War on Terror’ has been limited to Afghanistan soil. We can’t tolerate it forever... in the past three weeks five, six hundred people have died in the country. We want an end to this, a basic end to this."

It sounds to me as if Karzai wants other countries to do more to stop terrorists before they get to Afghanistan. And he's right.

What this shows is that we need a complete transcript of Karzai's speech.
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